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Nero I love you _ part 3

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I have been Nero’s bitch for a month now and must have been bred like 60 times or more I haven’t counted but have enjoyed. I just let him breed me when ever we are alone and no chance of getting caught, well almost no chance we have come close a few times. SEE (How I lost my Virginity and Nero I love you) I was nervous Nero would get me pregnant at first but I googled it and it wasn’t possible so I just relaxed and let Nero shoot all the doggie cum into me he wanted.
I am a young pre teen and was a virgin until Nero took me for his bitch. I have watched all kinds of bestialities porn on the internet and love watching other girls and women getting bred by their doggie lovers. This afternoon when I came in from the garage and breeding with Nero my Mom told me she had something she wanted to talk to me about in my room. I was a little nervous but I hadn’t done anything wrong.
I walked into my bedroom behind her and she stepped aside revealing my computer screen with a dog fucking a woman in progress. “What the fuck is this???” Mom yelled at me “Why are you watching beastiality porn?” I didn’t know what to say, I told her I was just curious but she was pissed and closed my laptop telling me I was grounded for a week and no more computer. Then she slammed out of my room and down the hall to hers.
FUCK I thought busted, oh well I still had the real thing running around in the back yard and if I was grounded I could spend more time in the garage getting fucked by Nero. I went down stairs and headed for the back door when my Mom said “Hold up missy, you are fucking grounded. That means in the house and in your room.” Then my Mom looked out in the back yard at Nero and a strange look crossed her face. She turned to me and asked me “Have you had sex with your dog?” I turned a bright red and my eyes got real big as I tried to deny it but I could tell my Mom didn’t believe me because she just looked out at Nero and told me to get out of her sight.
I ran up to my room crying for not being able to be with Nero and because my Mom now knew I was having sex with a dog. I cried my self to sleep and woke up 2 hours later and the house was silent so I crept back downstairs. My Mom was still sitting in the chair drinking wine and staring out the window at Nero.

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  • Reply Baby girl ID:1zfu51ev9a

    maybe you Mom is gonna give him away now. If she does I will take him and you can come over and visit every day

  • Reply Hush-hush ID:4gm3worqk

    Wow so what to do now? How sad