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We decided to take my disabled brother’s virginity before he left for college

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My friends Willow, Gracie, Bella and Lexi had asked me about my brother and at first I told them no when it came to them having sex with him.

I am Callie, I was 13 when my friends came up with the idea. We were all horny 13 and 14 year olds, but we were to scared to fuck any of the boys we liked.

My brother Dillion was almost 18 and had Cerebral Palsy, he had some use of his arms but was unable to walk.

My friends Willow, Gracie, Bella and Lexi had asked me about my brother and at first I told them no when it came to them having sex with him. But the idea that he might never have sex made me sad.

We had a sleepover at Willow’s house and decided to make a pact to never tell anyone about what we were going to do with my brother. In order to seal the pact we got in a circle on the floor, we were all naked, each of us took turns getting in the middle of the circle and masturbating as the other girls watched.

We used the webcam from Willow’s computer and used it to record the whole thing. We made a dvd copy for each of us and it was the way for us to keep each other quiet.

Before you ask. This was 10 years ago and we have no idea where the dvd’s are now. We think one got sold at a yardsale by accident, the other 4 disappeared over the years.
We played a game to see who would go first with my brother. We played the game war with playing cards. Well guess who won? Me. I was going to lose my virginity to my virgin brother, I was also the one chosen to buy the condoms. A 36ct Trojan pleasure pack.

We shared the cost but damn it was embarrassing buying them.

Friday June 7 2013, the day it started. 2 pm, Mom had left for work. We walked into my brother’s room, we chatted a little with him before Willow started to undo his shorts.

Dillion asked what was going on and I told him he was spending the day having sex with us. He smiled but was confused. Bella told him to relax and enjoy what was about to happen to him.
After he was naked we noticed his dick was getting hard, we took turns kissing him, he didn’t want to kiss me but I told him I was the one that was going to have sex with him first.
He said he didn’t want to have sex with me but he had no choice. We all got naked, Lexi had won to be the one to prep his dick, she got to suck on him first.

I held his hand as her mouth went on his semi hard dick. I looked into his eyes and saw the pleasure on his face as Lexi sucked on his dick. We all took our turn giving him a little suck.

Gracie prepped me, we went to my room and she went down on me. She made me cum and told me it was time. I walked into my brother’s room, Bella was sucking on his dick.

She got up and I got in the bed, I lowered myself onto my brother’s dick. He was 7 inches or so, Lexi held his dick as I lowered myself down. I had just come, I was still wet but tight. It hurt a little but soon it felt amazing.

I started to ride his dick, sliding up and down his lovely dick. I tried to go slow but it felt so good, I ended up cumming pretty quick. He started to moan and I started to ride his dick faster, he kept saying how tight my pussy was and soon after I felt my brother explode with his first ever cum into my unvirgin pussy. His cum made me so wet and then it hit me.

If you notice something about this, we forgot to put a condom on him. I took a straight load of cum into my pussy from my brother. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, jumped in the tub and turned the water on, I opened my legs under the faucet and opened my pussy, I pushed as the water went inside me.
Thankfully I did not get pregnant.

All the girls took their turn riding his dick, with a condom this time. They all came on his dick and Dillion got to drain his balls 5 times that day.

We would all take turns riding his dick that summer. Lexi fucked him the most and she was the freaky one.

We had a sleepover at my house, mom was home, and Lexi snuck into my brother’s room and spent the night riding his dick. I was shocked she never got caught.

The weekend before my brother was leaving for college we had our best time. We all wanted his dick for the last time, but He said only one of us got to spend the last time with him.

We had a belt fight to see who fucked him. 5 girls naked, each with a belt, the only rule was no hits to the face. It hurt so bad, I took some serious belts to my back from Gracie, Bella turned Willow’s legs and ass red before Willow quit.

Lexi and Bella tore each other up, Gracie made me submit, she sat on my stomach and gave me a belt that hit part of my pussy so I quickly submitted.
Lexi quit after Bella drew blood on her thighs.
Bella quit after Gracie hit her nipple with a quick belt.
We all left the room, we had belt marks all over us, Bella and Lexi were the worst. It took us a few days before the marks went away.
Gracie, she rode my brother’s dick the rest of the day. She said she made him cum 6 times, all raw. Yeah Gracie got pregnant at 14 from my brother, she was forced to have an abortion by her parents. She lied and said she had been raped and was afraid to tell anyone.

My brother would come back each summer and of course my friends would come over and fuck him. I never fucked him after the first summer, Bella got pregnant by him when she was 16 and kept the baby.
Lexi did anal with him, she got an UTI for doing ass to pussy and spent some time in the hospital with it when she was 15.

Willow stopped after the second summer, she got into girls.
Gracie ended up marrying my brother. They have 2 kids now.
For me. I am 23 and work at a center for disabled teens. I regularly attend to the needs of the teens that come to stay, boys and girls. They are so happy and so am I.

If you ever find a video online of us masturbating please let me know, I miss those days.

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  • Reply Pual ID:fyhga60d1

    You was a good baby sister

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    What a kinky lot you are! The belt fight was rather unexpected, but the pregnancies were fun!

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    This sounds just wonderful, delightful, fun and amazing.

  • Reply Imyourdaddy1620 ID:2c3g2s7044

    You’re such a a wonderful sis to your brother. Glad he got some quality time in, and also married one of your friends.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      I agree completely.