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Took the opportunity

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Fucking my secretary’s teen daughter for money for her first semester of college

Simone was 19 years old looking forward to going to college. I watched her grow up as a student of my wife’s gymnastics club. Her mom worked as my secretary for 7 years, was a single mother and would often confide in me about their financial struggles.

Feeling sad about the possibility of Simone not being able to start college, I sent her a text asking her if she needed money. She quickly replied, “yes”. I told her that I would swing over later that night, pick her up and go get the cash.

After a few hours, I pulled up. Simone came outside in her usual spandex gym fit. My eyes automatically locked onto the camel toe that formed as she made her way to the car. She flopped herself down into the front seat and we were off.

I withdrew $1600 off my account and as was on our way home when I decided to park in a local park to hear about her plans for the money.

As she talked, I intentionally placed the wad of cash on my lap right next to my semi aroused dick as she spoke. After about two minutes of talking, I asked her to grab the money and count it. As she reached over, I lifted my hips so that her hand could brush against my dick. I shifted my leg so that some of the cash would slide off my lap. As it slid, I pretended to reach to stop it, pinning her left hand right on my dick.

There was an awkward silence, but I didn’t care. I pulled out my dick, now fully hard and throbbing. I could see the shock, fear, and confusion that on her face. I took her hand and guided it at the base of my 9 inch dick. The warmth of her hand and the struggle to get her hands to fully grasp my cock almost made me cum instantly. I could see her nipples hardening through her tee shirt.

I could tell that she had no clue how to jerk a dick so I guided her hands up and down my dick slowly. The precum from my dick head dripped down covering her entire hand. With every stroke I lifted my hips higher bring my dick closer to her mouth.

Eventually I eased her head down and her warm innocence mouth covered my dick. It made me go crazy.

I started pumping my dick faster and faster. I didn’t care that her teeth would scrape me. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening. She struggled to fit it in her mouth and to catch her breath. The sound of saliva at the back of her throat just turned me on more and more. Just as I was about to cum, I forced her head deeper on my dick. She tried panicking to pull off but I was too strong.

I released a huge load down her throat that she began to choke and not nut began coming out of her nose.

Afterwards, she wiped her face of the sleeve of her shirt. The drive home was complete silence

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You’re a good man offering money like this, but, as Perv Mechanic says, make her fucking work for it!!

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:e79w9sjphxa

    Think yhe cunt choking on your cock and cum was worth a 25 bucks. Fuck her ass raw and dry for 200 bucks. The bitch will earn her 1600 slowly