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The Vegas Strip 3

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Stella started to scream “wrong hole! No, Stop! It’s the wrong hole, I don’t like it, that hurts!

The next day Stella was out back doing her bit, but she had one of her little friends (Mila) with her. They were practicing putting on makeup and doing their hair. As I watched I imagined that some of my cum was still inside of her as she was posing all sexy in her backyard. She knows that the only one that could see her was me because of my loft and the cameras I put in. I had the Audio up all the way so I could hear them speaking.  I thought she was going to give me away a few times, it made my heart skip a beat when Stella started talking about sex with Mila and again when she started talking about how much better it would be with a grownup instead of some stupid boy from school.
Stella was saying a middle aged man that has some good experience and would truly appreciate having a young tight hot little body to play with.  Then when I heard Mila agree with her I almost cummed in my shorts then and there.  Mila told Stella that her mom was always saying the old men are the best. She said that they are kind, gentle, genouris, and quick to cum.
Mila told stella that she had a really big secret but she was afraid to tell her. After they got done with hair and make up they started changing outfits. Stella knows that I can see and hear everything they do, but also knows the wall blocks all the other homes around from seeing. There are no 2 story homes near us. So, I know Stella was putting on this show for me.  I was still wondering if she said anything to her friend about what we did or if I could see them on the patio.

I know Mila is a couple of months younger than Stella. She is a couple of inches shorter than Stella is but she has more pronounced curves and her breasts are definitely a full A cup and might be close to a B cup. Stella told Mila how she wished her breast would start to grow faster, so more men would start to look at her.  Mila said that she should be happy that she is growing normally.
Mila told Stella thatcher’s are growing so fast, because her mother is giving her stuff to make them grow faster.  She also let Stella know that she only does dance so her mom will know she is getting plenty of exercise.  She said the pills would make her get fat if she didn’t eat right and exercise enough.  So, mommy wants to make sure I can bring in a lot of money.  Stella was intrigued about this and finally got Mila to open up a little after pinky swearing not to say anything.  Mila said her mom was going to put her to work soon.

The old guy she is dating now belongs to some kind of club where the adults like to play with kids, as my mom puts it.  Stella did get her to tell her that the old guy is just checking her out to make sure he can trust us.  Mommy says he has a lot of important people doing background checks to make sure we don’t work for the cops.  I think he wants to be my first.  I hope he is really good or if not then I hope he is really fast. Stella and Mila laughed and continued with trying on more outfits.
Stella couldn’t get much out of her now, but I know my girl and she will get more out of her sooner or later.  I was enjoying watching them try on the different outfits. Unlike the last oversized one I saw Stella try on, all of these fit.  They all looked like they had been made for little girls to walk down a stripers catwalk.  Stella asked Mila where she got so many sexy outfits that fit them.
She said that an old man brought them for her.  Last night I was trying on different ones and he had a young woman like in her teens take pictures of me modeling them and he had all of it recorded with a video as well.  He brought a lot of lingerie, thongs, high heels, and some costumes I haven’t seen yet.  Mila’s mom told her to get used to wearing them. They would practice posing and every pose made my cock throb. I wanted to run over there and start fucking both of them. They kept practicing moving their hips and ass as well as trying to decide what look to give a man to turn him on the most.
Stella told her that they could try them on her neighbor to see which are the best.
Mila then asked Stella “how are you going to ask him to play judge without your mom finding out?  you know we have to keep all of this stuff secret.”  Stella  agreed and said they just need to practice a lot.  They would practice their twerking. That afternoon I used up 1 1/2 bx of tissue and 3 bath towels. Finally I had to take off for work, I had to work for the next 4 days then I would have 3 days off.

After watching Mila and Stella in the afternoons for the last four days made me work with a hard on the last 4 evenings. It did work in my favor one night. There was a Bachelorette Party for a 50 plus bride and her maids of honor noticed my hard on. They either liked what they saw or they felt sorry for me, don’t know or care which, but they stayed at my table for about 3 hours and even though they were losing they still gave me a total of  $1,800.00 in tips that night, just from them.
Stella had a couple of other friends come over the last few days but today she had no one come over. It looks like her mom and her slept in a bit and they are having a late brunch. It’s really lunch time, but they’re eating eggs so I’ll call it brunch. About 30 minutes after Maddie went to work, I saw such a beautiful sight at my back sliding glass door. Stella with hair and makeup done, she was wearing tight little shorts that made a beautiful Camel toe. She was wearing a matching crop top with the words daddy’s property written across it.  I opened the door and before I could get a word out.
Stella came in like she owned the place, she went right to the kitchen and poured two glasses of juice. As she was drinking, she told me that I better  drink up so I don’t get dehydrated.
She said that the last few days have been driving her mad. She needed me to go deep in her pussy and she wanted me to go in and out real fast. She went right back to my room. I swallowed the juice and followed her.

As I entered the room her outfit was already on in the middle of the floor and she was in the bed.
I stripped quickly and dove quickly onto the bed with my head between her thighs.
I was ready to enjoy this beautiful young thing before me. Stella moved her hips back and closed her knees, she said no, no, no, bad baby. I need you to fuck me first. I told her that I’ll get there and she interrupted me and said no, now. I really need to be fucked deep hard and fast now.
It seems she was really craving it. So I repositioned myself and I thrusted my cock balls deep with a quick thrust. She let out a loud moan and started to thrust her pelvis back and forth and I did the best I could to keep up with her. My sweat was pouring down my body like a fountain, her body just glistened so beautifully as the lights danced across her sweat. It took me about 30 minutes until I was totally exhausted at this rate. She kept yelling for me to go gaster. I told her that I wanted  to show her something.  I put her into a doggy position and then I shoved my cock in deep and fast. I held onto her hips as I thrusted the fastest I was able to, Stella met my rhythm and she was moaning non stop as we fucked on and on.  She loved it, she kept telling me how good I was making her feel. Luckily she started a nice Orgasm after about 15 minutes, because I couldn’t go much more.
As soon as I heard Orgasm hit and I felt her muscles all tense up, my cum just exploded into her.
It was like I had no controle at all, it just all happened. After emptying all I had to give we fell back onto the pillows in each other’s arms.

As we laid there relaxing I was trying to catch my breath and let my heart catch up with the rest of me. Stella let me know that Mila would probably lose her virginity in a few weeks.
She said that man belongs to some kind of a club that is very strict about their security and if all goes well mommy said she might put me to work.  I didn’t want her to be with other men and  I didn’t know what to do. I asked her and Stella said she just wanted to belong to me.
I tried to find out about the club, but Stella had almost nothing about it. She didn’t know the name, or anyone that was in it.

The old guy that would visit Mila and her mom never said too much, he said she will be told on a need to know basis.  He told her to only talk to him, no matter who approaches her and what they say about being in the club and even if they tell you I sent them. Tell them nothing, play stupid like you don’t know what they are talking about.  He reminded her that he never gave her his real name and even if he tries to speak with her about anything that has to do with the club or her daughter or any little girl don’t talk to me either unless I am wearing this ring and I have the face looking outward. Stella said that Mila told her it was just a ring of a wolf wrapped around the finger and biting its own tail. He said if I don’t have it on, or if the face of the ring is facing my palm instead of outward so it can be seen then someone is watching me. So play stupid. That was the only thing Stella knew.
So, I had almost nothing to go on and I had no clue what to do.  Even if I knew anything I think approaching them could be a big mistake. They seem to be very paranoid about their security and with how some groups have been getting caught, I can understand why they are trying to be careful. Part of me just wanted them to leave Stella alone, I want her just for me.  Then there was another part of me that wanted to join that club so much.  I was feeling a little guilty about wanting to keep Stella for myself while at the same time I wanted to do as many sweet little girls as I could.
It seems the older I get the more I get like this.  I would feel fine about sharing the other girls.
I just don’t want to share Stella. I then put her back into the Doggy position and this time I used a lot of oil and I then rammed my cock into that tight little hole, Stella started to scream “wrong hole! no, Stop! it’s the wrong hole, I don’t like it that hurts!” I don’t then said Oh’ Darlyn I should have given you some notice.  It’s not the wrong hole, It’s just time for you to try something new. She said ” Let’s not do that again, I don’t like it. It hurts.”

I told her that like the other pain it won’t last and you will learn to love it very much.  I then gave her a sweet kiss on the lips and she went back to the position. I went back to thrusting it into her asshole. She was moaning and bucking for a while, but she did finally settle down and her moans changed from pain to pleasure. We had such fun for the next 3 days whenever her mother was at work she was my little sex toy.  We played in every room and played as we watched TV and as we ate.
We didn’t talk about Mila or what was going to be happening. It did bother me and I knew I had to do something.  I just had to figure out what.  I was about to go onto a 6 day rotation for the next couple of weeks but I will get a 4 day weekend and then a 5 day weekend after.  Stella went back to entertaining me and had some of her friends over. Of course her friends had no idea that they were entertaining me. She did have one friend that seemed like a real bitch and she said she didn’t want some old fat perv, she was only going to let young handsome studs have her.  She might have been beautiful but I still just didn’t like her.  She really seemed like a bitch. All of the rest of Stella’s friends agreed with Stella and they seemed so sweet and mature for their age. Anyway life goes on and I live in a great area, with a lot of good people. I am happy with my job. We just need to let people enjoy themselves and be with who they want. I didn’t choose to like young girls. It is just the way I am.

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