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the first time she touched me

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me n my cousin finally played touched eachother and she made me cum

i had went to go sleepover at my cousins house again , but this time , i kinda planned on to hang out w her brother more and play xbox with him and stuff , which we did for quite a bit till he got bored and got on his pc and played solo games with his friends , as he played i jus played his xbox while laying on his bed , and i remember i got bored of playing alone , so i ran to da living room and told my girl cousin to come play xbox with me , and we always had dis game we played were we used our imagination to , i think we were around 11 and 12 , and idk if we were still playing that game or playing minecraft , buh i remember we were sitting side by side so i can see and help her with things she couldn’t do , and as we played i don’t remember what we started doing for me being able to only use one hand to play , we had a blanket over us , and i slowly brought my hand down to her thigh , she felt my hand and knew what i was gonna do , buh she didn’t really mind , so i started to get a lil closer to her private part , n id slowly rub da top of her private part n slowly try to get down to her slit , and sometimes she’d close her legs a lil tight cuz she got scared , especially cuz her brother was still playing on da pc right in front of us , and she started to get comfortable, and i started rubbing her private part up and down through her shorts , and i wanted to feel her vagina , and i remember i was slowly trying to make my way in under her panties , she sometimes would get scared n like try to pull my hand away n she got comfortable n she started to lemme play w her , and i was hard as fuck wanting to stick it in her so bad , and i would try to get lower to try n stick in my fingers , when i first tried she didn’t know it was gonna make her feel good , n she felt a little pleasure n got scared n moved my hand back up , so i continued to rub her clit , but i grabbed her hand w my other hand n tried to put it on my dick to see if she would do anything and i also wanted to played with too , and when i placed her hand on my dick , i showed her how to grip it n rub it , and she was rubbing it through my shorts, till i eventually pulled my shorts down and pulled out my little 4/5in hard cock and put in her hand and showed her how tight to hold it and to go up and down , we went at it for awhile just playing w eachother, until i finally cummed , and she freaked out , she felt something drip on her hand , and she stopped jerking me off and was thinking wha it could be , i’m guessing she prolly thought i peed in her hand , she said “i’m gonna go use da restroom rq” i said “okay don’t take long i gotta use it too” i really wanted to go in there w her and fuck her but her mom was in da living room n i didn’t want her to expect anything , she washed her hands n went back to da living room , buh i fs enjoyed da handjob n went to sleep good that night.

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  • Reply Joseph ID:1ddo5gi213nm

    Nice to see illiterate people still exist

  • Reply Dove ID:1emo5f7m1400

    Dsc is thatoneguy0978, teen boy for y’all :3

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    This story is not worthy of more than a 2star rating

  • Reply alanquastaldergroveB.C ID:1dbeq9d5fpcc

    made my little dick hard
    cant wait to find tiny asian cocks
    i love playing hide and seek with the young ones