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The Adventures of 2 Deviants Tasrberry pt 2

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It had been about a week since staying on the Moorcock Plantation and me and Goliath did our best fixing up the place but it still need much more work. While I was coming up with a plan to help Carolyn I enjoyed my stay and so did Goliath. I caught him with Carolyn one night as she was bounced on his big 11 inches grinding on it. Maddie her maid/lover was riding his face with female juices covering him. I drew a big wad of spit in hand and entered Carolyn’s tight butt. Seeing this orgy made me hard as a stone. I entered her back door gently as she laid down on Goliath’s big chest.

I start moving my hips and could feel Goliath’s big cock thur the sheer flap of skin between her cunt and ass. I then plowed deep in her tight ass smelling the foul musty odor from her ass I pulled Carolyn’s hair riding this poor bitch’s asshole. I smacked it red calling her one fantastic whore and then she jerk and came. Goliath came next and I was ready to blow my wad in her anus. Maddie finished riding Goliath’s face then she went her mistress and cleaned her asshole. That little chocolate sex slave ate the mixture from Carolyn’s ass. They her mistress had one big fart that blew it in her face.

Maddie kept eating then she went to Goliath and me to clean us up as well with her skill tongue a nd mouth. Still horny I grab Maddie by the head and started fucking her face which got her mistress in glee watching as she started to masterbate her wet cunt. By next morning we were exhausted from fucking all night.

I rose from the smell of strong black coffee and Goliath with Carolyn were at the table. Oatmeal, toast, and coffee was what’s left in the kitchen to eat. Maddie fixed me a plate and cup of joe. As we ate in silence my mind started forming something based on last night. I broke the silence by ask Carolyn where Maddie came from. She told us she found Maddie in the woods escaping from some human slavers that she was being sold to at 10 years old. So she took her in fed her cloth her and taught her to read. One day she caught Carolyn masterbating and taught her how to make love. Maddie became her lover and maid to the house.

I told Carolyn that save Goliath from the hanging tree for being big and black been friends ever since. Carolyn smiled and finished her coffee. Goliath and I were fixing the front porch when it hit me the idea to help make this place look beautiful. Antebellum theme party orgy would be perfect to bring in much need money. I went inside to get Carolyn and tell her the news. At first she was hesitant to the idea but starting coming along with idea. We need some seed money and she gave me her last 50 dollars. With that we flip it in a high stake poker game I found out in town at the ice cream shop at closing with Goliath behind me we won 200 dollars.

Next Carolyn still had some pull and was able to charm some of the captains of industrial to come to the place in two weeks for the party of the decade. My and Goliath went to the poor area and got some skilled workers to mow the grass and help fix up the place. Few black men got some hand jobs from Carolyn for all the hard work. The place was shaping up and the rich relative from Europe was going to be there the day of the party. Carolyn rounded up the best looking black women and seamstress to fix up old dresses for them to wear. Everything was coming into place she even invited that piece of shit sheriff to come.

The night of the event a crowd of women and men powerful people lined up for one hell of evening.

Part 3 coming soon.


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