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Paul and Poppy – Part 1

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I went to investigate strange sounds coming from my children’s bedroom and got a very big surprise indeed. They were having sex.

This first one isn’t my personal sex story, this is a story of my twin children, Paul and Poppy, and what I caught them doing one night, they were 3 months away from their 12th birthday.

I was sitting up in bed reading the next chapter of my mystery book, when I heard a gentle knocking on the wall, it was coming from Paul and Poppy’s bedroom, now it was after 11pm really late for them to be awake, especially as they had school in the morning.

Normally they are fast asleep at this time, so as I got out of bed and put on my slippers, I headed towards their bedroom thinking one of them is probably just having a bad dream of something and moving around, their bedroom door was already open a couple of inches so I just gently pushed it open.

As I peered inside I got a very big shock, Paul and Poppy were on Poppy’s bed, they were both naked, Paul was laying down, and Poppy was sitting on his face, he was licking her pussy, I gasped and quickly spun myself out of the door so they didn’t see me.

I panicked inside and what I should have done was burst in to the room, switch the light on, pull them apart and yell at them both and give them a bloody good spanking, but instead, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch them and see exactly got up to.

I peered back through the door, enough so that I could comfortably see them, but they couldn’t see me looking in, and I just watched them.

Poppy slid her pussy off his face and then shuffled down his body, she took hold of his cock, which was erect, and she tugged on it a good few times, Paul sounded like he was enjoying it, then she held it up and pushed it in to her pussy as she lowered herself down on it, she was gasping as it went inside her.

She placed her palms on Paul’s chest, while Paul held on to her thighs, and she began to rock her hips and lightly bounce herself on his cock, the knocking sound I heard in my room where coming from the headboard on Poppy’s bed gently tapping against the wall.

As a mother I wouldn’t comment on Paul’s cock, but as a woman, I can tell you that I was very surprised at how big he was for a boy his age, he certainly has nothing to worry about in the cock department.

They must have been having sex for quite some time, they must have done this before because there’s no way two 11 year olds would know how to do what I watched they do if it was their first time, they just looked so comfortable doing it, in a weird way it was kind of beautiful to watch.

Poppy rode Paul for a few minutes and then Paul sat up, held on to her, spun her around on to her back and he got on top of her, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around him, his ass started to bop up and down as he thrust his cock in to her and fucked her, Poppy threw her arms out above her head and held on to the top of the headboard, with her fingers curled over the top it stopped the headboard from knocking against the wall, perhaps that is why I hadn’t heard them before.

Paul was really giving it to Poppy, I couldn’t believe how powerful his thrusting was, he was really going for it and I found myself silently cheering him on inside my head, they both moaned and groaned but kept it as quiet as possible, very sneaky of them.

I watched them fuck for a few more minutes until they came to a sudden stop, Paul gasped and groaned, as a woman with experience, I could tell that he’d just ejaculated, Poppy’s arms and legs went limp and floppy, Paul collapse on top of her and they laid there puffing and huffing for air once they’d finished.

I slowly closed the door and went back to my bedroom.

In the morning I had to take a deep breath before entering their bedroom, and pretending like I didn’t know what they’d done, I opened the door, “Time to get up for school.” I said as I walked in, both Poppy and Paul were asleep in their own beds, like they were covering their tracks.

I opened the curtains to let the light in and force them awake, then I went downstairs to prepare breakfast.

As I drank my coffee and watched them both sitting on the kitchen table eating their cereal, they looked so young and innocent, they appeared normal, if I hadn’t have seen it with my own eyes, I’d never have suspected anything was going with them.

“Did you get a good night’s sleep?” I asked them both.

“Yes, Mom.” They both replied, shovelling cereal in to their mouths.

On the drive to school I kept looking in the rear-view mirror at them sitting in the back, Poppy was sitting tapping on her mobile phone, and Paul was staring out of the side window, just as they do every morning, last night I saw them being so loving and passionate with each other, and now it is as if it never happened.

I found myself looking in the rear-view mirror at the crotch of Paul’s school trousers, I couldn’t stop thinking about his cock, clearly he was very good with it, Poppy certainly sounded pleased with it last night, and now I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I shocked myself because I realised I was now lusting for my own son.

– Second part coming soon.

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  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoibn

    Please write a part 2

  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoibn

    Hottest story ever thank you for sharing

  • Reply Cotton ID:45mjq533fiak

    I went to school with twins, brother and sister. Summer between middle school and high school, she invited me over to a pool party and sleep over. Twins can be a lot of fun, they know each other so well. Even with theirs parents laying poolside, she and I sucked face as he pounded my pussy with his nice hard cock. I can say, it was not a sleep over, we fucked around all night. And I am sure at least one of their parents watched at the door awhile. Great memories

  • Reply cowboy ID:3zxjf15pb0a6

    thats a great story . I want to hear more

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren3fic2

    Nice story and can’t wait for part two. I love to hear about sexual awakening experiences. sex is a natural thing in life and I am glad you wrote this story. I think all kids should be able to express them selves with whom ever they choose. fuck our laws they are pathetic and serve only corporate interest….ie making money by incarceration.

  • Reply Pete ID:7ylren8hr90

    I fucked my older sister I was 13 she was 16 and she showed me how to watch mom and dad fuck so I’m sure he would love to fuck you so go for it but don’t leave you daughter out

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0b4

      I agree!, take them both and show them everything together. their sex lives will be amazing though out their entire lives.

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