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Stepdaughter finally comes to help us out

My wife became disabled last year. Her legs have become useless and is in constant pain. She is on very strong morphine pain killers and sleeping tablets.
After numerous calls from her mum her daughter has finally decided to visit and help, claiming she has been far too busy to come and see her mum.
Let me describe this bitch to you. She is 32 and has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She has a very pretty face but at only 5’1″ and 20 stone has a awful body.
She arrived on Saturday afternoon after only a 100 mile journey exhausted and demanding I make her a drink and needing something to eat. As I was in the kitchen I was listening to her talking to her mum. My wife asked her whether she had a boyfriend and she replied that she hadn’t had one since she was 19.
Rolling on to Sunday she just sat on the sofa doing nothing except ask for drinks and food as I cleaned and tidied the house, getting more and more pissed off. Around 6pm, Sally (stepdaughter) asked her mum if it was OK to go and have a bath as she felt tired although I don’t know how. She then asked if her mum had any hair removal cream as she was growing back and itchy.
Off the lazy cow went upstairs to the bathroom and it was then I decided she was going to help while she was here.
Around 8pm I gave my wife her tablets and helped her into bed. Afterwards I asked Sally if she wanted a drink and she wanted a hot chocolate. I made the drink and crushed morphine and sleeping tablets in it. She went to bed after and I left it until 10pm before I went up.
I opened her bedroom door and was greeted with the sight of her naked huge fat ass. I called her name and poked her but no response so I rolled her onto her back. I pulled apart her tree trunk sized legs to see her bald pussy. I opened her fat flaps and stuck my tongue in her. After a while I could taste her juices starting to flow so I undressed and got between her chunky legs. She was to fat to fuck like this so I lifted each leg under her knees and let them flop to the sides. Perfect.
I got back above her and lined myself up. Slowly I sank my old cock into her. My god she felt tight. Almost as tight as my daughter had felt when she was 12 but that’s another story. I slowly started going back and forth getting deeper into this lazy bitch until I was balls deep. It had been so long since I had been in a pussy, I cum a bucket load in no time.
After a while I got off her and got a washcloth to clean up her cum filled now gaping hole. I went downstairs for a cigarette, fully intending to go to bed after but then deciding I wanted to fuck her again.
I went back to her room and she still in the same position, flat on her back and legs wide open. I gave myself a few strokes to get me fully hard and got back between her fat legs. This time her cum filled pussy was easier to penetrate and it wasn’t long before I was balls deep, fucking her hard and deep.
I lasted a lot longer this time before getting as deep as I could before emptying my balls in her. I again cleaned her up and rearranged her in bed before joining my wife in bed.
The next day I went to work as normal. During my morning break my wife rang me which was very unusual so I panicked, thinking Sally must have known and told her. I eventually answered and asked if everything was alright. She said everything was fine but not to expect Sally to have done much in the house as she has bad stomach cramps and unexpectedly started to bleed which would be her first period in about 6 years.
I had a sense of relief and pure joy. I have now got to get my wife to get Sally to visit more often.

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