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Step daughters 14th birthday

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ast week was my step daughter kylies 14th birthday. Over the last year she has really started to blossom into a beautiful young woman, blue eyes, light brown hair, 5’4 120 pounds with a firm ass and small budding breasts that I have got to see in a bra a few times. My mind has started to imagine her young tight body naked, especially after seeing her in her bra and knowing from her telling her mother and I that she has pubic hair, I have enough for my imagination to run wild.

At this point I have never made a move on Kylie, however I know she has caught me admiring her figure a few times and never shys away from it. With the exception of the occasional “accidental” lingering touch on her tight ass or brush across the breasts we have kept things pretty PG together. However when she is gone I often find myself going through her hamper to smell her soiled panties which have been nice and creamy lately, using them to jerk off. Recently I have noticed her mother must have gotten her a few pair of more grown up panties, one thong and some cheeky boy short style. Nothing to riské most nude or beigh in color but have made me even more horny.

As one of her birthday gifts I told her I would take her to whatever shop she wanted to spend $100 on whatever she wanted, and as any teenage girl would be she was excited to get some new clothes. The next weekend her and I had the day alone together and she came down from her room and asked if we could go shopping. Sure I said, where would you like to go? She was a little embarrassed and shyly said that she wanted to go get some new underwear as most of hers were for little girls. Now the thought of my step daughter getting a whole new wardrobe of thongs and sexy panties made my cock jerk immediately, I tried to shift so she wouldn’t notice but I feel like I was too late as I saw her eyes go down to my buldge and give a discreet smile.

I tell her that is perfectly fine, and normal for her to want more adult things as she is now a young woman and we set off to the mall. Once we got to the mall we headed down to Victoria’s secret. Even though I really wanted to be a part of helping her pick out some new thongs I would be perking off with in the near future I didn’t want to press my luck. So, I told her you go and pick out what you want and come grab me when you’re ready to check out. She agreed and gave me a hug before heading in, I tried to give her a side hug as just being there already had my cock at half mass, however, as she came in for the side hug she gave me a peck on the cheek, and her hand came down my chest and across my buldge. Surely that was an accident I thought, heart pounding as I sat to hide my buldge. She has never touched me like that before, my mind was racing the whole time she was shopping trying to figure out if she wanted me as I wanted her. Before I know it she tells me she is ready to check out. I get up and head to the cashier and Kylie puts her nee stack of panties on the counter. My eyes are eager to see what she picked as the cashier picks up a pair of sheer black cheeky panties and scans them, next a nice green no show thong, a few different color boyshort style panties, then my eyes must have been the size of diner plates when I saw what was on bottom. The last item was more of a lingere style red thong, with a stylish lace crotch and the back was a g string with two stings and the sides. It took everything I had to fight the election trying to grow in my pants as I handed the cashier my card.

Now once we were home, with the thought of my step daughter touching my buldge and the very sexy g string thong she picked out, I decided to push my luck just a little. “So, which pair did you like the most” she paused and gave it a moments thought and said “I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to go try them all on, then I’ll let you know”. She heads up to her room, and I sit down on the sofa. Thinking I have awhile before she tries them all on I couldn’t wait any longer and had to give myself some release. I pull out my cock and slowly start to stroke my cock, thinking about my steppie touching my cock. I must have been too caught up in the moment as I open my eyes and standing before me is Kylie, watching me wearing nothing but her new red g string. Her small a cup breasts, and puffy nipples caught my gaze first, her firm tight stomach, then down to the g string, her lightly trimmed bush peeking out from the lace crotch. ” I saw how excited you were at the store” she says, while giving a spin. “What do you think of my favorite pair daddy?”

I couldn’t control myself at this point, I just stood up and grabbed her by her tiny waist and tossed her on the couch. I knelt down, pulling her panties to the side and slid my tongue through her slit, nose nestled on her perfect bush, with the oh so familiar smell of kylies cunt I’ve been perking off to for months. My tongue finds her clit and goes to work as my hand climbs up to fondle her tiny tits and pinch her nipples, I hear her let out a gasp. I continue on her clit until her legs a crushing my head and she starts to buck her hips in an intense orgasam, her pussy dripping wet. “Please fuck me daddy” she says as I climb up her body, sticking my tongue in her mouth giving her a taste of her own juices as I French kiss her rubbing the head of my cock against her tight opening slowing easing it in. Her pussy was tighter than any I have ever experienced, once the head of my cock finally made its way in she let out a moan into my mouth. I started off slow, letting her tight pussy get use to my cock, before starting to pick up speed. I feel her arms wrap around me tight and her legs squeezing together as her pussy starts to get even tighter as she cums again, this time on my dick. This brings me to the breaking point, I pull my cock out and let out rope after rope of cum on her new panties, soaking through to her beautiful bush. We both lay on the couch catching our breath before Kylie gets up gives me another kiss and says “we need to go shopping more often” as she giggles and heads to the shower

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    Made my cock hard need more please

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    What a waste of precious cum, you need to shoot it where it will do the most good, inside her pussy

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    Mmm my cock is twitching

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    Loved it and would like more. Should of started earlier as I always see young girls between 8 and 11 with asses to die for now.

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    Make sure you get your hands on all her”little girl” panties before she gets rid of them and keep them for your own pleasure … buy her more “adult “ underwear and make her a trade for her old lil girl panties