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Son’s coffee

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I am a mother and I live with my 16-year-old son. I was very sexually frustrated after my divorce and often masturbated with a dildo in my room and I knew my son could hear me moaning while I was masturbating. How it all started: A few months ago, when I went to clean his room, I noticed that one of my panties was under the table and it was covered in dried sperm. I picked it up and put it under my nose and smelled it. The smell was intoxicating to me. I didn’t tell him anything about my discovery and let him continue cumming all over my panties. Sometimes I purposely wore panties with my son’s fresh sperm on them. It turned me on like crazy and I would have the strongest orgasm later when I fucked myself, knowing that I was wearing panties full of cum.

Because of my loose control over my son’s behavior, he seemed to take heart. He cummed not only in my panties, but also on my bras, my dress, skirt, etc. As always, I pretended not to notice and simply wore any piece of clothing that had his dried cum on it and washed the cum off later. Knowing that I was wearing clothes with my son’s sperm on them seriously turned me on.

how he escalated: One morning, my son told me that he made me coffee and directly took the cup to me. It was unusual for him to make coffee and while I was drinking it he stared at me with the strangest excitement. I stared at him unrecognized, and when I felt the trace of his sperm in the coffee, I shook and everything was clear to me. But again I pretended not to know what he was doing. Later that evening he took a cup of milk to my room and told me that it is good to drink a cup of milk before going to bed. I could see his wild excitement as I drank his milk. He asked me what his milk tasted like, and I, nevertheless, regaining my composure and acting as if I was completely unconscious, told him that his milk was very sweet and that mommy liked it.

I don’t know if it’s me pretending not to know or what, but he’s becoming more and more obvious. When he made coffee in the morning, he would ask if my coffee tasted different, and I said no. Then the next day he took my cup of coffee into the bathroom and came out and I could clearly see the white sticky sperm in my coffee and he even told me that he put his special sweetener in my coffee just for me because “I love you mommy.”

I drank his coffee with cum as usual and stroked his head and said he was a good boy. I can’t tell him that I know what he’s doing but a part of me tells me to warn him and the long one to continue because I really like the taste of my son’s cum.

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