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Robbie: Chapter 6: Gerid

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Having just finished fucking his mother, Robbie goes over to his friend Gerid’s house. He suspects Gerid is gay and wants to find out for sure.

It took a few minutes of recovery before Anne realized her son had cum inside her. She could be pregnant! By her own son! What would she do if this happened?

“Robbie, I told you not to cum in me!” she accused.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I couldn’t help it. Besides, you didn’t say it until after I started cumming. What was I supposed to do?”

“Pull out! That’s what!” Anne decried.

Robbie had a crestfallen look on his face. He was afraid that his mistake would cause his mother to not want to fuck again. Sheepishly, he looked at the floor saying, “I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to.”

Seeing the look on her son’s face melted Anne’s heart. Not wanting to ruin their first sexual experience together, she reached out enclosing him in her arms. “It’s all right,” she tried to comfort him. “I will just have to take a trip to the pharmacy,” she said sighing.

Robbie had his face buried between Anne’s ample bosom. He was quite happy here. Reaching up, he took hold of the maid’s outfit shoulder material and slid them down his mother’s arms exposing her breasts to him for the first time.

“You are insatiable,” Anne grinned at her son.

Robbie decided that was permission to proceed and latched onto one of her nipples sucking it as if he were a baby.

“Mmmm…” was all Anne could say as electric tingles sent signals down her back and straight to her clit. Reaching behind her, she untied the back of the apron letting it and the maid’s costume fall to the floor before kicking off her panties which were now at her ankles. ‘Time for round two,” she happily thought.
Indeed, she and Robbie had rounds two and three before the boy let up on her. Anne was certain her pussy was going to be sore for days with the poundings the young boy had given it. Not that she was complaining.

Getting up from the kitchen floor, Robert remembered that he wanted to go over to Gerid’s house to see if he could fuck that boy pussy. “I am going to take a shower,” he said to his mother still laying on the floor legs spread wide, pussy exposed.

Anne wanted to say, ‘No, please don’t go. Stay here and fuck your mommy some more,’ but, instead, reluctantly watched his bare ass as he walked toward the stairs. Once out of sight, she lay her head back down on the cold linoleum floor. A few minutes later, she picked herself up deciding she, too, needed a shower and headed for the master suite.

When he was done showering, Robert knocked on his mother’s bedroom door and entered it without waiting for her permission. After all, his mother belonged to him now. He needn’t ask permission from her to enter her private spaces. She willingly let him inside the most private of her places three times already. Robert was certain it would not be the last time either.

Hearing the shower running, he went to the bathroom door of the master suite, opened it and called to his mother, “Mom. I am going over to Gerid’s now. Be back for supper.”

“Fine, dear. Have fun,” she called back to him from the shower stall.

Robert bicycled to Gerid’s house and upon arriving, found Gerid in the front yard talking with another boy who was probably a couple years younger. Robert liked this prospect. A gay boy talking with another younger boy usually meant a search for a conquest. Maybe Gerid was grooming the younger boy. Could open up some interesting doors, he thought.

“Gerid, hi!” he called out to his friend from the street as he turned into the driveway with his bike.

“Hi, Robbie,” returned Gerid. Turning to the younger boy, he said, “Look, my friend is here. I will talk with you more later, okay?”

Looking slightly dejected, the younger boy said, “Sure, okay,” before walking away in the opposite direction.

“Whatcha up to?” asked Robbie.

“About 4’-6”,” Gerid replied both boys laughing slightly at the old joke. “Wanna come inside?”

‘In more ways than you know,’ Robert thought saying out loud, “Sure, let’s go to your room.”

Both boys, with typical youthful vigor and energy, ran into the house, stopping by the refrigerator first to grab a soda and a snack before running up the stairs to Gerid’s room. Once there, the boys plopped themselves onto Gerid’s bed opening their soda cans and began eating their snacks.

“So, whatcha wanna do?” asked Gerid.

Figuring that getting right to the point would probably be best with this boy, Robert said, “I want you to suck my dick.”

This took Gerid completely by surprise. Spitting out the mouthful of soda he had just taken, his eyes widened in shock. Thinking Robbie was just joking, and hoping he wasn’t, Gerid laughed as if he believed Robbie was making fun. Robbie joined in the laughter. Robbie playfully pushed Gerid’s shoulder. Gerid pushed Robbie back. Both boys took a moment to pause and smile at each other. Then it was on.

In a flash, Robbie pounced on Gerid and the wrestling match had begun. Both boys were vying for positioning to get the advantage. Eventually, Robbie managed to flip Gerid onto his back. Robbie, using his vice-like hands grabbed Gerid by the wrists pinning his arms above his head. Now, he was astride his friend resting his butt on Gerid’s covered dick. Robbie plopped himself down hard onto Gerid’s hips and began a slight grinding motion. It had the expected effect; Gerid’s little dick was getting hard.

Robert decided it was time to push the envelope as the boy obviously wanted this. Releasing Gerid’s wrists, he leaned forward and down, planting his lips squarely on the other boy’s. Gerid, a bit taken aback, but not unhappy, gladly accepted Robbie’s tongue into his mouth. As the boys tongue-dueled, Robert reached down to where their bodies intersected, scooting back a little so he could feel Gerid’s hard on.

Breaking their kiss, Robert commanded, “I told you, I wanted you to suck my dick. Now get to it!”

Gerid had known for about a year now that he was gay. He had a very serious crush on Robbie but didn’t want to say anything to him afraid Robbie would reject him and out him to his classmates. Gerid wasn’t quite ready to come out yet, so he was glad Robbie was making these advances. Now he could experience what he wanted with Robbie knowing the other boy would keep the secret. After all, everyone thought Robbie was straight since he has a girlfriend. Now, Gerid knew different. He had no illusions, though, He knew Robbie would never be his boyfriend, but Gerid was okay with that as long as they could fuck each other every once in a while.

Seeing Robbie was serious about wanting his dick sucked, Gerid sat up in his bed and reached for Robbie’s pants to unsnap and unzip them.

Robbie stood up next to the bed giving Gerid access to what he wanted. Looking down at the cute boy, Robert thought, ‘I am going to have fun fucking this little boy. I think I will make him my sissy bitch. Yeah, then parade him around town with a collar and leash to let everyone know that I own his boy pussy.’ His thoughts were interrupted by the warm wetness of Gerid’s mouth covering his hard cock.

Gerid was surprised by the size of Robbie’s hard cock as it sprang from his underwear. Wanting to waste no time in case one of his parents should interrupt, Gerid quickly engulfed Robbie’s shaft taking it about half way before his inexperienced throat stopped him. Gagging, he backed off a bit but locked his lips around the shaft. He had seen enough porn to know what to do, but video and real life are very different as the young boy was finding out.

He began a slow back and forth motion with his head remembering to keep his teeth off the sensitive rod. He tried to imitate a video he watched a few days ago where the guy was using his tongue to stimulate the other man’s cock. He kept his tongue moving trying to use it to get Robbie to cum. Gerid wanted very badly to taste cum that wasn’t his own. He had hoped he would get the chance to taste Robbie’s cum, and now that the chance had arrived, he was determined to take it all the way.
Knowing that this rhythm and speed would not get Robbie off for quite some time, the boy quickened the pace of his bobbing on Robbie’s cock. Gerid was quite surprised at how much he really enjoyed this act of cock-sucking. He was sure he would like it, but he always worried he might not. He was now glad to know he did.

Robert looked down on the head of the boy sucking his turgid cock. The lack of experience the youth displayed was making Robert annoyed, but he remained patient, knowing the boy had to learn at his own pace. He did try to help out by placing his hands on either side of Gerid’s head guiding it in a back and forth motion. He was pleased when the boy picked up his pace and began slobbing his knob with a bit more urgency. He could feel the beginning stirrings of his eventual orgasm. ‘Do I want to cum in his mouth or shall I fuck him up his little boy pussy and cum in his ass?’ Robert asked himself.
Deciding that patience was the key with this boy, he figured he would let Gerid decide when he was ready to get his puckered hole pounded. Until then, he would take blow jobs or whatever else the boy wanted to give.

“Hey, lay down on your back, Ger,” Robert instructed. “I want to show you something.”

Gerid did as he was asked lifting his hips as Robbie stripped him of his pants and underwear. His little boy hard on was poking straight up into the air. It couldn’t have been more than three or four inches. Small compared to Robbie’s not quite grown-up cock. (Neither boy could know at this time Robbie would eventually stop growing after achieving an impressive eight inch cock.)

After he had finished removing Gerid’s pants and underwear, Robert stood over the young boy’s face then dropped to his knees facing the boy’s cocklet. Positioning his own meat at the boy’s mouth, he thrust it in the eager boy’s pie hole. Leaning forward, he took Gerid’s little cock into his mouth and began sucking it with fervor. He wanted the boy to know what it was like to truly have your cock sucked. Expertly, he wrapped his tongue around the boys sensitive head on each upstroke of his sucking mouth. Then, on the downstroke, he ensured that sensitive area felt every inch of his soft tongue. The involuntary twitching of the youth’s cocklet let Robert know that it was working. He idly wondered as he was bobbing for boners if Gerid could cum yet. ‘Guess I am going to find out,’ he thought.

Meanwhile, Gerid was trying to match the motions of his friend. He was not having much luck as Robbie was fucking Gerid’s mouth with his rigid bald avenger. He was forcing himself deeper into Gerid’s throat; the adolescent striving with all his will not to gag. The difficulty was only compounded by the magnificent feeling of Robbie’s mouth on his own dork. Robbie’s cock sucking talent was way beyond his own. Briefly, Gerid wondered how Robbie had learned to suck cock that well. But, at that moment, all thought left him as he experienced an explosion of emotion and sensation. He felt as if he were being obliterated and reassembled simultaneously. Color left his vision and a ringing filled his ears as his semen flew from his no longer innocent cocklet into his friend’s waiting mouth.

Gerid was so enraptured by his experience he failed to notice Robbie’s thrusts were now jackhammering into his mouth, his manhood erupting stream after stream of cum down the boy’s throat like a firehose out of control and he began to choke and cough as the slimy secretions were ejected down his throat. Instinctively, he tried to swallow, but some dribbled out of the corner of his mouth running down his chin. He was only vaguely aware of all this as his orgasm subsided. He barely even noticed when Robbie pulled out of his mouth.

Breathing heavily, Gerid laid on the floor trying to restore the world to its proper order. Eventually, color returned to his eyes and the loud ringing in his ears subsided. He looked up to see Robbie standing over him, flaccid cock dangling just above his head, smiling down on him. Gerid smiled back then began giggling. Robbie joined him and soon both boys were laughing uproariously. As their laughter eventually subsided and the boys gained control of their senses, they just looked at each other for a few seconds that seemed to drag on forever, to Gerid.

Finally, he said, “Wow! I have never made myself cum like that before! How did you do that?”

“I don’t know,” Robert said, truthfully. He had had a powerful cum himself and wondered how Gerid had managed to swallow so much of it. It was more powerful than he had expected, to be sure. While he had always had a thing for little girls, he viewed little boys more as an opportunity to take if a girl was not available. This powerful eruption of his had him wondering if he had been wrong all this time. ‘It is probably just due to this body’s youth,’ he finally concluded to himself.

Speaking to Gerid, he said, “We had better get dressed before one of your parent’s walks in and sees us.”

“Yeah, we better,” Gerid responded, looking longingly at his friend’s limp cock. Even soft it was bigger than his own when hard.

“I’m hungry. Let’s go see what there is to eat,” Gerid said cheerily as the boys finished getting dressed.

Robert decided he should take advantage of the boy’s offer as he would need to fuel up after all the fucking he’d done today. And he was certain his mom would want more tonight. If not, then he would start working on little sister. The thought of popping her little cherry was enough to stir his dongler again. ‘Maybe I have enough time to cum in Gerid’s ass, yet,’ he thought as the boys ran to the refrigerator. ‘Nah, better not push it.’

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