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Playtime with my cousins part 3

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This was my experience with my 9 year old cousin, Jade. I was 11 when this happened. But Jade wasn’t the only cousin I played with.

My broken leg had healed, and things were getting friskier between us. One summer night just became much hotter.

Jade sneaked in to my bedroom and went straight to my bed. She was wearing an oversized yellow shirt to cover her pink panties with a unicorn design. I was wearing my boxers and nothing else.

She immediately lowered her head towards my crotch and started to peel off my boxers. As soon as she got it off, my dick immediately sprang into action. It was ready for some blowjob.

Since we got a lot of practice now, Jade was getting good at it. She grabbed it with her warm hands and started to stroke it. While doing it, she licked the head of my cock and the eye. I thrusted my waist due to the electrifying feeling that brought me. Then in one swoop, she swallowed the head.

“Ummpphhh..slurrrppp..slurrpp..umphhh” were the sounds coming from her mouth. As my dick was starting to be engulfed with her saliva and my precum. I haven’t started shooting cum yet, but if I did, I must had shot it because of Jade. I couldn’t believe it that this were all happening to me.

She moved around and started to put her crotch towards my face. She wanted to do 69 again. I got a whiff of that sweet pussy of my virgin cousin, and it smelled so good. I slid my hands inside her top and groped her back, legs, and then removed her underwear.

Her tiny pussy is just above my nose and started to descend towards my mouth. I stretched my left hand to reach her nipples and started to play with it. No boobs yet, but her nips were amazing. I kept my had there and caressed it. While my right hand was rubbing her legs and squeezing her butt.

Of course, my attention was towards her pussy. I started to lick it. I moved my mouth and kissed its folds. I then stuck my tongue out, and made it as hard as I can. I then slipped it in her pussy. She was starting to leak that sweet cunt juice again.

I could hear her whimper as we continued to devour each other. My cock inside her mouth, and my mouth eating her cunt.

I knew I was about to reach my climax. I could sense that my dick was about to erupt. She’s probably nearing too, she had been pressing her cunt to my face giving me little space to even breathe.

Then it just happened. She lifted her head as she orgasmed. As soon as she recovered she went back to sucking me. A few moments later my mind suddenly went blank as my toes curled. I also climaxed. I told her to stop sucking because my dick got sensitive. She removed her mouth and dropped her head towards my crotch. I kept on rubbing her legs and butt gently as we tried to catch our breath.

She got up and lied next to me. We were exhausted, but felt amazing.

“You did great!” I told her. “Yeah that was hot” she replied.

We were both staring blankly at the ceiling when she broke the silence. “Do you want to put your dick inside me?” I was surprised with her question, but was also thinking about the same thing. We had been doing oral sex for quite a while now. Maybe it’s time we take it to the next level.

She told me that we could do it tomorrow when my parents were off to work. I agreed with her because obviously we don’t want to get caught fucking. I wanted her to sleep beside me that night, but she said that what would we say if my parents got into my room and saw us sleeping. For a little girl, she knew exactly what to do. She gave me a kiss on the cheeks and started to pick up her clothes, got dressed and quietly went out of my room. I couldn’t sleep well that night. I think I had a boner all night thinking that we were finally popping our cherries.

That morning, my mom knocked and told me she left a few bucks so we could order what we want. She wasn’t able to cook some meals for us. But grandma might drop off some of her casserole for dinner. As soon as we heard the car rolling off, Jade was already standing there at my door.

She wasn’t just standing there, she was totally naked. What a tease! Her beautiful body was glistening as it hit the sun’s rays coming in to my room. I was hungry for breakfast, but I was even hungrier to devour my cousin.

She quickly ran and jumped on my bed. We started to kiss. It was actually our first time kissing, we really don’t know how. Our lips locked and we were kinda just smooching each other.

I tried to slip my tongue inside her mouth and made contact with her tongue. I saw her eyes glowed when I did that. We were starting to taste each other’s saliva. She lowered her body and was now on top of me. My cock was poking through my boxers as soon as it felt her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her back then caressed her body.

She grabbed my shirt and removed it, our warm bodies now pressed together was something else. I then tried to put my mouth on her nipples and sucked it. “Ohhhh… that’s soooo goooood”. I alternated between her left and right nipples. Licking and sucking it.

She grabbed my cock from my boxers and started to stroke it. She quickly turned around and went straight towards my dick. She peeled off my last remaining clothing and started to suck me. I also had a clear view of her butt and pussy. I also went in and ate her. We were having so much fun that I almost forgot that we were going to finally have sex

So I just went in and rolled her over. Now she’s underneath me and still sucking my dick. I stood up and now I’m kneeling in front of her.

“Jade, are ready for this?” I asked her. She just nodded and closed her eyes.

Even if this was my first time, I had an idea on how to do it. I’ve seen some porn before, plus we talked about it with my friends. They said that it would hurt, but it would eventually feel good. I’m just hoping that I’m doing it right.

I spread her legs wide open and locked my eyes on the target. I held my dick and started to rub it on her slit. I started from the bottom and moved up. She would gasp and whimper whenever I would hit it.

My cock was still wet with her saliva and her pussy was also dripping from mine. Jade took my dick and guided it to her hole.

I poked my cock’s head and could immediately feel the warmth coming from her pussy. I started to move slowly and I think I already got the piece of the head in. She winced a bit, and I asked her if she wants to go on. She briefly nodded and I started to push it in again.

I felt that there was some sort of barrier that I need to break, so I kept my forward thrust. We both looked down and saw that the head was finally in.

“Just go, keep pushing.” she encouraged me to go on. I felt that the barrier finally broke and now my dick was halfway through. She opened her mouth when we felt that. She was in pain but wanted me to continue.

I pulled my dick a bit and pushed it back again even harder. I noticed that when I did that, I even got deeper. I did that again, I pulled back again and made one final push.

It was a success! My dick was finally in her amazing cunt. It was warm, wet, tight, and it felt like my dick was being sucked and squeezed. We finally popped each other’s cherry. We’re no longer virgins at this point. I’m 11, and she’s just 9, and I was mind blown with that thought. I put my entire weight on her sexy body. Our bodies had now become one.

Aside from the ideas I got from porn, my instincts started to kick in. I moved my butt up and down, as I pulled my dick in and out of her. I will just move out a tiny fraction and push back in.

I held her head and caressed her hair and we started to kiss again. My tongue was crossing her tongue, in fact I was already probably sucking her mouth. She would then wrap her arms around me.

Everytime I would pull back, her body would just follow. As if she doesn’t want our interlocked organs from separating. I saw myself from the mirror and adjusted my humping movement just like from those videos. I couldn’t believe it that we’re having real sex. She even wrapped her legs around my waist.

I kept humping and pounding my cousin’s tight pussy. While doing that, I also licked her nipples. That both sent us to a delirious state. We were moaning loadly. We were alone in the house , so we didn’t mind being that loud.

“Ohhh… Harvey, that’s so good. Keep doing it. Keep doing it” she wildly screamed. I was already gasping for air as I continue to pound that sweet pussy. I was balls deep inside her.

I kept pumping my dick inside her while alternating kissing her and groping her body.

I knew I wouldn’t last long. Her pussy was sucking every bit of my cock. That squeezing made it harder for me to control my climax.

One final hump and I felt my dick pulsating inside her. I felt that I wasn’t there when it happened. I thought it was all a dream. My legs started to stiffen, and my belly was about to blow.

I orgasmed inside her. If only I was already shooting my cum, I knew I would drain it all in her.

“Ahhhhh…Jade…” came out of my mouth as I enjoyed that pleasurable moment.

I still kept my dick inside her and still doing some mild pumping. We kissed again while doing it. I finally felt my dick started to limp and just popped off from her. I gave her a kiss and rolled over to her side.

We both looked down at her pussy and saw blood. There were blood on my dick too.

“Are you ok?” I asked her. I also got worried when I saw the blood. She said that she’s ok. It hurt a lot but it felt good eventually.

We tried to catch both of our breath and we walked together going to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

We also removed my sheets because some of her blood dripped on it. We just popped it in the washer. We ate breakfast and ordered some food.

She was limping while walking and said her cunt felt so sore. I kinda felt bad and thought that I hurt her. She had a fever that night. My mom gave her medicines and put her to sleep. I also took care of her the following day. I prepared her food and never left her side.

I was so worried about her. There was some sort of guilt because I knew she got sick because we had sex, but she said that she’s fine. She even teased me that she wants to do it again. A promise that she kept.

I could still remember this just like it was yesterday. Totally an unforgettable experience.

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  • Reply CharlesL-F26200 ID:16nj1m63jmg9

    Very good story, I hope it’s a true one. It’s very similar to what happened to me a long time ago (in 1958) with my cousin Sylvie, she was 11and I was 13 at that time. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience, the happiest time in my whole life.I hope it continued a long time for you two, with much sex and love. Unfortunately, it did’nt for me and my cousin due to unexpected adverse conditions (see my posts three months ago on this site).

    • Harvey ID:g0zmw0hrb

      Found your story. I’m going to start reading your series

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    Fantastic you’re lucky guy