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Play time with my cousins

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I’ve read a lot of stories here about cousins, and I wanted to share mine as well.

I was an 11 year old prepubescent. I have a slim and hairless body at that time. My cock has an okay size because I had seen the dicks of my classmates and friends while peeing and fooling around. But I had never seen a girl’s pussy before. Yeah maybe I ‘ve seen some from very young girls like toddlers, but not from someone like around 8 to about my age. So I knew that girls have slits while boys have poles.

I also started to play with my dick when I was about 9. It felt good rubbing and stroking it. But I don’t have cum yet. A small amount of clear, sticky liquid started to come out whenever I masturbate. I’ve heard from a 13 year old boy that he started to squirt white liquid when he cums. He said we would probably have that at around 12 years old just like him. I can’t wait to have that experience.

One day, my mom’s brother was in our house with his 9 year old daughter. He was divorced and had never heard anything from his wife. He said that he got a job on the East coast and would be working long hours. He asked if my mom could take care of his daughter and would just send money for support.

We’re a very close knit family. Our relatives help each other out in times of need. I think they had a discussion on this before and had set everything up. Good thing that my older brother had gone off to college and my cousin could use that room. Her room would just be across from mine.

By the way, her name was Jade. She’s very pretty because my uncle was a good looking guy. I don’t know what had gotten to me but knowing that a pretty girl would be living in our house got me excited.

Even though we see each other before during Christmas, it was still different for her to be living with us. Nevertheless, she got the hang of it and became like a part of my family. I don’t have any younger siblings, so she became the “baby” of my family.

It was summer and had spent most of the time being with my friends. Jade also made a few friends in the neighborhood. They would always giggle around whenever my gang would bike around their hangout place.

One day I broke my leg and had to walk around with a crutch. I thought that was the end of my summer fun, but it turned out to be better.

My parents had to work so it was just me and Jade in the house. My grandma (my dad’s mom) lived across the street. She would check on us if we’re ok while my parents are away. So we had some kind of adult supervision.

I was just in my bed and playing videogames. I thought Jade was asleep, since I was bored I started to jack off. I imagined Jade’s naked body while doing it. By the way, a couple of weeks ago, the door on Jade’s room was partially opened and I saw her dressing up.

I saw her beautiful naked body in all its glory. Her nice skin and smooth body was enough to make me go wild. At her age, she still has a flat chest but her pinkish nipples were amazing. Of course, her pussy was straight up fine. It was hairless yet plump. Oh let’s not forget her bubble butt. My cousin was smoking hot for her age. I don’t know if she knew that I was watching her dress up while I was peeking, but if she does then I guess it was fine for her.

Having that thought in my mind gave me an intense boner. I stroked my hand around the shaft. I started really slow and worked my way up to a comfortable pace. I closed my eyes and dreaming that it was Jade’s hand stroking me while she’s buck naked doing it.

I didn’t locked my door so anyone could get in especially if I needed help. So it was a mistake to jack off with unlocked doors (or was it?). While I was in the middle of masturbating with my eyes closed, I didn’t notice that Jade was actually there standing in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw her giggling. I took my hand off my dick and pushed it back inside my boxers.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her. She said “What are you doing?”

I told her that it’s what boys do all the time. She laughed and said that she actually knows. I asked her how come she knows about it. She told me that she actually caught her dad doing it in the bathroom. Her dad explained it to her. It was the first and last time she saw him did that.

“My dad’s cock was big and hairy. How come yours had no hair?” She asked. I told her that I’m still young and would probably get hair there as well.

She then asked “Can you do it again?” I was shocked when she said that. My boner had receded, but hearing that made my blood rush there again. I told her it wouldn’t be fair because she would see my dick again. She said “You’ve already seen me naked, so I think we could call it even”.

So she actually knew that I was peeping at her while dressing up. I was defenseless and just said to myself that what else could I do than just to jack it off. Besides, having Jade watch me do it sounds pretty exciting.

I grabbed my dick from my boxers and pulled it out for Jade to see. Her eyes glowed while watching me stroke the shaft from its base towards the head. Seeing my cousin watching me do it gave me a different kind of high. Her face was lighting up and had that cute smile on it. It was exhilarating jacking off while my pretty cousin was watching.

“Can I touch it?” She asked. I was dumbfounded and couldn’t answer back. She sat on my bed and placed her hand near my raging boner, I just grabbed it and guided her hands to my shaft. Having her soft tiny hands wrapped around my cock was amazing. I was still holding her hand, and when she got the rhythm I removed my hand and she was doing all the work.

Her warm hands masturbating me sent me to a delirious state. I was looking at her but she was focused on stroking my dick.

“Aahhhh..Jade…that feels soooo good…” were all that I could say. She had gotten a good pace of stroking me without actually smashing my dick.

“Does it feel good?” She asked. I gave her a nod and moaned.

I told her I was about to cum. She doesn’t know what I was talking about and just kept on stroking me. My toes started to curl. I could feel the intense feeling in my belly and was about to burst. My dick was throbbing intensely.

A few more strokes and I totally blanked out. There were no white cum coming out. Just a few clear liquid. But I knew it was one of the best orgasm I had in my very young life since I discovered the pleasure of masturbating.

Jade released my dick and told me she had to pee. She ran out of my room while my dick was starting to go flaccid.

This was just the start of my adventures with Jade and some…

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  • Reply B ID:1djiiyxkucug

    I love that name. Had a Jade myself once. A cute blond

  • Reply B ID:8b9n6rqb0b

    Man I love her name. I’ll think of her next time I masturbate

  • Reply Horny Boy ID:1da6qy23mggl

    Looking forward to reading more about you and your cousin…I married my cousin 😉

    • Harvey ID:6nrmts5mm2

      Damn that’s hot

  • Reply Thanks ID:fx7wlfyv4

    Great story

    • Harvey ID:6nrmts5mm2

      Thank you. I will write the next chapter.