My young wife part 2

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Things progress, we try different things. Our relationship grows stronger.

Part 2
I was in love with this autistic beautiful 13 year old girl. She was so kind, smart in certain things, beautiful, and in need of my love and help.
Things moved fast for us, after a few days of meeting and talking we fucked. After that first time she was clingy, but I was prepared for that. I set boundaries and she followed them. She told me her needs and I fulfilled them.
The second week of our relationship we met two more times in person. Both times I picked her up at a park. Both times we went and got food, and went shopping. I drive a Honda civic , and the first date that week we fucked after doing shopping.
I took her to a romantic secluded pond I knew about. She started making out with me as soon as I stopped the car. I taught her about French kissing and was delighted at how enthusiastic she was. Her tongue was soft and small. She at first was attacking my mouth with her tongue. Which wasn’t bad, but I instructed her to take a loving approach. And the change was heavenly. No issue for me to get hard now. She was so horny and so was I. After making out for a minute I broke us apart and told her to hold on. So I got out of the car and walked around to her door. I helped her out of the door and said we are alone what do you want to do? She said I want you to lick my pussy. I said I’d love too. I told her to undress me. So did a poor job but with my assistance she got my clothes off. I then took her clothes off completely. Here we were a 13 year old girl and a 20 year old man butt naked in a secluded park.
I was rock hard and we started making out again. I felt all over her body, her small A cup tits with cute nipples. The soft skin of her small ass, the wetness of her blonde hair covered pussy. I prefer bald pussy, but hers will do. And the thought that I’d be able to shave her pussy sometime was thrilling.
I was ready to eat her delicious teen pussy. So I grabbed a towel I had in my car and laid it on my cars hood. I lifted her up onto my hood and told her to lay down and spread those legs. She giggled and smiled, and played down on the hood of my car. I got my head I between her beautiful legs and without much teasing started licking her wet 13 year old pussy.
She immediately stared moaning and grunting. I told her to use her hand to guide my head. She immediately used a hand to do so. I simply followed where she wanted my tongue. She had an intense orgasm and I was able to get air. My face wet with her pussy juice. I told her to get up once she had partially recovered and told her to face the car and bend over. I guided her to where I wanted her by her hips. And once she was bent over legs slightly spread I lined my cock up to her wet pussy and slid him home in one go. I showed no mercy to her pussy as I fucked her. This was the second time I had my cock balls deep inside her 13 year old pussy and it was heavenly. The first fuck was more loving. This one was just fucking. I wasn’t too rough, but I wasn’t messing about. I let my instincts guide me and soon she was cumming for a second time. The feeling of a young pussy cumming with you balls deep is indeed worth everything.
I was not far behind her so I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and helped her stand up and face me. I quickly got the towel from the hood of my car and played it down on the grass. I told her I wanted to cum on her face and told her to get on her knees. She was still a little out of it from her fucking and cumming. But she got on her knees and I started jacking off. I told her to open her mouth and stick our her tongue. She did, and it was such a hot sexy look. I told her to close her eyes and soon blew a load of my cum all over her face. She barely reacted, even with some cum going in her mouth. She stayed put, with me cumming in her mouth, hair, nose, and chin. Once empty of cum I helped her to her feet and said I’ll get some wipes. She smiled at me. Face covered in my seed, damn sure I’d be hard if I hadn’t just emptied my balls on her face.
We got cleaned up and dressed. And drove around until I had to take her home. It was a nice get to know each other time. Sharing our lives so far.
The next morning soon as she woke up sent a good morning Snapchat with her tits and a smile. She did this every morning and night. It was awesome. Two days later we met up again. I took her to the zoo in my city it’s a famous one. We had a blast, holding hands and kissing whenever we could sneak one. That day instead of fucking I asked her for a blow job. She said ok, and you can cum in my mouth too. I was shocked a little by her eagerness but I didn’t pass up the chance. So at the zoo we found a secluded place and she got on her knees. I took out my already hard cock and she started licking it from balls to tip. She obviously had done this more than fucking before. I was not going to complain and was rewarded by a nice bj. I tried to guide her head but she didn’t need much help. I kind of blew my load quickly. 2 Minutes tops. Not my fault, she deep throated me and hummed! Slut I said when I finished emptying my seed in her throat.
We got presentable and fled the zoo. On the way home I asked her where she learned to blow like that, and who took her cherry. She said she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. But a little prodding she told me.
When she was 10 years old her dad stared molesting her. Stared with touching, and progressed to full fucking. Even her ass isn’t virgin she told me. She said she wanted it, and loves her dad. She said her evil step-mom caught them fucking last year. My only thought was fuck, her dad is lucky to be able to fuck her for what 2 years?
The stepmother demanded he stop doing anything with his daughter. An agreement was reached and soon the stepmother was pregnant with a baby boy. So that’s the story part 2

Part 3 cumming soon

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