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My time with benny part 2

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This is part two of my time with benny with a little suprise at the end.

Benny was growing quickly, he has become a very active dog, he was a smart boy listened to me when I told him what to do. I continued to let benny lick me sometimes he would suck but since his teeth came out he would mainly lick. I was still fucking objects at home, I started to let benny lick me and then I would hump my pillow to get an orgasm he would loose interest in licking or get distracted.
I never told anyone what I would do with benny. I did however get my neighbour who was a year younger than me I was around 11 going in 12, I pushed her to engage with her dog. Her name was Anna, and they had a small teddy looking dog, I don’t remember the breed. ls was a female dog she was like 4 years old. And I went over hers one day and I don’t know if it was my pussy that she could smell but she kept bringing her nose to my private area. ” Oh silly dog get away from her” I acted like I didn’t know why the dog was shoving her face there. I started to get turned on thinking about her tongue on my pussy. “Has you dog had any puppies yet” I asked her to get my mind of it. “No she hasn’t, but sometimes she humps my leg, my mum says she does that because she wants babies” I wanted to know more. ” That’s funny I wish I could see her do it, it would be fun to watch” Anna stands up and comes closer to me “I can show you but we can’t do it In the garden let’s go to my room” I was so excited I wanted to see how a female dog reacted. I wish benny humped me, I have never tried teasing him I didn’t really know how.
We go up to Anna’s room she had the dog in her hand. Anna closes the door and turns to my putting Anna on her bed. “Okay we have to lay her down and rub her belly, I do this a lot I think she knows what’s going to happen” her dog looked happy her tail kept wagging. Anna starts rubbing her chest and slowly works her way down to her belly. He dog is just laying there and not moving an inch. I was so excited my pussy was moving on it own. I go closer to the bitchs pussy and get a better view. Her pussy was so swollen, ” can I touch it” I asked. It looked like it was soft. It was pink in colour, looked almost like mine but but bunches up. Anna stops petting her runs to her door and lock it “okay I’m going to show you what I do to her, but you have to promise me you will never ever tell a soul” her eyes were wide and open. “I PROMISE”. She nods and makes her way to her dog, I watch in silence as I see Anna slowly touch her dogs pussy. She had on pink glitter nail polish and I was just watching her do circles on her pussy,the dog was just laying there looking like she was smiling. My mouth was open. I stat pushing my pussy closer to the edge of her bed and started humping it. Anna doesn’t stop there, she starts lowering her head towards her dogs pussy, my heart was racing even more. She starts licking her dogs pussy doing circular motions on her pussy, I see her saliva enter her pussy and the tongue making her slit part. I start humping he edge of her bed even more. Out of no where Anna shoves a finger in the dogs pussy and licks it at the same time causing her dog to spasm and wine a big. The dogs hips start fucking Anna’s tongue. The dog orgasmed I believe because she turned around and stood up and left her bed. I was still humping and I noticed Anna’s hands up her skirt. And she looks over to me and is in shock at what I’m doing I think she had forgotten I was in the room. We both look and eachother and giggle.
I go home after that with my underwear soaked. That clearly want Anna’s first time mouth and finger fucking her dog. I really wanted to know what is benny capable of. I know that he is a made dog. I go home, my parents still weren’t at home so I go get Benny from the garden and take him up to me room. I put benny on the bed. And Benny can smell my pussy and immediately starts licking over my underwear. I take off my underwear and let him continue, I really wanted to fuck his mouth but I had to stop myself. I first wanted to see his private part and what can happen. I got on the bed with him laid him down. At first he kept moving but i began rubbing his belly like Anna did to her dog. Bennt stopped moving when I got to his cock. He stayed still and just let me touch. I felt where his penis is and I begging to move his shaft up and down. I wasn’t a virgin at this point I did sleep with my neighbour, so my viginit was taken. It wasn’t anything amazing my neighbour just took advantage of me, well I did provoke.
I’m holding his cock in my hands then benny started winning and thrusting his hips so fast. I hold on tight so I don’t loose my grip. I beging to see his red lipstick cock stick out and begging to grow. I don’t know what got over me but I just lowered my head and sucked. Benny was wining even more now and starts fucking my mouth. I feel some liquid squirt out and I immediately stop suckking. Did benny pee in my mouth, I swallowed the liquid and it wasn’t pee, it didn’t taste bad either. I was on my knees on my bed at this point, Benny gets off his back and shoved his face to my pussy and starts licking. I was so horny, his powerful working on my pussy was driving me insane. I laid on my back and I let benny lick me like he usually goes, I look down at his penis and I noticed his cock has grown in size, I was shocked. I stoped Benny from licking and got him to a position ontop of me where his front paws was by my waist and the tip of his cock at my entrance. I touch his cock and he immediately starts thrusting his hips. He slams into my clit sending my body into excitement, and then he showes his cock inside my pusyy and starts ramming his cock in me so fast. I moan so loud, how could I have not done this with him before. What was I waiting for. I feel benny get bigger and my pussy begging to grab on to his cock even more. Benny balls pop out and I tried to move up a bit on the bed and I noticed Benny was stuck inside of me. He had stopped thrusting at the point. I tried to pull him away but it wouldn’t come out, I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I start feeling benny release shots of his sperm inside of me. I wait and I knew at some point his cock will get small. I start rubbing my clit but I couldn’t reach my orgasm. The only way I was used to doing this was by humping my pillow. Benny was doing great but the humping didn’t last long. I grab benny and slowly lay him down and I get on top of him. I slowly started to move my hips hope to not hurt him. I still feel bennt squirt stuff inside of me. I start to ride him. Omg the feeling of his cock growing and shooting inside me was driving my crazy. I start to ride him. I watch Benny’s ears start bouncing, he looked so innocent I wonder if he knew I was using him. I start speeding up my rhythm I can feel my orgasm coming. And just as I was about to come bennt cock and my pussy become detached, the force of my orgasm and my pussy gapping was causing his sperm to shoot out of my pussy. Bennt rushes to lick my clit, which was sending my who body trembling. I moan so load I hope my neighbour can hear me. Benny stomach was all soaked in his sperm and my pussy juice he beging to lick it up. His cock started to go back to normal. I was amazed how could I not have tried this before.
I slept so well that night. I was still thinking about Anna and her dog. I really wanted to taste her dogs pussy. We went to the same school so after school I waited and we went back to her house. We immediately go to her room. I still didn’t tell her about my relationship with Benny I didn’t want to share him. But I wanted her to share her dog. My pussy was excited, we laid her dog down and she was guiding me on what to do. Anna didn’t know that I was a slut and that I am just as guilty as she is. I didn’t want her to know anything. I started to work my way down to the dogs pussy, it was swollen again, Its so soft and squishy. I start moving my fingers in a circular motion, I lower my head and I start to lick and suck on her pussy. It tasted kind of sweet. I look up at her dog and the dog was enjoying it. “Now you need to put a finger inside of her, you will feel her squeeze your finger so don’t be scared”, I wasn’t scared, I licks and sucked her hard, I wanted her to like me more than Anna, I then inserted on finger inside of her. Her dog oussy was warm. She begins to tighten and thrust her hips, I start moving my finger inside of her fast, the bitch helps and stands up quick liking her own pussy juice. Anna lets her dog out of her room and she turns to me, I was sitting on her bed and she starts to walk towards me. She stands Infront of me and places her hand up my dress “did you like that” I look at Anna in shock, ” yes I did” she leans forward and kissed me sending her tongue in to gather her dogs pussy juice that was in my mouth. I open my legs and she stands in-between them, I’m kissing her back now both of our eyes are shut and she pushes me onto her bed. I was so horny, she takes of her dress bra and panties, I look at her body, she had hair growing in her private area. I touch her breast with my hands and she moans. She begins to undress me and help me out of my school dress. I’m now naked and she is naked. I have never been with a girl before, but I was horny and I was liking it. We both started kissing eachother again and out breast starts touch each others, my breasts were a bit bigger than hers. Her nipples were a bit bigger than mine. She starts on sucking on my nipples, omg this sent a horny feeling to my pussy. I moan. I bend down and do the same. At the same time I was thinking how does she know how to do this all. She starts kissing my stomach and works her way down to my pussy. And like a vaccume she begins to suck the soul out of my pussy. My body was trembling. How well she knew how to make a girl feel good. I push her off me and lay her down and I began doing the same thing to her. Her pussy was very pink, her clit was much bigger than mine and it was sticking out more. I knew where to start. I start licking and sucking on her swollen clit. Her hands are on my head as she’s trying to guide me where to go. I grabbed both of her hands in mine and started to kiss her up all the way back to her mouth and share her juices with her. We were both lost in eachothers mouth both of our clits were swollen and we both were hungry for an orgasm. She tells me to lay down and we both get into scissors position. This was my first time but it looked like she’s done this before, she lowers her body till both of our wet pussies were touching eachother. She start grinding her pussy into mine. I moan at the feeling. It was amazing. She was just humping my pussy I began to do the same. It started to rain outside, and all you can hear was the rain drops hitting the windows and our sweet voices moaning. We were both so sweaty, out hair was getting stuck all over our faces, but we wasn’t stopping. We started tribing a bit more harder and faster. Anna begins to suck in my toe. For god’s sake what else did this girl know. “Anna…Anna I thinking I going to cum…. I thinking I need to cum..mmmmmm” my body was getting the feeling like I was going to orgasm I pick up my pace and I noticed Anna was picking hers. And we both at the same time moaned “ahhhhhhhh omg….. Ahhhhh fuck what a sweet pussyyyy!!!” “yeahhhhh omg that feel so goooood, yes Anna omggggg!! ” we both lay there in silence. The rain was getting heavier and we were both so tired. Our energies were drained.
That was fucking awesome. I think we both because girlfriends after that. I still didn’t share benny with her, I did want to at times, but I wanted to keep Benny all to myself and him be my little secret.
But overall, getting fucked by a male is nice. We all like something inside of us, but lesbian sex is good too. Who knows better than a woman how to pleasure another woman. I hope you liked my story

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    Teaching girls to lick dogs pussies a d suck their cocks is such a turn on.

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    I often suspected my daughter of being sexy with some of her little friends growing up. But now after reading some of these stories and comments, I have to wonder if she was being naughty with the family dog she was sooo very close at the time 🤔

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    That’s awesome story I love it

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    And this story is also fantastic keep on going, making me fuck my self.

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      i was getting my pussy licked by my dog when my granddaughter came over un announced. i tried to push him away but I couldn’t. she came over and squated on my face and said eat my smelly dirty shit hole grandma while he licks that fat ugly cunt.

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