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My sexual coming of age

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After 15 years of marriage sex was the last thing on my mind. My workaholic hubby was away a lot, me alone at home, probably drinking too much. Not sure how or when it went sideways but i never expected it to get like that.
Lonely and frustrated my mind would wander. At work i guess people knew i wasnt happy,freinds too and family. They tried to cheer me up.A couple of younger guys in the office joked about me going out to the bar afterwork with them.Something i never really considered.Work was work ,then go home. It must have been about the fourth invite i said what the heck and agreed to go.There were lots of us there but gradually folks left.The two younger guys Matt and Adam and I were the last table left . Matt suggested we finish the night at their place.They had bought a condo between themselves to get on the housing ladder.Pretty good for 24 year olds.
A few warning bells rang but being a bit tipsy ,i said sure,didnt want to rush back to my empty house anyway.We had more drinks listened to music, Matt got me up to dance.a slow sexy one. Adam watched smiling.Next thing Adam was dancing too,me in the middle. It was kind of erotic,I draped my arms around Matts neck, his hands on my hips.Adam had his hands around my waist.Then the kissing started. just a peck on the neck to begin with. Then Matt and i full on lips. I turned and Adam was there his mouth ready.. we kissed.Iknew then i should leave, but i was so excited so enjoying being wanted I knew what would happen.
Hands roamed ,each of them cupped one of my breasts..I gasped ,my nipples hardened.Kissing became intense. I croaked ”take me to the bedroom”.They didnt say no.Ten minutes later i was naked between them.They were both erect and wanting me.I gave in and for the next half hour let them take turns with me.They were so gentle,caring soft sensual.I had a huge orgasm with Adam inside me and Matt in my mouth.He finished over my boobs,so much cum.
We lay there looking at the cieling for ages.Istirred and said I had to go.Matt said ”do you really”. I didnt have to. They both asked me to stay.Idid. W e slept together,had sex again in the morning,more awesome love making.But i had to leave.
At work the next week we hardly spoke. Coworkers asked me what time i left the bar.I said soon after most pf them.None of them had a clue i had threesome sex with the two cute young guys in the office.Maybe they guessed,i dont know.
For the next 3 months i spent a lot of time at the condo being satisfied.The ”boys ” loved sex with me. i loved dressing slutty for them,teasing them.
So nice to finally come of age sexually.But all things must end.La off scame and the threesomes ended.Iam so tempted to tell my hubby about my escapades.But i wont

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  • Reply Cappy 2.0 ID:4bn00en3fia

    hey cappy!

  • Reply Cappy ID:4bn00en3fia

    hey cappy!

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    What a wonderful experience! Few women experience two lovers at the same time, fewer still as their first cheat or lasting more than once. This was crazy awesome.
    Tell hubby? Well quite a few hubbys fantasize about watching their wifes cheating or coming home and telling hubby afterwards. Those hubbys would be thrilled to hear about this.
    Excellent story Jeff. Keep writing them.