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Me Reeta 35 years married lady living in Patna .married to a business man .for the 10 years .my hight 5.5 good boobs slim body…

I stay alone in Patna .my name is Reeta 35 years married lady. My husband mostly remains out of city..he Hardy stays for five days in a month..my figure is good .sexy. Slim body ..my sex hunger. Has increased .but I handle it with dildo and vegetable ..
Once I was standing in my balcony I saw. An old man was urinating. Infont of my house . I was shocked to see his penis it was faccid and still. Long like donkey .I have never seen such big penis I became horny I just wanted his. Dick so I asked him to stay there old man waited for me. I went to him and asked him where do you stay .he said I stay in small hut alone I have no family .whatever people give me I eat .his age was about 60 years .. I taught now my desire will be fulfilled .soi asked him can you stay in my house .I stay ally as my husband is out of city . he agreed and I took him to my house .I asked him are you hungry .he said yes I asked him to take a bath and gave him lungi and shirt he went to bathroom and came out after ,20 minutes .he look very smart and fresh I gave him food he ate ad I asked him to take rest .after half an hour I came to him bearing only transparent gown. To ask him do you want any thing ..old man was surprised to see me in transparent gown .he said you are so sexy you make me horny .I have not had sex for 15 years after the death of my wife. But you have aroused me . I was happy I just wanted this .but he said himself …. I said can you have sex at this age he said I can if you permit me.. I asked him to shoe his penis he removed his lungi his cock was hanging about 9
inches I guessed . I said oh my God what a cock..I put my hand on his penis my cunt was wet .. He asked me now it is up yo you you can make hi erect by your self SK suck it and shake it .I removey mygown and started shaking his cock to make him erect .I tried for 5 minutes it was erect slightly than I put it in my mouth
It was so thick I had difficulty in putting in my mouth now I was sucking his cock it started to grow I sucked his cock for five minur. It became erect. And popped out from my mouth now his cock was about 12 inches. Long and thick like water bottle ..now he said noe you come on bed and spread your legs I opened my legs he starred licking my clean cunt by his tongue .he was lickiny my clit.and inserting his to tongue in my hole .after ,10 minutes he started puting his fingers in it I came twice which he tested now he asked me be ready for me he it his cock head on my entrance and tried to udh but it was so thick it was not going .he gave a strong push his head entered with pain and tear on my vagina.he waited for some time and gave another hard push his half cock was in. I cried in pain he again waited and started sucking my breasts one by one till I got some relief from pain he asked me should I take it out or yo want more I said don’t worry about me. You can tear my vagina but will have whole in me .so he grave he tight and gave ano big push this time he did not stop till hr entered fully I was trembling in sever pain he waited for 10 minuts the he started fucking. Slowly . now pain was less so I said fuck me he increased. His speed it was going tight in my vagina ..he increased his speed more now I came twice .but he still fucking . I said finish it fast he said I will take one hour to come .so please enjoy . said don’t kill me .i can’t take it more .bury he continued his fucking for one hour than he came in .and lay still on me cock still in me .I never had such fucking in my life .my body was paining cunt paining .I slept underneath his body when I woke up his cock was still inside . I asked him to get up he got up his cock still long but flaccid .I went to bathroom and cleaned my self ..then I gave him milk and snacks to eat ..I asked him do you stay here. He said why not .igot sex after 15 years I wiy stay and fuvk you till you say go .

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