My Moms Boyfriend Became Mine

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This is fictional. The characters are real but the story is made up. I am a junior in hs who loves erotic literature!!

this story starts around 2 years ago when i was 14. my dad left when i was young and my mom has been in and out of relationships for as long as i can remember. i think it’s a fear of being alone thing cause she has a good job and we have never struggled but i can’t say anything. she’s my mom. anyway she had a really hard breakup maybe 2 and half years ago. the guy cheated and it was just an ugly finish. my mom took a few months before she started dating again and sure enough she brought this guy home. me and my mom always talked about boys. she is my best friend and she knows relationships lol so i might as well talk to her. anyway she was super into this guy. this particular guy who we will call cole was about 6’1, with a trimmed beard, short but parted black hair, tattoos all over, and a fit body. he’s a few years younger than my mom. she’s 37 and he’s 34. now when i first met him and looked like the typical pot head who probably works some dead end 9-5, and doesn’t have much going in terms of his personality. he was a good looking guy for sure but i knew what my mom attracted and i just wasn’t excited to get to know this guy. to my surprise though he was a very down to earth guy who happened to be a real estate agent. he was super funny, sweet, and the kind of guy who seemed like he just wanted a family. (he has 2 kids but him and his wife split custody) after the first couple of nights he came over my mom went on and on about how this guy is different and how hot he was. which i agreed but yeah. fast forward 2 years and me and cole have been fucking behind my moms back. my mom is a nurse and works nights 2 times a week, and cole had eventually moved in with us. i was close with him by the time he moved in, but we had never thought about having sex. that kind of just happened. he would always text me. just casual conversations, but he started complimenting my outfits and my appearance. he was obsessed with my butt. i always caught him looking at it so i started walking around the house in more revealing clothes, not ever knowing that this grown man would actually want to fuck a 16 year old, but boy was i wrong. one night it was storming. him and i had just ate dinner and we were sitting on the couch, and out of no where he reaches his hand to my thigh. now at first i was kind of in shock, but i also had chills cause his hand felt incredible. it was cold so any body to body touch would’ve felt good. i also didn’t think he meant it like that, but then he started grabbing it, and rubbing it. almost aggressively. i didn’t know what to say, so i just scooted closer. assuming maybe we could cuddle and keep me warm, but it didn’t stop there. once i got close enough he reached his hand around my waist and kind of tapped me on the butt, which made me lean over a little bit. once i did that he grabbed it. that forced me to collapse on his chest a little. he then looked at me and asked “i’m only going to do this if it’s perfectly okay with you” i didn’t know what to say as i was in a dazed and confused state of mind. almost like a dream like state. i looked at him for a few seconds and i leaned in for a kiss. our lips met as he guided me into his lap. he took one hand and placed it on my head, and the other began exploring my tits. i slowly began dry humping him. he would let out soft moans. i know i was hitting the right spots, so i removed my shirt and he let out a “oh my god baby.. come here” he pulled me in and put his whole mouth over my nipples. sucked on them like he needed it to survive. it felt unbelievable. my pussy started leaking from this man’s mouth. he had both hands on my butt. squeezing and spreading my cheeks all while he is buried face deep in my little titties. he pulled his head beach and once again said “are you sure? there is no going back after this” i reassured him this was “all i wanted” and he shot up from the couch, grabbed me, and bent me over the couch. he yanked my shorts down, and pulled them to my ankles. he spanked me, and then pulled my panties down below my butt. and with no lube, or condom, teased my pussy before eventually getting it in. he fucked me like that for a solid 5 minutes. the couch was sliding across the floor, pillows were falling off the couch, and my cries were still clear despite my mouth bitting the cushions. he was almost humming it felt so good. he pulled out and the cum got everywhere from my butt, to my hair. he kissed down my back before kissing my butt cheeks. he gently tapped me and thanked me. i got cleaned up and ready for bed. he was all i thought about the whole night, and the whole day. i keep wanting to hear from him, but didn’t until right when i got off school. he texted me and said “almost home baby?” i got the biggest smile and thought of a seductive text to send him.

should i do a part 2? i’m trying to get good enough at this. if you want to give me constructive criticism my kik is imaagineee 🙂

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