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Ball Pit (Anonymous)

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This one takes a while to get around to the sexual action. #Porn

It just happened in the restroom when I had to pee, and I wasn’t thinking about anything sexy at all. I just had to pee, and by the time I got to the boy’s room, well. I guess I remembered waking up with morning wood, and having to beat off so I could pee, but that’s it.

Honestly, but then this one boy made fun of me, and this other one came in. John, ironically enough. Because we met in the John, he said “Leave him alone,” and “It’s just a boner. That doesn’t mean he’s gay, you get boners, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I get boners all the time.”

“And that doesn’t make you gay, but why were you even looking?”

“Well, I couldn’t miss it with it sticking up like a flagpole,” but all this happened behind me, because finally it went away. So, I could hide in the urinal. Okay, I was already hiding in the urinal stall, but finally I peed, and when back out to lunch.

“Man,” John came out after me, “That was fucked up!”

“Huh, yeah.” I was still pretty embarrassed, but he just dropped the whole subject, and grabbed his tray. Off another table, he brought it over to where I was sitting, and met all my friends. Introduced himself as “John,” and didn’t say anything about what happened in the boy’s room.

Nothing really happened, I just had a boner so it was hard to pee, but he got that right away, and scared that bully off for me. He didn’t even think it was gay, either. He just called it that, because some boys in middle school, they call anything gay they don’t like, and he admitted that he got boners all the time. So, he should’ve known that there didn’t have to be nothing gay about it, because sometimes, a boner is just a boner. As if it’s got a dirty mind of it’s own.

Also, there’s no way he saw it sticking up like a flag pole, from behind. It’s not that big, and even a grown man doesn’t have one big enough to stick up over his back so he can throw it over his shoulder like a continental soldier. That’s just a joke, from a camp song, and originally, it wasn’t even a penis. The original song’s called “Do your ears hang low?” I think.

So anyway, I saw him later, another day after school, and again he didn’t say anything about it. The fucked up way we met, but he sure didn’t hold back, or watch his language. So, I tried saying shit, and fuck, even though I never was raised to talk like that, and then he asked me if I had a girlfriend?

I said “Not yet,” which is the truth. “I never really figured out how to ask a girl out.”

“Well, are there any you’re interested in?” So, we hung out, and looked at girls. We talked about them, but not in any disrespectful dirty way. You’d think that with his dirty mind, he’d tell dirty jokes, like why do girls wear underwear? So they don’t leave a snail trail. I heard that one from summer camp too, because after lights out, that’s all guys did was tell dirty jokes, then jack off in their sleeping bags, but a lot of them were pretty disrespectful to women.

“Like rape is impossible, because a girl can run faster in a skirt than a man can with his pants down.” For example, when he asked what kinds of jokes I didn’t like.

“Yeah, I draw the line at rape jokes, because I’ve got a sister, and she wouldn’t like it that very much.”

“Yeah, well I have a mom, and she didn’t raise me to disrespect women.”

“Well good,” he patted me on the back, “So, you want to meet my sister?”


“Yeah, she’s single.”


“I don’t know, she’s my sister, so you’d have to come over this afternoon, and judge for yourself.”

“Okay,” why not? So, we stopped hanging around the playground, and he walked me home. Too bad his sister wasn’t there, but he asked me if I ever looked at porn?

“Yeah, sometimes.” If I get a chance, so he went in his dad’s room, and opened up a cabinet. I guess you’d call it a wardrobe, because it had a little closet in one side, but also a bunch of drawers in the other. He had to climb up on the closet side, to reach the top drawer, and pulled a box out to set on top of the wardrobe.

Then, he started pulling out books, and magazines. “You like reading stories, or pictures?”

“Well, if you have any with stories, and pictures.”

He just pulled his shirt out, to stick a book and a magazine up under it, and tucked them in his pants. Then, he shut the drawer, and jumped down to close the doors, too.

I’d used that trick, to smuggle stuff like that out of my dad’s stash. Just in case he caught me in the hall before I made it to the bathroom for a spank session. He took me to his room instead, and left the door open. “If someone comes, then we can hear it, but.” He pulled them out, and threw them on the bed. “These should get you started, until Lisa gets home.”

That’s his sister, Lisa. He left, and I turned over the book of stories first, but I took one look at the cover, and dropped it. I forget what the title was called, but the picture on the cover was a couple men. Half naked with big bulges in their tight pants, and a muscular arms reaching around to hold a hairy belly like a pregnant lady, and the fat guy turned back to look at the body builder, like they were going to kiss.

Somebody drew that, it wasn’t a photograph, but somebody gay, I bet. I heard the TV on out in the living room, and then I turned over [Stroke] Magazine, and while this one had a real photo on the front, and only one guy on it, he was half naked too. Looking at the camera, and holding the front of his tight shorts. He didn’t have any hair on him, and his cutoffs were unbuttoned, with the zipper down. So you could see that he didn’t have any pubic hair, or underwear on, even if he did cover up his boner. Oh yeah, and he shaved his armpit too, because he had his other arm up behind his head to show it, and underline the word [Stroke] across the top.

“Uh,” I came out to the living room, and he dropped the remote.

“That was quick.”

“No, uh. Does your dad have any that aren’t. Uh, quite so gay?”

“Oh,” he laughed, “No, my dad doesn’t look at old porn magazines. He watches movies, on the VCR, but I guess I can check, and see if she’s got any straight ones. Sorry, I can’t really see what’s in the top of the drawer up there.”

“Wait.” The top drawer, of the wardrobe, I saw dresses in it. “That’s your mom’s porn?”

“Yeah, your mom doesn’t read porn?”

“No? I don’t think so.” It didn’t sound like something she would do, but then again, I wasn’t quite a teenager yet. Almost, and it’s not like she stopped saying “Not in front of the kids,” and started using wordy dirds around me when I turned 13. Of course, mom, and dad were adults, they had sex, and sometimes, when they were alone, they didn’t have each other to have sex with, so they didn’t have to wait.

My dad beat off, I knew that, but I never thought that mom would play with herself, when I wasn’t around, because she’s my mom. I never thought about her doing it with dad either, even though it was obvious they did, or I wouldn’t be here. They slept together, in the same bed, but if they made love when I was around, they shut the door, and kept it down so I couldn’t hear it.

It wasn’t until years later that I picked up one of her “Romance” novels on a trip. I didn’t bring anything to read, but she did, and stuck it between the front seats. So, I found out in the back seat, just how raunchy those could get. I even had dad pull over at a rest stop, so I could take it to the restroom, and beat off.

I’m getting ahead of myself, because years before that, John got his mom’s porno stash out, and held them up, to look at them.

“Nope,” he put it up next to the box. “Nope, nope.”

“They’re all gay?” I couldn’t believe it. His mom was some sort of pervert, that read stories, and looked at pictures of gay men. Nothing but gay men, bears, hunks, twinks, and any combination of the three. Kissing, feeling each other all over, rubbing their dicks together, and then.

Well, you probably know what comes next. I had a pretty good idea, I just stopped looking before they got to the cock sucking, and butt fucking part.

“So,” I was confused. “Who’s the girl, when it’s a big fat man, and clean shaven jock?” Now, when I say cleanshaven, I mean everything but their head, but oddly enough. The hairy daddy had a shaven head, and a big mustache, like a walrus. “Wait, does Daddy mean he’s the man?” Also an anchor tattooed on his hip.

“Well, let’s see.” He turned the page, and I checked again. He didn’t get a boner that I could see, and me neither, which was honestly a relief. Because that ment that he didn’t bring me over to look at porno, and try to make me do gay stuff with him. He brought me over to set me up with his sister, but also he said something about beating off first.

Which is good advice, honestly. If you take some of the pressure off, before you take a girl out on a date, then you don’t have to sit there with the blue balls all they way through dinner, and the movie. “Wait, didn’t you say that your dad watches dirty movies?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“But not gay movies, of guys screwing around.”

“No, he’s straight.”

“Well, why didn’t you get those out in the first place?”

“Because he doesn’t keep them. He rents them from the video store, and watches them once. Then, he takes them back to the video store, that’s why I checked where keeps them when we got home.”

“Oh,” I must have missed it when he left me alone in his room, and went out to turn on the TV.

“Oh shit!” Then, the rest of his family showed up, so we had to grab everything off the bed. “Get up on my shoulders, quick.” He picked me up, so I could pull the drawer out, and handed me the porn so I could put them back, and the box on top, before they came in.

The front door, we even got out to the hallway before they finished taking off their coats, and stuff.

“Oh, hey. Who’s this?”

Lisa looked up, and John introduced me, but then I said, “I gotta go. Nice to meet you.”

“I’ll walk him home,” John grabbed his coat, and brought me mine, when he caught up with me out front.

“Uh, how old is she?”

“Lisa? Eleven.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me she was so young?”

“You didn’t ask, and it’s just 1 year. What’s the big deal?”

“She’s still in Elementary!”

“Yeah, 6th grade, and when did you start thinking about girls?”

“I don’t know.”

“At least a couple years ago, right?”

“I guess.”

“In 6th grade.”

“Maybe a little before that, but that’s different.”

“No, that’s a double standard, and sexist is what that is.”

“I’m not sexist.”

“No, you just actually think that it’s okay for boys to think about older girls, and. You look at porno don’t you?”

“Yeah, straight porn.”

“Yeah, but you know that every issue, there’s at least one bisexual story, right?”

“Yeah, usually.”

“Because some guys like to look at lesbos being gay, and bisexual girls having threesomes with a man.”

“Yeah, so what you’re saying is.” Let me get this straight. “Some women like to look at gay porn, and fat hairy men having sex with skinny young ones?”

“Or twinks, and jocks, or jocks, and bear daddies. Yeah.”

“Oh, your mom is just one of them.”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“Huh!” So, that explained it, and he walked me home, but that fixed my problem with embarrassing boners for a while. Any time I got one, when there was other boys around I just had to imagine them getting into it, and stripping naked to get rid of it.

It’s not like I thought about gay sex all the time, or anything. Just when I had a boner I didn’t want, and only then to get rid of it. It wasn’t a turn-on, or anything. But then, it turned to spring and got rainy. And then it dried up, and got hot in between thunder storms, when it would get rainy again.

I only mentioned it, because when the weather started switching back and forth like that, I noticed for the first time how fashion changed with it. I mean, boy’s fashion didn’t change. You’d check the weather channel in the morning to see if it was shorts, or long pants, and weather to bring a jacket, for a chance of rain.

However, the girls were a different matter, and sure I’d been looking at girls for a couple years, like he said, but I never really noticed what they’re wearing. I tried undressing them with my eyes, imagining what their bodies must look like naked, if it looked like that had a nice one under there, but of course when it got hot. Skirts got shorter, and they didn’t wear coats to keep dry in the rain.

That was it, and regular whack off sessions when the weather was nice, the skirts were short enough, or their tops cut low enough to look down them when they bent over. I don’t think I avoided going back over to John’s house, after school. Maybe it was just subconscious, I don’t know, but we just hung out, and then I went home. Alone, he didn’t offer to walk me home again, either.

We just hung out after school, and looked at the middle school girls to see how they’re developing. Mostly, we also talked about older women, but he was right about that, too. Girls look at older men, too, and in jr. high, it turns out that they pay a lot more attention to the men that work there then the boys they go to school with.

Because we’re still boys. 12, and 13 mostly, which means maybe a little fuz on our tennis balls, and 3, or 4 inches was pretty big, when it was pissed off. The only boys that really got any attention were the wrong kind, bad boys, and bullies that got held back for some reason or another so they were 14, and 15, and should have been freshmen.

Bullies, like that dickhead that looked at my pisser in the bathroom stall, then made fun of me for having a boner. Big flaming gay bear now, bye the way. When we all grew up, he even remembered me, and said he was sorry for the way he acted, in middle school. He was held back, because he had behavior problems, and got bad grades for being so worried about being gay. Anybody finding out, and worst of all.

He cried, at Pride. That’s where I ran into him, but he confessed to cruising bathrooms, to look for gay boys, and show off his big prick. Because he didn’t know how to act, but being one of his victims, I couldn’t really forgive him for that. Yeah, I was at Pride with the polyamorous heteroflexible contingent. I’m not gay, I’m not even all that bisexual, but that’s why there’s so many colors in the rainbow flag.

If it was just man, and woman, gay or straight, then they could use a black and white flag, but it isn’t. It’s male, female, transgender, intersex, or neuter. Gay, straight, bisexual, aces, or poly. That’s not even getting into kinks like BDSM, and furries. It didn’t take me long to find out that the problem with being too straight is you can’t really have group sex.

Not if you’re a guy, but that’s the polyamourus part. Me, and Lisa, oh yeah. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself again, so let me go back to that summer. Me, and John were going to start high school as freshmen, so Lisa was going to start at our old school, in 7th grade. School was out, so we didn’t hang out after school, looking at the ladies. We met up to go walk around, find something to do, and sometimes Lisa came with us.

I don’t know how much she developed in those couple of months. Between when I met her, and that summer when she tagged along with her brother. It was practically late winter, so she had on a coat, and baggy clothes. We almost got caught looking at their mom’s gay porn, and I was so embarrassed, I barely stuck around for an introduction.

“This is my little sister, Lisa.”

“I got to go.” That’s all I remember from that. Then, summer rolled around, and school was out, so there was no dress code. It was already getting hot, and she wore little enough that she could bend over. With a low cut sun dress, and a bra on.

She looked up, and smiled before she stood back up, and waved the pencil at me. “Thanks,” no wait. Maybe the first time it was a straw, I don’t remember, but she didn’t have to do that too many times for me to pick up on the pattern.

We stopped at McDonalds for some burgers, and she got chicken nuggets, with a vanilla milkshake. If that Kellis song had come out yet, I hadn’t heard it, because I wasn’t really into R&B, but you get the idea. Me, and John took our cups over to the fountain to fill them up, while Lisa waited by the counter for our order, but she said “Don’t forget the straws,” and John tucked one in my pocket for her.

Oh yeah, and he was totally in on it. My front pocket, so when she came back, she could lean over the table, and pull the straw out of my lap. In a low cut top, and I don’t know if she always dressed like that, or just for me, when her brother took her out to flirt with me, but let’s just say it wasn’t my imagination.

She pulled the top off with her teeth, and spit the paper on the table. Then, she stuck the straw in the top of the milkshake, and pulled the rest of the paper off with her teeth. Then, she took a sip, looking right at me, and let a little come out to wipe on her lip. Not accidentally, in fact if she practiced that, then she must’ve messed it up, because it wasn’t as smooth as it could be, but she licked it up, and wiped her chin off.

Thick white vanilla milkshake, dripping down her lip, and pretty tanned chin. “I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Me too,” she got up, “I’ll cum with you.”

“Sh!” I looked around, but just shushing her like that so loud is the only reason why anybody looked up at us. I got embarrassed, so my boner went away before she grabbed my hand and said “Cummon.”

Instead of the restrooms, she dragged me off to the playplace. Dove down in the ballpit, and opened up my pants underneath them, where nobody could see her.

“Uh,” I just leaned back, in the corner, and looked around for any children coming in. They had glass doors back to the dining room, but at least the padded sides were high enough that you couldn’t see the balls in front of me, moving up, and down suspiciously. We didn’t get busted, but I have to admit that I didn’t last long. My first blowjob had to be less then a minute, and she buttoned my pants up before she surfaced with a big dirty grin on her face, but nothing running down her lip, and chin to lick up, and wipe off.

“Mhn, thanks.” She dug around to get her underwear on right under her skirt, and flashed her ass at me before she climber out of the ballpit, but I had to tuck myself back into my underwear, and zip up my fly before we got out.

Then, she just sat there, dipping her chicken nuggets in the milkshake, and finished eating like nothing happened. John patted me on the back, and laughed, but he didn’t say anything.

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    Lately your stories no longer have that biting that keeps you glued to the story.

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      Interesting comment. I’ll try to work on that, though it’s hard to know what you mean.