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My grandpa raped me

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Hi I’m lisa(11) . I’m sorry for not updating because of some inconvenient….so I went on vacations with my dad(read previous parts to understand well).

After 3 days, I was sitting on grass near the lake when my grandpa came and sit beside me. We sat there in silence until his damned dog came running towards me. I immediately stand and was about to run but then grandpa held and make me sit between his legs and wrapped his arms around me and told that dog to go back to home and surprisingly he went away.

He had his arms wrapped around me, so when wiggled a little he accidentally pinched my left boob. I winced and sat there quietly. He didn’t removed his hands from me, he started to press my boobs . I said “what are you doing grandpa” he said he is just massaging me so that I can relax. I knew what he was doing but chose to close my eyes and leaned my back on his chest. He was talking very sweetly with me while massaging my boobs, he put his hand under my top and squeezed my hard nipple lightly making me let out a breathy moan which I guess he liked becoz I could feel something on my back. He was wearing a gray trouser with no underwear I could feel his boner clearly. I turned my head towards him and kissed him , sucking his tongue.

But suddenly he stood up and grabbed my hand, he rushed towards home. He slammed the door opened and stormed towards his room with me dragging behind. I saw house was empty and only my dad was sitting downstairs on couch while using phone , he looked toward us and was about to say something but grandpa closed the door and threw me on the floor and locked the door. He came towards me and kneed on the floor and started to grope my whole body, he removed my clothes and picked me and wrapped my legs around his waist and landed on the bed with me still in his grasp. He pinned my arms above my head and sucked my breast. He sucked on left nipple and pinched the other, he bite my nipple making me cry and twisted my other nipple . I wasn’t enjoying it anymore it was hurting, he was so rough.

He suddenly backed away, I thought it ending but he literally tore his clothes like all buttons of his shirt were scattered. His removed his trousers hastily as I was about to get up, he slapped me and said “you better behave or I will be very rough” I thought can he even go more rough than this, I was scared that I didn’t said anything I was just crying silently. But he didn’t cared at all….he wasn’t the grandpa he used to be anymore. He spread my legs apart and stood on his knees between my legs, spit on my pussy , his cock was very hard idk how much but it looked like a pretty 9 or 10, he was quite thick too and suddenly thrusted his hard dick inside my vagina, it hurts so much that I screamed only to be slapped by him and he pulled out completely and again thrusted deeper he pulled out again and then without any warning he started pounding my pussy very hard, I wasn’t virgin but at this point it hurt more than anything.

I felt like my pussy was about to rip and he was just spit in my mouth when I was crying. At this point , I had no energy and I let him do whatever he wanted. He was kissing me, groping and pinching my boobs, I heard dad banging on the door but nothing happened. After 15 mins, I felt him Twitch inside me, then I felt streams of his cum deep inside my pussy . He was very pleased, he was moaning a lot and empty his balls in my pussy. Then he pulled out and make me lick clean his cock, while I was licking his shaft, his cock got had again and he held my head and fucked my face too. He warned me not to throw his semen so I drink his slimy milk.

He got so turned on when I gulped his disgusting cum, so he asked me to bend over on the bed and he got behind me, he scooped his leaking cum from my pussy and rubbed it on my asshole, that when I was shocked to death. I pleaded him not to go inside my butt but he ignored my pleading and penetrated his hard dick in my asshole. It hurt like hell so I screamed as loud as I could but he pulled my hair, I was quite flexible so I was facing him, he was angry that scared me he said “ bitch shut the fuck up or you was staying in bed for whole week. I was crying so hard and he fucked my virgin asshole so rough that I felt something knotting in my stomach and I cummed so hard like waterfall, he said such a dirty slut iam for enjoying getting fucked by my grandpa but I was about to pass out and couldn’t hear what he said, I felt him squirt his juice inside my asshole. As he left my hair, I fell on bed I was breathing harshly, he turned me and now I was laying on my back ,I had teard on my face , my nose and area around eyes got red from crying, he said what a pretty doll I am, his fuck doll….so delicate….he kissed me harshly, his tongue swirled with mine, he was sucking it, then he backed away and kissed my forehead and suddenly my vision went blurry and it went all black.

Do you enjoy this story, comment if you wanna know what happened next till then see yaa…

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  • Reply Dukeofcamden ID:4phnbe49a

    Fantastic story, I can’t wait for daddy and grandad to share their little girl

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    Hmmm I would love to have a sexy little granddaughter like you to play with!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great loved it, My Grandfather fucked me at 12 for years after school but it wasn’t Rape I enjoyed that fat cock, Love Emma from Aus.

    • Dukeofcamden ID:4phnbe49a

      That’s beautiful Emma, family should always look after each other. If you want to chat email me [email protected]

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    [email protected] Your pussy definitely sounds like it’s worth having to fuck

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    That was so hot