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Lisa is a revelation

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Lisa surprises Adrian with her tits and pussy.

It was mid-afternoon in the summer holidays and everyone was out and I was alone in the house playing my electric guitar. I was practicing like mad and loving it. It was a perfect opportunity to crank up the volume whilst the rest of the family had gone on a day trip and wouldn’t be back until late.

I’d stopped for some lunch and was just tucking into some food when there was a ring on the doorbell. It was Lisa, Kaitlin’s older sister from a few doors down. She too was home alone that day but had locked herself out of her house after popping out to the corner shop. She was thinking she would wait on the doorstep for her family to return but it had started raining. She knew I was in the house, despite my Dad’s car being absent, because she could hear my guitar (oops) and she asked if she could come in and wait with me until she could get back into her place.

Lisa was a couple of years older than Kaitlin so she would have been about the same age as me, 12 years old. She had dark hair worn quite short and was very slim. As I have mentioned in a previous story, she was more developed than most girls of her age but she always hung out with older rougher guys. She wouldn’t usually speak to me other than a quick hello now and again.

I invited her in and we settled into the front room where I put some music on. We chatted whilst I ate my lunch and she ate the food she had bought from the corner shop. She told me she had recently split up from her boyfriend as he had been an arsehole to her. I could have told her that he was a dick when she first went out with him, but then so were most of her boyfriends.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend, which I didn’t. I must have been staring at her chest because she asked me if I liked her figure. I blushed red and said that of course I did. She was smiling at me and asked if I wanted to see her tits. I didn’t reply because I was trying to figure out if this was some sort of trick question or a way to humiliate me if I said yes.

So she didn’t wait for an answer and she pulled off her loose fitting T-Shirt, revealing a lacy bra which was struggling to contain her large breasts. I have no idea what cup size she had, but let’s just say each one was more than a handful. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and took it off.

Her tits were absolutely incredible. She had large pink areola and nipples like footy studs. She beckoned me over and placed my hands on them. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get my hands on those puppies. They were so warm and firm. I began to kiss each nipple, fully expecting them to be whipped away from me at any minute, but she made no secret that she liked the attention I was giving them.

She could see that my cock was hard under my summer shorts and she put her hand up one leg of my shorts and squeezed my hard cock. “Let’s see what you have” she said, so I dropped my shorts and underpants. I wasnt let down by my cock, it stood proudly erect under her scrutiny. “Mmm, not the biggest I’ve seen, but you have a nice looking cock” she said, “some are horrible with strange bends, bumps and nasty veins, yours is nice”.

“I want you to fuck my tits” she said. “Fuck your tits” I asked, “how exactly do I do that”. I was genuinely puzzled, I have never heard of tit fucking in my life. I only found out what actual fucking was quite recently. Remember, in the 1970’s we didn’t have the internet and there was little or no access to porn other than sneaking a quick look at my Dad’s soft porn mags he had hidden in his wardrobe.

Lisa seemed delighted that she would get to show me. I was standing and she was sitting, so she reached around grabbing my butt cheeks and pulled me into a hug where my cock was pressed between her tits. She then grabbed a tit in each hand and engulfed my cock between then. “Fuck them” she said.

I began thrusting between those beautiful tits whilst she stared up into my eyes smiling. It felt absolutely incredible. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry and I was having the most enjoyment I had ever had. She released my dick and started rubbing her nipples on the head of my cock. First one then the other causing me to lose control and spray cum all over them. My cock pulsed and pulsed whilst I struggled for breath. “Oh my God”, I said, that was unbelievable.

“I can see you enjoyed it” she said, grabbing a handful of tissues and cleaning my jizz off her chest. I’ve got to tell you that was the most cum my cock had ever produced to that point.

“You can do something for me now” she said. She lifted up her short pleated skirt revealing a beautiful yellow pair of knickers. I can still see them now in my minds eye. They had white lace around the leg holes and waistband. There were lace prints all over the front of them. They were gorgeous.

She lifted her arse off the couch and pulled the knickers off. Underneath there was a very hairy pussy. I was surprised to see that her pussy was as hairy as the women I had seen in my Dad’s magazines.

She opened her legs and said one word “Lick”. As I got my head down there I could smell it. It wasnt exactly unpleasant, rather it was an unusual smell to me at that age. I could see that the hair around her pussy was glistening with moisture.

Remembering how Kaitlin reacted when Brian, Mark and I had rubbed her pussy, I started rubbing between her pussy lips with my tongue. When I touched her clitoris, she too gasped and bucked. I slid my hands under her grabbing her arse and pulling her pussy harder onto my mouth. I was sucking, nibbling, licking and trying to get my tongue into her pussy hole. She loved it.

She asked me to lay on the floor and she straddled my face, pushing her pussy onto my mouth so that my nose was wedged between her butt cheeks. My cock had started to stiffen again and was very sensitive indeed when she grabbed it and persuaded it into a full erection. I remember thinking how “loud” the feeling was.

Lisa was grinding her pussy on my face occasionally leaving me gasping for air and causing my lips to start to feel a bit swollen. My face was beginning to feel chapped with all the pussy juice and rubbing by her pussy lips and pubic hair.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably about 30 minutes, she reached a massive orgasm, pressing hard on to my face and holding my head with both hands. I could feel her pussy spasming on my tongue and her butt cheeks were squeezing my nose. Throughout her orgasm she was swearing and shouting quite loudly.

Finally, she got off me and collapsed face down on the couch. I sat up off the floor and rubbed her pussy juice off my face and on to my t-shirt. I breathed heavily looking at Lisa recovering on the couch and seeing her bare ass cheeks for the first time. Whilst she was on my face her ass was too close for me to get a proper look.

My dick was now hard and, as you will know if you have read any of my other stories, my favourite thing to do was to rub my cock to orgasm on bare ass cheeks. I wasnt missing this opportunity. Lisa’s arse was incredible. She was a true bubble butt and I shoved my cock between those firm, white, cheeks. They were all wet from her juices and my cock slid really easily between them.

Lisa didn’t object and wiggled her cheeks as I rode them to my orgasm. When it came, it was another intense one, but not so much jizz was produced this time.

I wiped her up and we both dressed again. We must have been at it for an hour / ninety minutes in total and I felt quite exhausted, thirsty and hungry again. I grabbed us some snacks and she told me how much she enjoyed what we had done. She said all her previous boyfriends wanted her to do was to suck their cocks or for her to let them fuck her pussy and asshole. She said that it was great that I had tried neither and had “gone down” on her for a long time allowing her to really enjoy herself. I thought that it had never occurred to me to stick my dick in her and I hate blow jobs, so it wasnt me being thoughtful , it was just the way it turned out. I took the praise anyway.

Lisa checked out the window and could see her family was back. She said she better get back or they would be wondering where she was. She said we should hang out together again when the opportunity presented itself and off home she went.

What an educational and fun day it had been. Discovering tittyfucking and performing oral sex on a girl my age was a revelation. I wanted to do both again soon, but I was wondering about fucking a pussy. I really had to have a go at that if all of Lisa’s previous boyfriends had done it, and I remembered that Mark had also wanted to stick his dick into Kaitlin, although he failed.

When my parents and brother came back my Mum said that I looked like I had experienced an allergic reaction to something as my lips looked a bit swollen. Oops again.

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    Very nice story. I recall an occasion when I was out cruising and a guy wanted us just to mutually masturbate because he hated having blowjobs. Thought it was very unusual at the time, but maybe it’s not.