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Hide and seek in the dark

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I dont see my cousins often maybe 2 times a month. It is me 15 my brother 17 and sister 10, my cousins both female one 14 and one 15. This involves me and the 15 year old one who I will just call emilija for this story.

Me and emilija usually talk together when we see eachother because we can relate to eachother alot and talk over snapchat sometimes. She has a pretty faces and blonde hair. Small perky tits but a very nice bubbly ass. We always play hide and seek in the dark because my little sister loves that game. Me and emilija always hide together and this time we were both cold so we brought a blanket to hide under. We went to a room underneath the stairs going to the basement and hid. There wasnt much space so i was ag the bottom and we were giggling and she just sat on me but in a 69 pose so her pussy was in my face and my dixk was in her face.

Obviously we were fully clothed but my dick started to get hard because I always found ber attractive and her pussy was right next to my face. My dick was fully hard after like 3 seconds and she definitely noticed because she definitely pushed her face and lips against it. I was so horny i thoufht I would cum right then. She started to move her hips and i knew she was just as horny as me. She got up and laid next to me and we both looked at eachother in the nearly pitch black and kissed.

We kissed for maybe 10 seconds and i put my hand on her tit. She unzipped her hoodie and took off her top and she was just left in her bra. I lowered myself and strted to kiss and lick her tit and she fully took off her bra so i sucked on her tit. I didnt know what I was doing bur i could tell she liked it because she was breathing really hard. She reached for my pants and tried to pull them off so I helped her.

She grabbed my fully hard 7 inch dick and sort of just held it I dont think she knew what she was doing either bur it made it even hotter. She climbed ontop of my and put my dick very slowly in her pussy. She bounched maybe 3 times before I was already orgasming and about to cum. I justed her up off of me and i jerked off and exploded. I felt embarrassed because i didnt last very long at all. She was fingering herself so I got down and started to lick her pussy. It tasted kind of gross but I was just horny and didnt care. She got up and spread her ass cheeks and let me lick her asshole clean. It was so hot and im probably about to jerk off just thinking of this lol.

For anyone reading. Please put your snapchats in these comments so we can send eachother or whatever you want to do on there I want to have another experience like this because it just felt so good and I want to have that feeling again and not wait for her to come back.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You seemed to enjoy the taste of her asshole more than her pussy. That’s good and unusual for these stories.

  • Reply Jason ID:1cry7ek9a2f0

    Should have cum in her

  • Reply John ID:4bn00en3fia

    Don’t worry..this is your first cum so next don’t rush.