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Kaitlin and the green eyed monster

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Kaitlin comes a knockin and she’s not happy about Lisa or Roisin.

She was not happy, not happy at all.

Kaitlin had seen me out and about with Roisin a few times now and she was very jealous. To make things worse, Lisa told her about the encounter we had a few weeks back. She didn’t tell her all the gory details, but enough to know that something sexual had gone on.

I don’t know why she was so annoyed, it wasnt like her and i were an item. We had fooled around a little bit after the adventure with Brian and Mark, but all very tame. She saw things differently clearly.

She kept asking me what I saw in Roisin and why I would go with her sister. I couldnt tell her that her sisters tits were bigger, I think she knew that all too well. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had feelings for Roisin beyond just lust. So I said nothing.

She began to cry so I sat next to her in our front room, put my arms around her and let her cry on my shoulder. I told her that she was lovely, but that we were all too young to be committed to anyone (what a lying bastard I was) and we were all just learning and exploring.

Her tears had turned to sniffles and she looked up at me and kissed me. I kissed her back.
I could feel her little boobs against my chest as she leaned into me and I felt my dick start to stir. It didn’t go unnoticed. Kaitlin stroked it through my trousers. Obviously it felt nice.

I put my hand up her t-shirt and inside her bra. Her tits had definitely filled out since I last had them in my hands. I felt her nipple harden so I encouraged it with my thumb and forefinger, massaging and squeezing it to full erection. Her nipples had grown longer too.

I lifter her t-shirts and moved her “My Little Pony” bra up and over her tits. Wow, they had grown – very impressive in such a short time. As I leaned it to get my mouth on those puppies, Kaitlin had unzipped me and extracted my cock from my jeans. Te zip was cutting into my cock so I lifted up, unbuttoned and pulled my jeans and underpants down.

I turned my attention back to her breasts. Although not as big or well developed as Lisa’s, they were lovely and I couldnt take my hands or mouth off them, For her part, Kaitlin was making all the right noises of pleasure and all the right moves with her hand.

I put one hand up her short light blue skirt on to her cool soft thighs and moved my hand slowly up towards her pussy. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs before my hand made contact. Her knickers were sopping over her pussy. She squirmed at my touch, moving her legs apart and her arse further forward and the couch and leaned back.

I lifted her skirt to see she was wearing a tiny pair of “My Little Pony” knickers which matched her bra. Jesus that was hot. I could see the patch of dampness spreading out and up the front of her panties. The panties were wedged between her pussy lips in a perfect little cameltoe.Oh my god, I nearly lost it right there with my cock clutched in Kaitlin’s tight fist.

I extracted my cock from her hand and knealt between her legs. I moved her panties aside so I could see that lovely little pussy with the long inner lips. It was still mostly bald, but there were a few wisps of dark hair here and there.

I caressed her inner lips between my fingers and sought out her long clitoris with my thumb. She was very wet indeed. She gasped when my thumb touched her clit and pushed her hips forward to increase the pressure.

I rubbed my fingers up and down her pussy slit and around her clitoris. She was bucking wildly wind moaning “yes”. Her pussy smelled amazing as I leaned in and made first contact with my tongue.

I spent a good 110 minutes exploring every nook and cranny between her legs with my tongue. I loved the taste and the reaction I was getting from her. She was bucking wildly and when I reached up to fondle her lovely boobs, she orgasmed. The wetness from her pussy flooded over my tongue, her pussy contracted like mad and she literally screamed to her lord and maker.

I hoisted myself off the floor, on the the couch and lay between her legs. She looked at me in the eyes and nodded. I eased the head of my cock into her pussy until it met her hymen. She nodded again and I pushed through. There was nowhere near as much resistance as I had expected and as friends had told me to expect. Kaitlin barely flinched and lifted her ass up to allow me to push in further.

The spongy inside of her pussy, wet with her juices, hugged my cock and left my head spinning as I pushed in and out. She pulled her knees to her chest allowing me to bottom out in her pussy. I was controlling my orgasm as I didn’t want this to end too quickly. I felt it rise many times but resisted the urge to blow my load.

She said she wanted to try being on top, so I lay on my back whilst she mounted me. From this position I had a great view of all that was going on. My cock sliding inside of her as she bounced up and down on it, and her tits bouncing up and down. I felt much more in control of my orgasm lying on my back and let her do all the work whilst fondling her boobs.

I felt her wetness trickling across my balls and down my ass crack. The expected second orgasm for Kaitlin came as she leaned back and pulsed hard on my cock.

I needed a release. I turned her onto her stomach, must a couple of couch cushions under her, so it lifted her arse in the air. Jesus she had a lovely arse. The sight of her little pussy with its long lips and her little pink bud of an arsehole nearly sent me over the edge.

I entered her soaking wet pussy from behind. First grabbing her hips and then reaching round to her tits I pumped my dick in and out of that pussy as rapidly as I could. I slapped her bum cheeks with my hand causing her to moan loudly and push her pussy back harder on my dick. I was coming close to a release.
When I felt her pussy contracting for a third time and looked down to see her butthole winking at me that was it.

I whipped my dick out of her pussy , causing her to gasp, and sprayed my load over her beautiful bottom.

I fell down on top of her with my cock still pumping out jizz in her ass crack. Fuck, that was great.

We sat up and she examined her passing. There was a tiny amount of blood mixed in with her juices and my cum which had found its was down to her pussy from her bum cleft.

I handed her her panties and she wiped her pussy on them before putting them on.

We straightened our clothes and looked at each other. That was amazing I said, and meant it. “Was I better than Lisa she said”. “ didn’t fuck Lisa” I told her. “What did you do then” she asked. “I fucked her tits” I said sheepishly. Kaitlin roared with laughter – I’m still not sure to this day why that was so funny.

We sat back and she leaned her head on my chest. I felt fantastic.

If that’s what jealousy does …. Wow!

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