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Joni the bar flasher

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Joni a 42 year old bar fly loved going out to all the local bars for beer, shots and mixed drinks but didn’t like paying for them. Many of the locals knew she liked drinking for free and were more than willing to buy her drinks because she would happily flash her tits in exchange for her buzz. The patrons as well as Joni knew the more they bought the more she got her tits out. Everyone was happy with the arrangement. All the locals would ply her with all kinds of different booze throughout the evening and Joni would have her breasts out many times and everyone was happy 😊. That went on all night long and as the night grew later and Joni got more and more plastered it was just a matter of who could wait out the others of the privilege of taking Joni home and fucking her however they wanted for the rest of the night until the wee hours of the morning. A process that has been repeated many many times. I personally know 7 or 8 guys and girls that have made Joni their prize on several occasions. 🤔 But just like clockwork Joni would show up 2 or 3 days later at a different local establishment and it was game on once again. I personally have taken Joni home a few times myself but could only stay a couple of hours depending on how quick I could get her all liquored up. I either had to get home to my unexspecting wife or get up early the next morning for work. The best nights were when I was able to coax her out of there when she could still walk out on her own which was not always the case. I would simply tell Joni when there wasn’t alot of competition for her affections I had a 12 pack and a bottle of tequila that needed drank 😅 let’s go to your place and party. Those nights I was able to do whatever I wanted as I had no wife that particular night to go home to and didn’t have to work the next morning. I usually started with a fantastic deepthroated blowjob blowing my whole load down her hungry and willing throat. After a beer and shot or two of tequila Joni would suck me hard again and I would proceed to get her on all fours and pound on her doggystyle until I blew another load into her. Joni always wanted me to use a rubber or pull out and shoot it on her ass or stomach just as a precaution and that was completely fine with me. Another beer or two a couple more shots of tequila and we were ready for round three. Joni was always such a willing partner and many times asked me how I wanted her next what a sweetheart and so eager to please. I would take her up the ass several times throughout the night going ass to mouth frequently. I would have her mount me facing away from me while taking her up her tight little asshole while looking into a mirror(she loved that) she was a fuck machine in that position a real fucking animal. Possibly my favorite also. Don’t know how Joni was able to handle as much liquor as she did and still be able to fuck and suck like that but sure glad she could.
On a couple of occasions when I didn’t have the time that I would of liked and Joni was still on a roll I had a couple of buddies that I would call and they would be there in a matter of minutes and it was party 🥳 time. No holds barred, anything goes so to speak. Three of us got Joni airtight many times on those nights. Spit roasted, dp’d and any position of our choosing. Joni was like a timex watch she would take a licking and keep on ticking. I have so many stories about Joni but I’ll save those till


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    Am getting wet all over..

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    For real?

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      Yes absolutely true.