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To know

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i loved him, he was 60 and I was 11 but he was funny and handsome and I am sure I really was falling in love with Peter. Peter was a friend of mums and she had invited him over. He was a fashion photographer, I only had a vague idea of what that was.
Mum was not home yet, she was an ex model, tall and slim but time flew I was really enjoying his company, he was animated and exciting.
So what is a fashion photographer, I asked and he danced over to a magazine that was on the table, one that mum always bought every month. He opened it to page that showed a stunning girl about eight in a very revealing one piece swim costume, I took that photo he smiled. I was immediately both a little jealous and just a little horny. I said wow what a job, so imaginative wow. I could clearly see the curve of the girls sweet bum, the costume was very, very high cut.
Mum rang to let us know that she would not be home at all, then Peter jumped on the phone and said look darling perfectly understandable, yes I will stay and look after Damien and yes we will be just fine, don’t worry please. In fact thank you I am finding Damien’s company a delight. See you tomorrow night then, love you.
You heard enough to know what is happening yes? I nodded with a smile, well lets enjoy ourselves Peter said and I agreed, Pizza he asked and I eagerly nodded yes.
What would you normally do in a situation like tonight, study? he asked with a laugh, I laughed back and he said, well I guess not.
I am a naughty boy I said.
In what way, I am naked whenever I can be, don’t tell mum please.
I never tell tales he said, not ever. you are an extremely beautiful young man, wow you sure are stunning.
So how old are you and what naughty things do you do?
I am 11, I like to play with my cock which is big apparently
what do you think would be fun to do now and please would you let an old guy watch?
Of course I would love you to swatch, I have often thought about letting others watch.
HMMM he said model material for sure
I replied I really wish I had a costume like the little girl is wearing. He nearly jumped out of the chair, I have some in the car he said, I will get them yes?
OH please yes, I enthused.
he was back in a flash.
I said I was going for a cool off in the pool, wont be long. I ran to the back, in a second I was naked and in the water, I made sure that I was really clean, especially my bum and cock and balls, I one minute I was walking nude into the lounge room, Peter really did gasp and just stared at my half erect cock.
Oh god you are stunning, don’t be offended sweet Damien but you are the best looking 11 year old I have ever set eyes on. You were right that is one sweet big cock have you measured it, he asked, I replied it was a full seven inches, it’s just perfect he replied.
How adventurous are you Damien he grinned devilishly, well I said, set me some dares after I try on some girlie costumes. I came out of another room, the costume was so tight it was way up my crack and felt amazing, I felt pretty and told him. He spoke softly, pretty doesn’t do you justice, god I want to eat you. You look better than the prettiest girl and that cock makes it perfect.
My hairless body (still is) convulsed as his warm mouth engulfed it all, his fingers spread my tight cheeks and one found the tightness of my hole and slowly entered, oh wow. He was sexually possessed
and he turned me until I was half leaning on the lounge. I felt him blowing air onto my bum, the firm warmth of his cock firstly against my anus and then at least half way inside my virgin hole.
Peter place became a regular place for me to say, I met some really nice men and occasionally a young boy or a few times girl

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    Oh my god , tell us more . I just love young boys and girls . I am 65 years old and very horny when in the company of young naked boys and girls .