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I lost the rent money

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I could not tell my husband that I lost the rent money. The landlord was very understanding.

I was laying, naked, on my bed with my four-month-old son nursing on one of my enlarged, milk filled, breasts. I was looking at the photo on the dresser, of my husband and me, with our son, on the day he was born. My legs were spread, and my knees were pulled up. Between my legs was our landlord, fucking me with his hard, thick seven-inch cock. Both he and my son were giving me very pleasant feelings.

I hadn’t intended to let my landlord have sex with me, but two days before, my husband had given me an envelope with the rent money in it. It was eleven hundred and fifty dollars. We had lived in this apartment for eight months, and the landlord gave us a fifty dollar discount each month if we paid in cash. He always gave us a receipt, so paying with cash was not a problem.

The day before, I had stopped for lunch when the baby and I had gone to pick up a few groceries. The baby got fussy, and I took him and went to the car to get his bottle. I do not breast feed him in public. I had forgotten my purse on the table, and when I came back in, it was gone. So was the rent money.

I didn’t want to tell my husband because he would be very upset. He already considered me a dumb blond, not good for much more than fucking and doing housework. I didn’t know what to do. That afternoon, the landlord, Gino Williams, came to collect the rent. I let him in and cried as I told him about the money being stolen.

He said that he was sorry, but because we were late the month before, and now did not have the rent money this month, we would have to move. I started balling. He hugged me and said, “Tell you what. I’ll make you a special deal. Just for you.” I stopped crying and asked what it was.

I think that you are a beautiful young girl and I love your big, milk filled, tits. It is so hot when the front of your blouses are wet because you are leaking. I don’t get all that I want from my wife. I will completely skip this month’s rent if we can be friends with benefits, lots of benefits.

“Are you saying that you want me to have sex with you?”

“That or pay the rent by tomorrow or move. I’ll come back tomorrow and see what you have decided.”

He started to walk out the door, but I called him and told him that I had decided. “If I do it, how many times?”

“As many times and as often as I want. Now, get on your knees, take my cock out and suck it till I come. Swallow every drop of my cum, to show me that you have accepted my offer.”

I almost chickened out, but after thinking about my options, I decided that it would be the best thing for me to do. The baby was sleeping in his crib. I got on my knees, in front of him, and pulled his slacks down to the floor, while he stood in front of me. I was impressed when his thick seven inches popped out, right in front of my face. My husband is about six inches and not as thick.

I do enjoy oral sex. My husband loves to hold my head and fuck my face while I keep my lips tightly sealed around his shaft, till he comes down my throat. I think that he likes it as much as he does fucking my pussy, maybe more. My husband is the only person I had ever had sex with, until now.

I leaned forward till his cockhead touched my lips. I opened my mouth and took the head in. My mouth was stretched wide because of his thickness. I got about three inches in and then started bobbing my head up and back on him. Over the next couple of minutes, I managed to take him another two inches deeper, but then I gagged. I put a couple fingers around the base of his cock and backed my mouth off, till only the head was still in my mouth. I gripped him tightly, with my hand, and repeatedly slid the loose outer skin over the hard inner shaft, while sucking and licking on his cockhead.

He lasted longer than my husband ever did, but finally I drained his balls deep in my mouth. He came more and harder than my husband, but I swallowed every drop that I could, and pulled off with a pop. Several shots of cum had filled my mouth with more than it could hold and faster than I could swallow. Some came out the corners of my mouth and dripped down onto my chin. He reached down and with his fingers, pushed what was hanging from my chin into my mouth. I sucked his fingers clean.

He smiled and told me I could call him Gino. He was probably 5’8” and was a little chubby. His skin was a medium olive color. There was no doubt that his ancestry was Italian. He also spoke with a slight accent.

“That’s enough for today, but I’ll be back for more, much more.”

I did not say a word about it to my husband.

Two days later he was back.

That is when, I was laying, naked, on my bed with my four-month-old son nursing on one of my enlarged, milk filled, breasts. I was looking at the photo on the dresser, of my husband and me, with our son, on the day he was born. My legs were spread, and my knees were pulled up. Between my legs was our landlord, fucking me with his hard, thick seven-inch cock. Both he and my son were giving me very pleasant feelings.

I did not want to admit it, but his cock felt better than my husband’s ever did, and I was really enjoying having him fuck me. I did not want him to stop. Gino must have lasted ten minutes or more, and he gave me two strong orgasms. Finally, he blasted his seed deep in me. He kissed me, like a lover, and I returned the kiss. He brought his cum covered cock to my mouth, and I cleaned it. Then he was gone.

David came home from work a couple hours later. I had supper cooking. I kissed him, and he settled down to watch the news. I had no intention of telling him what had happened. I did not want to let him know that I had sex with another man, and I did not want him to know that I was stupid enough to lose the rent money.

After we ate, he put his hand on my ass and said, “Little Davy (David, Jr.) is sleeping. This would be a good time for some Mommy and Daddy private time.” He held my hand and led me to our bed. I had changed the sheets after Gino left.

We undressed. First, he spent some time kissing me and nursing. Then he got between my legs and easily slid his erection into me. I remembered that I had not cleaned myself out from before. “You must be as horny as me. You are so wet.” I was happy that the thought that it might be another man’s cum making me wet, never even entered his head. I knew it was wrong, but I spent the next four minutes thinking about Gino fucking me, and how good it was. David added his cum to Gino’s. Then he pulled out. I spun around and sucked him clean. We kissed and went back to the living room, just before the baby woke up.

For the next month and a half, Gino fucked me more often than David did. I was getting all the sex I could handle and completely enjoying having two lovers frequently enjoying themselves between my legs and in my mouth. Then one afternoon, David came home early and caught Gino pounding deep in my cunt. He saw David but did not stop until he completed his mission. Then, without saying a word, he put his pants on and walked out.

We fought about it all night and he learned the story about how it had started, when I lost the rent money. For the next week, David and I hardly said a word to each other, and I was not getting sex from either of my men. Finally, one afternoon, I left a message for Gino to come to the apartment to fix a leak.

He knocked on the door and I let him in. I was dressed in a shear pink teddy. “Where’s the leak?”

“Between my legs. I need you to fuck me.”

We fucked for an hour. He fucked me till we both came. Then I sucked him till I got him hard again. Then he fucked me some more. He lasted even longer the second time. This time, not only did I change the sheets, but I also cleaned my cunt.

David still was not ready to forgive me. He told me that he had located another apartment on the other side of town and that we were moving. The next weekend we moved.

That first night, we talked, he said he forgave me, and we had good sex for the first time after he caught Gino and me. He didn’t know that I had given Gino our new address.

Six months later, I laughed when I found out that David had not been faithful to me during out entire marriage, especially the last couple of months of my pregnancy and the first month after the baby was born. Life goes on.

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    Part two plzzzz

    • PO469 ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

      I think that if there is a part 2, the landlord will bring his son with him to visit her. Should the husband catch them again?

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Excellent story.
    I have always wondered about men who have sex with every woman that they can, then get mad and jealous if their wife cheats, even once, then beats her or divorces her. How immature.

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    Very good, keep up the great erotic stories