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I have a problem with being attracted to and seeking out younger girls

I (23m) have a problem with being attracted to and seeking out younger girls, I know I probably should but I always seem to find my way back to messaging them. It started after HS when I would download an app called Spotafriend and not put my age. The first girl I started talking to from there was a 14 y/o short petite blonde girl that lived roughly 30-40 minutes from and and as first we started off as friends and I would slowly throw in some little sexual things and at one point told her I was gonna go jerk off and that I’d text her later, hoping she’d get interested. Luckily she was and wanted to see. She turned out to be a freak that actually lost her virginity at 12. We sexted for a few months until her parents caught her and she got grounded, never got to fuck her sadly.

More recently I started taking to a car girl (17f) from back home and like before I had started just being her friend and talking about cars and upgrades. She was about 5’6 brown hair, very fit with nice perky tits. We started to get close and really wanted to meet each other and one night we were sc each other and I told her I knew she didn’t send anything unless she was in a relationship and told her I was just going to go jerk off and that she’s welcome to join. She said I was right and that she doesn’t unless she’s in a relationship. I told her I was going to regardless and that if she wanted to do anything she could.
We ended up FaceTiming for a half hour during which she came twice from her vibrator, her second time from watching me grunt and moan as I finished. I had more experiences with her later on too.

First time writing something on here, may post more experiences later on. My telegram is flexmex00 if anyone is interested in talking about experiences.

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  • Reply Treat ID:1d5obrvkzzms

    Did the 14 year old tell you who she lost her virginity to? Boyfriend/hookup? How old was he?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    People worry less and less now about age where sex is concerned. Keep in pleasuring yourself, buddy, while those young sluts perform!

  • Reply Nattm1898 ID:43ywvs6ia

    That app is pretty stupid. It says entering your birthdate is optional, but you cannot create an account without entering it.