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I cant stop jerking off

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I dont know is its a normal teenage thing but I just cant stop jerking off. I am literally always horny. I am 15 and in highschool and I jerk off and orgasm maybe 4-6 times a day. I jerk off at school next to family, in my room, in my shower, in my siblings beds, basically everywhere I get horny

I watch porn more than 4 times and I watch anything from sexy teen to trans domination. Anything slightly related to sex I want to jerk off and cum to. Nearly every day in class I jerk off snd look at girls asses and sexy faces and tits. Ive never been caught yet. At home I jerk off in my room under the blanket on my couch literally everywhere. In the shower I get a bit submissive and put aloe on the end of a brush with a long round handle and shove it in my ass and bounce on it. I sometimes even jerk off thinking about my siblings or mom. One time i was in bed with my little sister while she was asleep and her ass was showing a bit so i pulled her pants down and jerked my dick off right next to her tiny ass and as I was orgasming I let my cum out on her ass cheeks. It was so cute but I didnt want her to wake up so i took a tissue and wiped it off. I want to find another way to just find people to have sex with I guess because I feel like thats the reason I keep jerking off its because im super horny but never had sex before and I want to experience it. I want to eat girls asses, guys asses, suck dick suck pussy get my ass sucked and eaten, get my dick sucked, make out, literally snytbing I want to experience it all.

Honestly after writing this im probably gonna jerk off to stories on here or go on porn idk. I know this isnt really a sex experience but I just wanted to see if other people are like this or if anyone wants to connect over like snapchat or something to talk or video call. Thats really it thanks for reading

Snapchat- markiso2008 add me we can chat

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  • Reply Daddy ID:1cu61oc3qz2p

    Keep jerking off. Start cumming on your sister more. Even when she is awake. Little girls love being cummed on. And your mom too. She will probably help you jerk off on your little sister. You are at a good age to cum on them all. And squirting with your little sister and mom will feel like heaven.

  • Reply Erotic Writer 2024 ID:1dwawbuu7tw1

    I was just the same at your age. I started masturbating at 13. I jerked my straining hard cock off every night. During the day I wanked in the toilets at school. The cubicle walls were covered with semen stains from me and other boys.

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck6d16a28o0

    Well Mark, that is all normal. If you wasn’t jerking off, then I would question your sanity. Loved the insight of you life. Wasn’t so different to mine, other than the actual sex that went on in the house and incidents from school. Hmu, [email protected] if you want to know.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    All perfectly normal, Mark. Jerk off to porn with some of your school mates. You’ll be surprised how quickly things progress!!

  • Reply SluttyPussy ID:1cu4bmanj482

    I rub my clit every single day at work, at home, on the bus, just everywhere……my pussy is always so wet n creamy

  • Reply Nana ID:1dev940rdgza

    I’m as horny as you. I finger myself almost everyday. Iwanna feel cock deep bury into me.

    • Anna ID:pwu4hgvt0d

      which length is good

    • Mark ID:1dd3smt0mh86

      Damn well tou should add me on snap we can chat

    • Nana ID:1dev940rdgza

      Idk which length is good and I don’t have snap

  • Reply mav ID:305667jk0a

    i’d love to hear more add my alt snap punanipower500