Sucked off in class

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Helping the class slut on a science test then getting the greatest reward of my early life.

I (13 m) was in science and the teacher started handing out a test. I was quite smart so I wasn’t to worried. Something tapped my shoulder, I turned to the side and Lilly (the class slut) whispered ‘can I copy your answers? If you let me I’ll give you a reward.’ Lilly was really pretty so my mind wondered for a second before saying she could.

The test was a week ago now and we were about to get our results. Me and Lilly both got an A+. The teacher sat down at her desk and started teaching the next topic. I sat at the back corner of the room on a four seated desk but only me and Lilly sat there. Lilly whispered to me ‘here’s the reward’ and then slid under the desk.

She got on her hands and knees pulling my pants zip down. Her hand grabbed my penis and she closed her lips around my tip. I started getting hard as she swirled her tongue around my dick. I moved forward when I was fully erect and went down her throat.

My cock was all the way in her mouth and she was tickling my balls so I was moving about trying to not make it obvious I was having the time of my life. But then miss asked me why I was moving so much and I mutered out ‘this chair is really uncomfortable’ and she offered me a seat at the front which I obviously declined.

Then I felt it, my cum exploded into Lilly’s mouth. She stayed under the desk for another minute before sliding back up while giggling.

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  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    Your the one ” annie?” That wrote the bull shit story that is why your saying how hot the story is.

    • S B el ID:2wcj1djpd3

      I’ve got no clue who Annie is so shut the fuck up, tell me your address I’ll get you jumped or are you a pussy

  • Reply Annie ID:1ed2uhx33d71

    Too Hot