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There is something about Mary

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I grew up in Indiana in a small town. My first love was the girl next door.

Mary was a little more than 1 year older than me. I remember being 11 years old and she was 12. They had a bedroom and bathroom in the basement. Where she slept. I used to see her through the basement window after she got out of the shower. She was quite the exhibitionist. Facing the window to towel off. Being very careful not to look out the window.

Her breasts were starting to develop and she was shaving the hair coming in on her pussy. Oh man just watching her do that with such a turn-on even at 11 years old.

She became 14 and I was 13. She came out of the shower and caught me spying on her. She shook her head and smiled and waved. My mouth dropped open. I thought for sure I was going to get in trouble. She liked me watching her! WTF?

I was with a couple friends and we were playing football in the backyard. She comes over to the fence and says, “Jeffery will you come here a minute?” “Oh shit!”, I thought. She was going to say something about me watching her. My two buddies were mocking me. “Ewww Jeffery!” and held there fingers to there mouths and made a mocking face.

I tried to play cool in front of them. “Hey what’s up?” I asked. She said, “I see you and friends playing football I just wanted to give you something. I really like you and hope you will call or text me.” She handed me a note with her cell phone number and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. My heart jumped.

My friends weren’t so mocking now. “What the hell was that about?” My friend Mark asked. I played it all macho and cool. Patting on my chest trying to look cool. “That my friends is me being a man of action! Ha ha ass wipes a girl just gave me her phone number. Did you ever get that yet?”, I said.

They were like in awe of me the rest of the day. I actually accomplished something with a girl. Even though it was something simple. I never shared watching her with them. I had a feeling she knew the whole time I was doing this. She could have easily closed the blinds but she didn’t. I seen her open them one time before she got in the shower.

I didn’t wait long. That night we texted each other all night. The next day came and we sat on my parents’ porch and talked. We went to the park with her sister and then went out for ice cream at Dairy Queen.

She started spending more and more time over at my place. We really didn’t discuss the shower part yet. I noticed the blind was closed now. Shit.

I didn’t care actually. Really I didn’t. We were having fun together. Lots of fun. That stuff will come in time I knew. Plus the fact we never really got any alone time together. The adults were always there or someone was.

My dad asked slyly, “Soooooo what is going on with Mary?” “What do you mean?”, I asked. “Hmmm seems she’s been over here a lot lately. You two like each other?” I said, “Dad!” He said, “Oh come on so you like a girl big deal. Did you ask her for her phone number?” “No she gave it to me. She gave it to me when me and my friends were playing football in the backyard.”, I said. I saw the pride swell up in his face as he smiled at me. He patted me on the shoulder. “Nice job Jeff.”, he said. He said to me it was no big deal. Obviously it was to him. He was so proud of his young boy that I landed the pretty girl next door as a girlfriend. “Just be careful how far you take it or wear protection okay?”, he said. “Dad!”, I said and walked away. He laughed.

But it was Dad who actually helped me out on this. He decided to take the family out to the city for a Chicago Cubs game. I said I didn’t want to go. When my mom asked why my sister mockingly said. “Oh Mary!”. I gave her the dirtiest look. “Alright.” My mom said, “No kissing or anything you understand? She’s not going to corrupt my little boy.” “Mom!”, I said as she and my sister busted out laughing. I had some great parents.

Mary did come over that night. We sat on my couch and watched TV. She said she was bored with the TV. I asked, “What to you want to do?” Mary said, “Have you ever kissed a girl before? No not your mom either.” I said, “no”. “Do you know what a french kiss is?” She asked. I just shook my head. My heart was racing with anticipation. We started making out on the couch. I love the feel of her tongue touching mine. The passion was extraordinary.

I went for her breast she let me cup it. It was small but it felt so nice. I started kissing her neck and she was getting turned on. She told me, ” I knew you were watching me the last couple years when I showered. The times you weren’t there made me kind of sad. You’ve seen me now let me see you.

She started taking my pants off. She took out my dick and jokingly said “hmmm what is this nice thing?” As the headlights entered the driveway. I got dressed real quick and headed over to the chair on the other side of the living room. So my parents wouldn’t think anything was going on.

My dad comes in and says, ” It is okay Jeff! We’re not going to say anything if you two are sitting together. I saw you get up and cross the room through the picture window. When are you going to learn you can’t get nothing over on me?” We all laughed. I was a little embarrassed. We sat with my parents and talked. My parents really liked Mary thought she was a wonderful girl.

About a week later her parents were both out. We were in the house with her little sister. She was playing on the computer talking to someone. So Mary and I slipped off to her room. “Where did we leave off?” She said. “Oh yeah. I was going to check you out. You’ve watched me so many times.” I asked her why she started closing the blinds now? “Well I have you now. Got to build up some anticipation.”, she said. That sent my heart through the roof when she said that.

“Come on. Pants down. I don’t want to be interrupted again.” She said. I did as I was told. She grabbed my cock and started jacking it off. Her hands are so wonderful. It got hard. She started giving me a blowjob. I told her “I want to see everything up close and not through a window.” “In due time. In due time” she said. Not only an exhibitionist but a tease also. “Well give me something at least.” I said. “How about this?” She started licking the head of my dick. My breathing changed and my head went back. I felt so wonderful. She started deepthroating me and then coming back up and doing the same thing over again. I couldn’t take it anymore and I moaned real loudly as I came in her mouth.

I am lying there out of breath and her sister came over and asked if everything was okay. Mary got up quickly and blocked the door. “We are fine. Jeff just stubbed his toe!” “Uhhh….yeah…Uh Huh” her sister said doubtingly. “Do me a favor and watch for Mom and Dad.” Mary asked. “Well if you’re not doing anything why do I need to watch for Mom and Dad?” She asked sarcastically. “Just do it please”, Mary asked. Mary went to the bathroom and then returned.

Mary started to take her clothes off. The wonderful figure I saw through the window was now right before me. My heart raced. Her breasts were luscious and firm. Her shaved pussy was like a savory piece of pie I just wanted to eat. We kissed. She had rinsed her mouth out when she went to the bathroom. Her tongue was like heaven inside my mouth. I found a spot on her neck that just drove her crazy. I went for it again. She said, “You know what that does right?”

I went for her snatch and spread the lips. She was already wet. She was moaning as I took my fingers and rubbed her clit. Her kissing got harder and more passionate. I went for the neck again and she just moaned as she reached her climax. We took a breather. Both a little worn out. We held each other and talked.

Mary’s sister knocked on the door. “Guys Mom and Dad just pulled up. Get dressed.” I felt a little embarrassed that she knew what we were doing in here. Lol. We got dressed and tidied up real quick.

Her mom and dad came in and I said my hellos and goodbyes and went back to my house. My mom and dad just took one look at me and asked, “Well what the hell happened to you?” “Nothing. I am fine why?”, I asked. “You are practically glowing” my Dad said. Mom whispered to my Dad, “Mary.” My dad chuckled and smiled.

I went to my room and went to bed. I went to bed dreaming of her. Of what the future days will hold. It was so hard to sleep. I wished she was with me that night. I wished I could lay with her and hold her all night. That night and for many nights to come there was only one thing on my mind as I lay sleeping: Mary.

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