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How I found out I like FAT girls (Sofie)

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This is a true story, ONE of MANY about how I found out I like fucking and humiliating FAT GIRLS. All my Stories are true and genuine

I was 17 years old and very active. I was built well and pretty popular as I had a friendly personality and always had a very calm demeanour.

Some friends and I went out to a house party on a Friday night. The party was pretty chilled and there were a lot of people. I found myself sitting around the bonfire talking to a few people when a girl joined the group. She was a shortish FAT girl and like a lot of FAT girls , she had big breasts and a LARGE ass to match.

We all chatted for a bit and a few of the others got up and then it was just Sofie and myself sitting by the bonfire.

“Shouldn’t you be hanging with your friends?” I asked

“Shouldn’t you be flirting with one of the hot girls” She replied

“Not my type” I said

I was honest. I had grown up from a very young age watching porn and as time went by I had grown less fond of vanilla porn and more turned on by being Dominant and rough kind of porn. I wasn’t into chasing girls !!! Half the hot girls would tease you and you wouldn’t get any in the end and the other half were far to easy , they gave it up to any guy , so really not my type

“What is your type” she asked

I smiled as I looked at her , her dark hair on her very pale skin. She was cute.

“Lets just say im not your average guy” I said

“How so?” she asked

I smiled again , I didn’t want to say too much and freak the girl out. One of her friends called and told Sofie that it was time to go. We exchanged number and I watched as her LARGE ass walked away from me. I wondered how she fit that ass into a pair of jeans.


The next day was Saturday and my parents were always busy on a Saturday , they would leave early to go out and always got home late . I was home alone and it was a nice hot summers day. I was relaxing by the pool enjoying the warm weather and the sun on my body when I got a text from Sofie

“Hey , so what did you mean by NOT YOUR AVERAGE GUY ?” she asked

“Lets say I don’t like the challenge , I like girls that do as I ask and I HATE a girl that says NO to my requests” I typed back

a few minutes went by and she texted back

“Like your girls submissive?” she asked

“That word is exactly what I mean” I texted back

“how submissive?” she texted

“Saying NO or not doing as I ask is a deal breaker” I replied

“Like what do you mean” she was fishing

I texted her that if she wanted to find out that she should come over. I texted her my address and told her that I was lying by the pool and that she should come join me and bring her bikini


“deal breaker!!!” I reminded her that I don’t like being questioned or being said no too

She texted that she would be over in an hour


An hour later the door bell rang and I opened in time to see her parents drive off. She was wearing a summer dress and sandals. She looked nice and as she walked past me , I noticed her LARGE ass and her pale white thighs.

We went to the pool and sat down on the loungers and spoke for a while. She told me how she convinced her parents to stop at the mall on the way to my house so she could buy her bikini.

“So lets see it” I said

She was shy , for a FAT girl , her confidence wasn’t the best and I could only imagine how she must be teased and picked on when she was younger. She looked at me and could see I was serious

She stood up and slowly lifted her summer dress up over her head and dropped it on the lounger. She was wearing a black bikini. The top barely held all of her breasts IN and the bottoms covered her LARGE ass and as it went lower , her bikini bottoms were swallowed by her BIG thighs

She tried to sorta cover her stomach with her hands.

“Move your hands to your sides” I said as I took in her belly, it wasn’t a stomach, it was a pale belly. I looked at her and she was shy and nervous.

I watched as she turned and walked to the pool. My gosh her ass was HUGE. She jumped in and as she came up , she dark hair fell against her shoulders and her face looked so innocent and cute. I was so HORNY , I was practically bursting !!!

I watched as she walked up the steps in the pool , and then walking towards me. I watched the water run off her BIG body.

She stopped infront of me and was about to sit down when I stopped her.

“Take your top off” I said as I made and kept eye contact with her.

I could see her mind racing , she knew saying NO would have her back in her parents car on her way back home in minutes. She slowly pulled the string on her back and the top fell off her BIG breast and I got my first glimpse of her PINK nipples. The Nipple weren’t too big but the areoles were a lot larger.

She thought about covering them with her hands but she knew better and placed her hands back along her side while I looked at her not saying a word. This poor girl was self concious and extremely nervous

I told her that I was happy that she listened and did as I asked. I was rock hard and my cock had pressed up against my swimming trunks and I watched as her eyes looked down.

“Want to see it” I asked

She just nodded her head while looking at my swimming trunks

“I asked you a question” I shouted

“Yes I want to see it” she replied

“Tell me what you want to see” I demanded

“I want to see your penis” she said

I slowly pulled my swimming trunks down and my hard cock sprang free. Her eyes never left my cock as I pulled my trunks off.

“Suck it” I demanded

She looked at me and began telling me that she had never sucked a cock before and that at 16 she was ALL innocent. I believed her as I could imagine men didn’t find a FAT girl like her attractive.

I told her to kneel between my legs and suck it. She did and that was the first time I had a FAT girl suck my cock and let me tell you , it was great , she was EAGER to please me and did her best sucking my cock. I could only imagine , if she loved food so much , so sure would devour my cock

I gave instructions here and there and ordered her to let her saliva run down my cock and use it to jerk me off while she sucked. My cock glistened in the sun light from all her saliva. I could even feel it running down my balls.

“Now be a good girl and deep throat me” I demanded

She pushed her head as far as she could go and started gagging. My cock wasnt even half way down her throat , I took both my hands and placed it on her head and told her “Open your throat like you trying to swallow” As I felt her throat open , I pushed her head all the way down and I felt her lips suck around the base off my cock and she tried to slap my legs to get me to release but I held her there for a few seconds and then let go

Her head popped up and she took in deep breaths. I sat up and pulled her face towards mine. Her mouth and chin here covered in saliva and tears were running down her face from the gagging and I KISSED her. My lips met hers and my tongue played with hers and we kissed

I told her that she would have to practise deep throating cos I like it like that. I lay back down and watched her take my cock into her mouth again. She let the stream of saliva flow down my cock as she jerked me off and every now and then she would try and deepthroat me , never getting to the base but getting CLOSER.

I could feel I was getting close to cumming and I told her I was about to cum and she had to swallow it all. Seconds later I shot my first stream of cum into her mouth and without hesitation , she kept sucking and swallowed the entire load.

She pulled her mouth off my cock and looked at me. I decided then was the time to set the rules:

1)I told her that when I get a blowjob I always want it wet like this and I always expect deepthroat , best she learn or I will force her head down and I always expect to be cleaned after.

2)I am not dating her , I don’t want to date anyone , so she must not expect a relationship or anything like it

3)I like to humiliate and degrade , don’t take offence

4)Do as I ask and we can be play mates , don’t and I would never speak or see her again

“Do you understand?” I asked

“Yes” she replied

“Do you agree to what I said” I asked

She hesitantly said “Yes”

I looked at her and then down at my cock and waited. She got the hint and slowly licked every drop of saliva off my cock and then grabbing a near by towel she cleaned my cock.


One of the first porn movies I ever watched , the guy in the porn movie came 3 times in a row. So growing up when ever I jerked off , I would always carry on until I had cum at least twice or 3 times. So I was very used to going again and again.

I stood up naked and pulled Sofie to her feet and walked her into the house. I lead her to my room. The noon sun was flooding my room and it was nice and warm.

I told Sofie to take off her Bikini bottoms and lie down. She slowly took slide the black bikini bottoms down her PALE BIG thighs. She nervously climbed on the bed and lay down looking at me.

I took in the sight before me. Here was a 16 year old FAT girl , lying on my bed. Her big body taking up most of my queen side bed. Her big breasts flopped on her belly and her pink nipples were erect. I stood at the foot of the bed and said “OPEN”

She opened her legs and I got my first sight of her freshly saved pussy. She pubic area was covered in red spots and her pussy lips were not small but they did seem to hang a little.

She nervously told me she shaved because I mentioned a bikini and that she had never shaved her pussy before. I told her a new rule to add to the list was

5) NEVER shave your pussy

I looked at her pussy and said “Open”

I watched as she slowly parted her pussy lips with her fingers and held her pussy open , it was a fresh pink colour and it was WET , I could see hot wet her pussy was , the light in the room made everything crystal clear. Her clit stood out !!!

I climbed onto the bed and put my head between her thighs , I kissed each pail thigh and then ran my tongue over her pubic mound. I kissed her pussy lips and I heard her gasp. I opened her lips and sucked down on her clit , pulling it into my mouth. I then ran my tongue up and around her clit and then back down I went and slid my tongue between her lips and into her pussy. As I slide my tongue into her pussy , I puller her hips towards my face and I buried my face in her WET pussy.

She tasted sweat and her juices her slimy. I slid a finger into her pussy while I licked her clit and as I withdrew my finger , it pulled a thin string of slime with. This was the wettest , slimiest pussy I had ever eaten. I slide two fingers into her and began fingering her while sucked her clit. A minute later , I heard the sweat words leave her panting mouth ” Im cumming”

I kept licking as she bucked and rocked on my face and fingers. Her THICK thighs clamped my head in place as her orgasm spread through her body


After Sofie had cum , I slid my body up hers and took her nipple into my mouth, I sucked it and gently ran my teeth over it , I pulled as much of her tit into my mouth as I sucked on it and then sent my focus to her other tit. Sucking them like I was thirsty.

I then kissed Sofie again. I reached my left hand between her wet thighs and slid 3 fingers into her wet pussy. As I brought my wet fingers covered in pussy slime up towards her face , I told her to “Suck them” she opened her mouth and tasted her pussy on my fingers. Fuck that was hot.

I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy

“Ive never had sex before” She said

“I know” I replied

“Condom?” she said

“Never , I will pull out” I said

She was infatuated with me that her mind wanted to stop me but her body couldn’t say NO. I slid the tip of my cock past her pussy lips and into her slimy wet pussy. I gently pussy in and then I slowly pulled out and then without warning , I drove my hard cock all the way inside her 16 year old pussy and tore her virginity.

She screamed out and her arms hugged my body against her FAT body as I kept thrusting inside her, her breath increased as I fucked her hard and soon her mouth screamed out ” IM CUMMING” for the second time. I felt her body shudder and she had another orgasm and I could feel I was close.

I rolled off her and lay on my back “Suck it” I quickly shouted as I looked down and saw my cock covered in blood from her virginity. She rolled onto her side and sucked my cock , seconds later I fed her her second helping of cum and she eagerly swallowed ever last drop.

She cleaned my cock with her mouth and lay back down on the bed next to me. I couldn’t believe hot great that felt. I had never fucked a FAT girl before and I had never fucked a SLIMY pussy like that before!!!

We spoke a bit and she told me she never really watched porn or played with herself and that it was the first time she had ever really had a proper orgasm.


I was lying on the bed and I still had an appetite for more. I looked at her and decided to step it up a notch and said ” Get your fat body up and sit that pussy on my face”

She looked shocked , I had just called her fat and it hit home!!!

“I told you I like to humiliate and degrade , it turns me on and you agreed to it, now move your fat ass up and sit on my face”

She climbed up on top of me and lowered her pussy on my face, she held the head board and sat down on my face. I felt her wet pussy slide over my nose and I began licking her pussy , she moved a little before I shouted out past her pussy lips “Ride my face bitch , grind that cunt against my face”

She needed no more encouragement as she rode my face for all she was worth, she grind that pussy against my mouth and nose that I was battling to breath. I licked as much of that slime as I could and I could feel my face getting wetter and wetter from her pussy and then without warning she dropped all her WEIGHT down onto my face and screamed “IM CUMMING”

I couldn’t breath , her pussy and thick thighs covered my face and I was stuck with my nose and mouth covered by her pussy. She shook and rocked and eventually lifted her pussy off my face, I took in as many deep breaths as possible , I thought I was going to pass out.

I told her to kneel and bend over. She climbed off my face and kneeled with her BIG ass towards me and bend over. I ordered her to hold her ass cheeks open !!! I got my first look at her asshole and watched at the wetness from her pussy trailed down her THICK thighs. I lined my cock up with her pussy and pulled her hips into my pelvis as I drove my cock into her pussy , I fucked her hard , I wanted to break her pussy !!!!

I leaned forward and took both hands , reaching for her face, I placed two fingers from each hand into her mouth and pulled her mouth apart and open. “Im going to ride you” I shouted

I pulled her mouth like a bit in horses mouth as a I fucked her from behind. As I pulled and fucked , she began grunting which only turned me on mouth. “Thats it , you fat fuck , you like me riding you don’t you?” I shouted

She couldn’t reply with my fingers in her mouth but she moaned louder and louder making me fuck her harder and harder. I knew this scene was driving me wild and I needed to cum soon.

I pulled out of her pussy and I grabbed my cock covered in all her slime and jumped off the bed and I quickly told her to kneel infront of me.

My hand slide up and down my cock , her slime made it feel as if I was jerking off with hair conditioner , I told her to close her open awaiting mouth as I wanted to cum on her face, she closed her mouth and I shot my first load onto her cute face. My cum landed across her nose and a little by her eye. The second string went off to the left and onto her cheek and a little on her lips , the third and last string landed on her chin.

I looked down at her as she opened her eyes and I ran my hand over the cum on her cheek and slapped the side of her face with my cum and said “you’re a good fuck Sofie” now clean my cock !!!

She opened her mouth and sucked my cock clean and then she took her hand and scooped my cum with her fingers and sucked her fingers clean.

I smiled as I watched this knowing this fat girl was so hungry to eat cum and I had fed her fat ass 3 times that day.


As she got dressed to leave , I watched her cover her fat body with her summer dress and as she was about to put her bikini bottoms on , I stopped her and told her to put them in her bag , I wanted her to go home without anything covering her pussy

I watched as she walked out the door towards her parents car and I waved as they drove off , knowing I had just taken their daughters virginity and I had made her swallow 3 loads of cum and now their innocent daughter was in the backseat without any panties on ….

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    This is a true story based on the one and only Britney Lace.

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