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My Daughter Enters My Sex Life

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I found out that my young daughter was sexually active and wanted me. Fiction, Mg, MF, oral, incest

It was seven in the evening. I had gotten home from work, eaten dinner and checked the mail and E-mails. I sat on the living room couch and started reading the fishing magazine that had come in the mail. My wife was in another part of the house. I guess she was reading or sewing or doing something else that she enjoyed.

The TV was on to one of those channels that played music videos. Sally, our ten-year-old daughter was dancing around as she watched. When I happened to look up I saw that the performer on the screen was twerking. I looked over and saw that Sally was copying her. She was squatted down with her hands on her knees. Her hips and ass were rapidly bouncing up and down while her upper body remained still. She was doing it as well as the person in the video.

Sally saw me watching her. She smiled and asked me, “Am I doing it good, Daddy?”

“Yes Honey, you’re doing it just right.” Most people think of twerking as a dance move, but do not realize that it started as a sex act where the female sat on the guy’s cock and fucked herself on him in that manor. I went back to reading my magazine, but my thoughts went to the pleasure she would give some guy in eight or ten years. I realized that it might be sooner than that but I did not want to think of my little girl as a sexual person any time soon. Suddenly I felt that I was getting hard as I thought of my little girl as a young woman fucking herself on some guy’s big hard cock.

About six months later I was sitting in the living room again when Sally came into the room wearing just her panties and, OMG, a bra. My flat chested, chubby tummied little girl was changing fast. She was taller, her stomach did not have as much baby fat, but mostly she had very noticeable boobs.

Sally came over to me, sat on my lap and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning, Daddy.” She often did this but right then I was thinking about her growing into a young woman with a young woman’s body. I did not want it to, but I felt my cock hardening. I think she felt it also as she squirmed around and pressed herself harder against my erection. She kissed me again. “I love you, Daddy.”

That night I gave my wife the best fucking she has had in many months. She was surprised but happy.

Several weeks later at about four o’clock, I was driving across town. As I passed my daughter’s school, I saw something that made me stop. In the corner of the playground, behind some equipment I could clearly see Sally with a boy that looked several years older than her. They were kissing and he had his hand up under her blouse. I watched for a minute and thought about going over and breaking them apart, but I changed my mind and drove away.

As I continued on my trip to the store, I found that I was rubbing myself between the legs. It was hard to accept, but now I knew that my, not yet eleven-year-old, daughter was sexually active with boys. I was wondering if she had gone all the way yet. I was hoping that it was only petting but I got a mental image of her twerking on this boy’s cock. I quickly chased that thought away.

That night I told my wife what I had seen, and she told me to relax. “About a month ago sally came to me and said she wanted to start taking the pill. I told her that it would be a while before she needed to think about that. She said that she had already let a boy have sex with her and that she liked it and was going to keep doing it. That changed my mind, and I took her to the doctor, and she is now taking birth control.” Donna reminded me that she had told me that she started having sex with her ten-year older uncle when she was only about a year older than Sally. I knew she was right to get sally the pill.

I didn’t want to think of myself as a pedophile or someone that could commit incest but many times when I would look at Sally, I would get a mental image of her naked and twerking on a cock, my cock. I would run to the bathroom and jerk off. She was looking sexier and sexier to me all the time.

I noticed that her mom had taken her shopping and bought her more adult, sexier clothes, not slutty but shorter skirts, tighter pants and other things that accentuated her figure more. Plus, she was starting to wear a little bit of makeup.

Sally was still my little girl. She still kept getting on my lap and kissing my cheek and telling me that she loved me, but I was getting the feeling that she was sexually teasing me by the way she strutted around and posed. Sometimes she would wiggle her rapidly growing chest back and forth in front of me and ask me if I thought she was cute. I would always answer, “You’re the cutest girl in the world.” Then she would giggle and run off.

Donna let her start staying out a little later each night and she began to spend quite a few nights at a “girlfriend’s” house.

Sally’s twelfth birthday came, and she had a boy-girl party. About fourteen of her friends were there. There was cake, ice cream, games, presents and dancing. Several times I spotted kids off where they thought they were out of sight, kissing and touching. I didn’t want to seem like a prude, so I just ignored them. Donna saw them also and told me that it looked like the kids were having a fun party.

After they all went home, we all helped clean up and then Donna went to our bedroom to read.

We were in the living room and Sally came up to me. “Daddy, I want you to give me one more birthday present.”

“Weren’t you happy with what we gave you? What else do you want?”

“I want you to show me your cock. I’ve never seen a grown man’s cock. I know that you know that I am not a virgin. I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I love you and I want to feel you inside of me.”

I was shocked and stunned. I stood there, frozen. Then I put my hands behind my back. Sally stepped up to me and searched for my belt. Just then I had a thought. I reached down and stopped her. “Your mother, she could catch us.”

“Mom knows and she said that she would stay in your room the rest of the night.” Sally pulled her hands out of mine and again reached for my belt. Soon my pants were around my ankles. Sally reached into my underwear and pulled my prick out. It wasn’t easy to do as I was already hard as a baseball bat, but she got it out. She leaned forward and kissed the tip. There was already a drop of pre-cum on the end and she licked that off. “Wow Daddy, it’s beautiful. It’s the biggest one I have ever seen.”

“How many have you seen?”

“I lost count but yours is the best. I guess I have a reputation of being a slut. All the others have been just boys. Come on, let’s go to my room.” Holding my rod like it was a leash; Sally led me to her room.

As soon as we got in her room, she pulled my under pants off while I was removing my shirt. “My turn, do you want to undress me, or should I put on a show for you? Remember the first time you saw me twerking? I’m even better at it now.” I sat on the edge of the bed and made the hand motion that told her to go ahead.

Sally put on some music and started dancing around as she stripped. She danced like the star in a strip club, but then you see much of that in today’s music videos except they don’t remove their clothes. When she was nude and the song ended, my daughter was standing in front of me with her legs sped for my inspection. She was beautiful, 5’5” and about 115 pounds with shoulder length straight blond hair, high firm breasts that looked to be 32-Bs. Her pussy lips were tight like a clam shell and topped with just a few blond hairs.

She came over to the bed and dropped to her knees. She put both hands around the shaft of my pecker and the head still stuck out. She could just barely reach around my shaft. Sally leaned forward, kissing and licking the tip as she squeezed my rod. “Get on the bed on your back, Daddy. Let me ride your big hard cock.”

“Not yet. I want a taste of that sweet little pussy. You get on your back.”

Sally jumped to the middle of the bed and spared her legs wide. “Oh goodie, the boys never do that. The only person to do that to me was Cousin Brenda. Yes Daddy, eat my pussy.” I got between her legs and spread them wide. I licked her clit and ate her pussy till she screamed out in delight while gripping my hair in her hands and pulling my face tight to her young cunt. Then I moved up and guided my cock to her fuck hole.

I remembered my first fuck. I was fourteen and I talked this eleven-year-old girl into letting me do it to her. I took her to my bed and without getting her wet or opened I shoved myself into her. She was a virgin and she screamed with pain as I ripped thru her hymen. She cried the whole two minutes that I fucked her till I came in her. When I let her up, she ran home. I looked at my sheets and there was a big spot of virgin blood. I had to work hard to get that cleaned so my parents would not see it.

Sally was tight even though she was far from being a virgin. She had never had a cock as big as mine. In one motion I slowly pushed full depth into her tight, wet cunt. She took it all and loudly moaned a happy moan and told me how full I made her feel. I picked up speed and soon I was pounding her hard and deep. She was begging for more. It did not take long before she had an orgasm. There was no doubt about it. Her eyes rolled up into her head, she gripped the sheets and rolled her head from side to side. “Yesss. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Daddy.”

It was several minutes of intense pleasure for both of us before I came. She had us roll over, so she was on top, and she showed me that she had amazing twerking skills. I told her I was about ready. “Yes Daddy, do it. Come in me. I’m on the pill. I want to be full of my Daddy’s cum.” We came together.

For the first time in years, I did not go soft after coming. I slowly fucked into her as I regained my energy and then started fucking her hard again. Several minutes later I blasted her with another load. This time she was just lying there with a glazed look on her face. When I finally pulled out, she spun around and sucked my cum covered cock clean. Then we cuddled and kissed and told each other how much we loved each other and how much we looked forward to fucking more.

When I got back to my bed, Donna was lying on top of the sheets naked. “You better have saved some for me.” It took her a couple minutes to suck me hard again but then I took her slow and lovingly for a long time before I was ready to come for a third time.

The next morning, I woke to the smell of fresh coffee. I slipped on my PJ bottoms and went to the kitchen. Waiting for me was both my wife and my daughter. They were both topless and had on only tiny little black lace panties. As I entered the room they said, in unison, “Good morning, Lover.” I think they had practiced that. They came over and each kissed one of my cheeks. I got a handful of wife tit and of daughter tit. Now I have two hot women to keep satisfied.

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      How did it go fucking your daughter

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    Pretty fucking hot to say the least. I would of loved to show a daughter a thing or two yet it didn’t happen.
    I think all females no matter what age should enjoy sex when ever they so choose to. All ages should be taught the sensual side of sex and foreplay.

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