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Heavy Petting Zoo

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Katie shows her dad how to ride a horse…

Katie, my 11-year-old daughter, the twinkle of my eye, had loved horses for as long as I could remember, it was almost an obsession. This last summer, my wife and I had finally gotten her riding lessons, and she could not get enough of it. At least twice a month she was at a local ranch helping out, taking lessons, and spending as much free time there as possible. Although it was pretty damn expensive, it seemed to be a positive hobby for her to be involved in. Last weekend, she asked me to join her on a “beginner’s ride.” This is when I learned why she was so enamored with these large animals.

We showed up at the ranch, which sat about 20 miles west of town, at about 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I’d been horseback riding once years and years ago on vacation; ending up sore as hell and with a bruised groin, I promised myself I’d never do it again. Only because I wanted to be more involved in Katie’s life, I agreed to go through this torture once again. As we walked up to the nearest barn, there was an incredibly hot, short blonde with shoulder length hair.

“Dad, this Amber. Amber this is dad.”

“Well, hi, dad. Nice to meet you,” Amber said with a light laugh.

“Tim. My name’s Tim,” I replied.

“Amber has taught me EVERYTHING about horses,” my daughter interjected.

Amber must have been about five-two, and I was trying my damndest not to stare at her rather large breasts for such a tiny girl, she looked like they were going to tip her over. She was wearing a small, thin t-shirt with no bra, and jeans so tight you’d think they were painted on. I needed to come riding with my daughter more often. She proceeded to walk my daughter and I over to the far end of the barn, where she opened two pens and brought out a couple of horses that already had saddles on them. These things were huge, they must have weighed 1,000 lbs. each.

“Now, Katie knows her stuff, and you look like you’re in decent enough shape that I trust you’ll be able to handle this sweet old girl with no problem. You can show him the ropes, right, Katie?” Amber said confidently to my daughter, who nodded and said, “Oh, yeah. I can show him a thing or two.” Amber said she had other things to attend to, but that my daughter was capable of handling things from there.

I was given a gentle-mannered, beautiful brown mare named Lilly. Meanwhile, Katie had a lean, muscular stallion called Raven, because of his deep black color, who seemed oddly affectionate and frisky towards her. Katie showed me how to put one foot in a stirrup and lift myself up onto the top of the saddle; it must have taken me three tries because I underestimated how much effort it would take. Finally, I was able to get it right and felt halfway comfortable that I wasn’t going to slide off.

Then it was Katie’s turn to show me how it’s done. For whatever reason, she had worn a white tank top, with no bra (this seemed to be the trend today), along with tiny, little cutoff jean shorts and a pair of cute, western style boots. I wasn’t thoroughly convinced this was proper riding apparel, especially considering I’d never let her out of the house in shorts so small, but she was with her father, so I let it slide.

Katie put her left foot in the stirrup, and as she swung her right leg over the back of the horse, I could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The crotch of her jean shorts basically riding up in between the large outer lips of her hairless pussy. As she settled herself in, she looked back at me, smiled, and said, “What are you looking at?” I just sat there stunned as I pretended like nothing happened, but I could feel my jeans getting tighter. It was my own daughter, but I could tell there was swelling downstairs.

“This is the easy trail, so we can go on our own,” she explained. She gave me a few helpful tips, told me how to hold the reins, and so on along the way. It was just a simple, beaten path through some trees and hammocks. Every once in a while, we would cross a small stream. The nature was beautiful and calming.

As I followed about 10 feet behind my daughter, I could see her supple, little ass cheeks bounce and jiggle with every stride of the horse. I could tell the riding had definitely toned it up a bit. I became so fixated on it that I nearly fell off my horse.

Katie had noticed my distraction and mentioned maybe it was time for a break, which I thought couldn’t come soon enough. As we approached a small open field, we dismounted our rides. I thought it was slightly odd that she took Lilly and walked her about 50 feet away and wrapped the reins over a small tree branch. Then she took Raven’s and laid his over a branch about three feet in front of him.

Having worked up a bit of a sweat, she broke out some water bottles she’d brought along with us for the ride. After she handed me a bottle, she opened one up and began downing it, only to have about half of it miss her mouth and end up on her white tank top. As a result, you could see her quarter-sized, light brown nipples very distinctly beneath the thin, wet cloth. They slowly got hard as you could see the shape of her underdeveloped, yet perky breasts around them. It was like my own underage wet t-shirt contest. My eyes must have been popping out of my head.

“What? What’s wrong?” she said as she grinned at me. I shied away and tried to cover what once again was a huge stirring in my jeans. “It’s ok, daddy. This is the whole reason I brought you out here.”
“The whole reason you brought me out here? What do you mean??” I replied with a confused tone.

“It’s ok, we’re out here all alone. No one is going to bother us, except maybe him…” She turned and pointed at Raven, who snorted and dug his hoof into the ground. I had no idea what she was talking about. Grabbing me by the hand, she walked me over closer to where he stood. “Don’t worry, I was scared the first time as well,” she said as she sat me down on the grass. I was clueless and worried about what she meant.

She then walked over to Raven and slowly patted and rubbed his hind quarters. Standing only about four and a half feet tall, Katie’s short, yet statuesque body only came up to about ¾ the height of him. Her sandy brown hair contrasting his dark black color. Her left hand reached down and grabbed hold of the thick sheath that swung down below his stomach. I was in disbelief.

He reared up and came down hard. I was afraid his giant body would crush her tiny 80 lb. frame, but she calmed him down, and once again grabbed hold of the skin beneath his belly. Her hand squeezed and rubbed back and forth for only a minute of two, and slowly a thick, round penis emerged.

Katie ran her hand from the tip down to the base repeatedly. Soon, there was a giant schlong, that must have been three feet long and thicker than a baseball bat. It started off pink and then turned dark brown about halfway down. “This is why I wanted you to come with me,” she said, and as she continued slowly stroking this massive cock, the tip slightly more swollen. I’d never seen anything like it.

I was absolutely flabbergasted. My brain told me I needed to stop her, I needed to end it. Part of me was repulsed, the other part of me could not look away. My instinct kicked in and then I couldn’t even stop myself. Without even thinking, I found myself reaching down and unbuckling my belt and undoing my jeans. My sweet baby girl was masturbating a horse, while I had my growing dick in my hand. What the actual fuck?

Sagging because of its weight, Katie now had Raven’s meat fully erect at this point. She grabbed her still damp shirt by each side and lifted it up over her head, freeing her small, perky mounds underneath. They were no bigger than small A-cups, they wouldn’t even fit in your hand. Next came her little, short shorts, exposing her smooth, hairless pussy, and taut, round ass; you could probably bounce a quarter off it. Over her boots they went; she was now standing fully nude except her western footwear.

“See, daddy?” is all Katie said as she got down on her knees, making sure I was looking, she grabbed Raven’s giant meat and started licking the end of it. Holding it with one hand that didn’t even fit around it, she was making small circular motions around the large urethra with her tongue. The whole while she made sure to keep eye contact with me, now slowly stroking my own meat.

Katie turned so her back was toward the front of the horse, and now the monster was staring her right in the face. She cleared her throat, took a deep breath, then tried to squeeze the huge end of Raven’s penis in her mouth, it barely fit. While holding the head of his dick in her mouth, she grabbed the shaft with both hands and started slowly jerking it. She closed her eyes and started letting out a soft moan occasionally. She was definitely loving this. Every now and again Raven chortled and neighed, he was obviously enjoying this as well.

By now, I had my jeans shoved all the way down to my ankles, and I was hard as granite. At full attention, with veins protruding from my cock, I spit in my hand and slathered it across the round, cut head and ran it down to my sack. I thought I was pretty well endowed, sporting a thick, nine-inch cock, and very big balls. Raven on the other hand, he had a whale’s dick, and testicles the size of melons almost.

After a few more minutes of Katie orally pleasuring and jerking this equine beast, while occasionally making eye contact with me, and looking down at her own father’s prick. She stood up, brushed a little dirt off her knees, turned around, and bent over at the waist at about a 90-degree angle next to Raven. Steadying herself against his body with her left hand above her head, her right hand grabbed
Raven’s hanging phallus and rubbed the head up and down her wet slit.

Giving head to a horse had made her tiny, adolescent snatch sopping wet. A few seconds later, I could see the head of his horse dick shining with her slick pussy juices. She slowly pushed the end toward her tiny hole, backing off a moment then trying again. Eventually, as the giant head pierced her small hood, a wincing grimace on her face turned to one of pure euphoria. Her eyes closed and her mouth dropped open.

Daddy’s little angel had just put a horse cock up her tiny, little girl cunt. I don’t know why, but I was proud of her.

To start off, it was just the first few inches of the head that she was shoving inside of her miniscule twat. Rocking back and forth in a slow rhythm, the bulbous head disappeared, and then another inch, and then a few more inches, and before long, what looked like an entire foot of Raven’s mast was sliding in and out of my daughter’s cunt. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

Raven’s giant, meaty dick was driving in and out of her tiny minge, it was bigger than a grown man’s fist plowing my baby’s hole. Grunting and moaning with every thrust back onto his cock, Katie pointed at me and gave me the, “Come here” motion with her finger. Doing as I was told, I got up off the ground, shuffled off my jeans and removed my shirt, then approached. I could smell the beastly sex, and it drove me wild.

As I stood in front of my daughter, still continuing her rocking movement, she reached out for my stiff cock and began heartily sucking and licking. Katie was taking almost a foot of Raven’s shaft inside of her pussy, while slurping and gagging on her father’s prick. Who knew she had it in her, literally? I can only imagine the damage that fat, horse dick was doing to her insides.

I was losing my mind, her lips and tongue felt so good. Normally, I’d be surprised that she could fit my own dick in her small mouth, but considering what she had done to Raven, it was nothing. After being spit-roasted by her father and a horse for only about five minutes, I couldn’t contain myself anymore and knew I was going to blast my daughter’s throat if I didn’t pull out.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…” I said as I went to withdraw my fat cock out of her mouth. Instead, she grabbed each of my butt cheeks with her hands and shoved my manhood as far as it would go down her esophagus. I exploded and coated her tonsils with a month’s worth of semen, my orgasm pulsing and draining into her mouth. Swallowing with more gusto than I’d seen in any porno, Katie took every last drop. I was shaking with ecstasy.

Katie looked up at me, smiled, and said, “Thank you, daddy.” No longer shaking and gaining my footing again, I stepped back and continued watching Raven drilling her pussy. He started neighing and stomping his legs slightly. Katie grabbed his thick phallus with one hand and slooowly removed it from her sloppy vagina. The end was flared out and was practically double the circumference of the shaft. I thought to myself, “That was INSIDE of my little sweetheart’s cunt?!” It. Was. Massive.

She turned around and knelt back down before Raven’s giant penis. The exuberance he was showing must have meant he was going to climax as well, and Katie wasn’t going to miss it for the world.
Grabbing Raven’s flared horse cock, she tried to cram whatever she could of it into her waiting lips.

Her hands wrapped around it and started jerking vigorously, it began spasming and flinching, unloading what literally seemed like gallons of cum into her mouth, it wasn’t stopping. Her eyes got wide as she heartily tried chugging down as much as she could. There was just too much, and thick, white horse cum starting spurting and spraying from the corners of her lips, with even more dribbling down her chin.

After what seemed like forever, Katie withdrew Raven’s pink and brown schlong from her oral cum receptacle. She licked her lips and took a finger wiping anything she could off of her face and chin, and cleaned the finger like one would do to a chicken wing. My 11-year-old daughter had an insatiable appetite for horse cum.

Cleaning up the best we could with what water we had left over, we put our clothes back on and were about to head back to Amber’s barn. Before we got on the horses and got on our way, Katie wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big wet kiss on the mouth. Mixed with her saliva were the remnants of Raven’s sperm. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on again by it’s musky, salty taste, along with her soft, delicate lips. “This stays here,” she said as she looked me in the eyes. Don’t have to tell me twice.

As we rode up to the barn, I noticed Katie had some small drops of leftover cum about to fall from her chin. I was about say something and help her clean it off, but Amber walked up and grabbed the reins.
“Wow, must have been a good ride,” Amber commented as she reached up, using a her index finger to wipe up the drop of horse semen, then did the same as I’d seen Katie do by sticking it in her own mouth to clean it off. I smiled and shook my head. Needless to say, I will be spending a lot more time at the ranch with my baby girl.

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