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Going to Saturday morning pictures

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In the 60s going to the pictures with me Richard 14 and your 12 year old sister was thought to be safe .how wrong it can be but a nice time was had

I’m Richard Back in the 60 me and my sister pat would go to the Saturday morning pictures I was 14 and pat was 12 we would take the train one stop to get there afterwards we were allowed to play out but had to phone home letting our mum know we were OK and where we were going so she knew we had to be home by 6 .
One day we got into the pictures we like to sit at the back then you were first out we sat down in the middle.
A man came in he had a boy with him the man sat next to me The boy next to him the said hello I said hello back the first picture came on then there was a interval where you could get sweets I left pat sitting there and I got up to get the sweets having to pass the man and boy .
When I come back the man was talking to pat I sat down we were talking about the next picture coming on it was a weekly serie she said he’s name was John and the boy was jeff 13 ffhis grandson we watched the picture then left .
Next week we see John and his grandson again they sat next to us we were seeing them all the time John would bye us sweets jeff really did not speak.
One Saturday we see them they had a lady with them John said it was his wife Rosemary but Rose for short we would meet outside the pictures when we where going in John was at the tickets office he got all our tickets I tried to give him the money but he said no Rose was by the sweets counter getting sweets and drinks We have never did this alway in interval all in the called out to Rose who
was infront back row the middle seat in the back row was all taken so she walk down the back row on the right hand side noone was in that row instead of sitting in the middle was went right to the end and sat down I was behind her I turned john was behind me then pat and Jeff I stop two seats away from Rose so Jeff and John could sit next to her John said move up we’re ok to sit here I asked pat I’m fine so we all sat down .
Rose handed out some sweet to John so he could give them to jeff and pat .
Lights went off and the first weekly series started Rose stood up and took off her coat I looked Rose had on a
lowcut dress showing a lot of her bust I just stared at her the dress come to just above her knees so when she sat down it move up a bit more just showing the top of her stocking she asked me what had previously happened I turned to tell but she turned in her site I looked her legs were open but due to there being no light I could not see she was handing me some sweets put dropped them .
between her legs she had a bottle of drink in her hand .
She whispered could I get them I look round at John he was looking at the screen I turned back Rose’s legs dress was higher up her legs i said couldn’t see the sweets she said just fill for them my cock was rock hard I put my hand across and between her legs she moved forward in her seat I had felt up girls skirts before and put my fingers a little bit in there hole
After filling round and touching her legs found two of the sweets and removed my hand I said I got them Rose asked how many two I said and put them on my lap Rose said there was three can you finded the other one I still got My hands full.
Well as a 14 year old boy who was as horny as hell I couldn’t miss a chance to have my hand up a lady dress again I put my hand up her dress a little way filling round touching her stocking and tops said I cannot find it Rose said it must be further up so I move my hand up a bit I was now touching her skin between the stocking and her knickers no it not there go higher as moved my hand was again moved forward on the seat
My fingers found her cunt she had no knickers on I pulled away my hand still under dress i looked at Rose I couldn’t finded the other sweet she said like nothing had happened try going higher so I pushed my hand up filling round I found her cunt it did not have any hair on it I touch it Rose let out a moan as my fingers was trying to find the sweet she was very wet on the outside I said I still cannot find it Rose whispered it may have gone inside so I pushed a finger in Rose again whispered it may need two or three fingers inside to find it her breathing was heavy so I pushed other two in moving them about Rose got hold of my hand and started to move my fingers in and out Rose said keep doing that and took her hand away so I was now finger fucking her.
She put her hand on my trousers unzip them pulled out my hard cock and started to rub in I was so turned on I started to come John put a tissues over my cock so none went on my clothes I was shocked Rose got hold of my hand that was finger fucking her and was moving it really fast then she moaned her body shook her cunt got very wet she pulled my fingers out of her cunt brought them up to her mouth and sucked one then she put the other two into mouth said suck the juice of my fingers I did .
I then noticed Roses hands one was holding my arm that my fingers in her mouth the other one was between her legs so who had hold of my cock I looked and saw John rubbing it I saw his face and he just smiled.
I was hard again the pictures stop and the light came back on I put my cock away Rose put her coat back on.
I had missed all the pictures we got up and all lift the pictures outside John asked what had we planned for the afternoon pat said getting chips then going to the park Rose Spoke why waste your money when we could all come back to our house and I could make some chips and we have a slide and a swing .
Pat look at me please Richard we phone mum tell her we’re getting some chips then going over the park with the forest please Richard Rose said we have ice-cream as well and pop ok I phone mum told that we were having chips and going over to pine tree park she said be careful don’t talk to anyone behome round about ,6
OK and take good care of your sister mum put the phone down it just turned 11 15
We walked to the car park Jonn said its a 20 minute drive to there place
When we arrived we drove straight into the garage John got out turned the light in closed the door we got out went into the house into the kitchen
Wow pat said mum would love this we were shown in to a large living room big TV large sofa
John spoke to jeff told him to taken pat out into the garden and play mum will call you when the food is ready
John told me to take my coat off and sit down Rose came in and went up stairs, John asked me if I had a girlfriend on and off I said then he said did I like fingerings Rose’s cunt in the pictures I went very red and looked down John said it was ok .
Rose came down she had changed into a blouse and skirt .
As she walked by I looked the skirt was short she went into the kitchen
John then went up stairs leaving e
Rose call out you can turn the TV on and told me where the TV control was I found it and put TV on I sat watching it John come down he was in shorts and shirt he asked me would I like a drink yes please he call out to jeff and pat about the drink yes they shouted back so John went into the kitchen I could not see him do the drinks then came back and put the drinks on the table called out to jeff and pat to come in .
Rose had done the chips and chicken nuggets jeff and pat came in jeff went straight to the table sat down he call pat over she sat next to him John got up so did in and went to the table sat down Rose brought the food in she layed plates out then said dig in we eat the food and drunk the coke .
Jeff went upstairs so did John when they came down they had some games to play twister was one of the games pat shout let’s play twister
Rose saidwe will play straws
I was getting hot thirsty John got some more coke to drink j drunk it pat was given more coke and she drunk hers .
Rose said let’s have some fun if you move the straws while getting one out you have to take off a peace of
clothing jeff immediately said yes so did pat I looked at John it will be fun ok . The game started Rose first we all got through the first and second round then jeff loss both shoe off we all got through to the seventh round then john had to take off something both shoes I was fill very hot I asked pat she said yes she was very hot .
As the game progress jeff Rose and pat were down to the underwear Rose had see through bra and knickers pat had knickers and a training bra jeff boxers I had on my top and underpants with a hard cock ìn
John still had on top and shorts it got to John go Rose said its double if John move the straws after John go we play twister John had his go moved the straws he took off his top and shorts he was in boxes I could see his cock it was hard I saw pat look at it jeff he had hard on as well
So we started playing twister all our body were touching I was under Rose’s legs I could see her cunt
We all collapse in a Heap and was l laughing Rose suggested we should have brake as we all looked hot i asked the time it was only 2.00
I sat on the sofa Rose sat next to me with jeff next to her there was a large chair John sat on that with pat .
John suggested that we watched TV so Rose pick up the controller and turned in ok .
There on the screen was a man and a lady they were in there underwear talking in a foreign language Rose said to John you forgot to take the porn DVD out that we were watching last night on the TV the man had taken off the lady bra and i looked at pat when the lady removed the boxers pat eyes
widened John said to pat should we turn it off she just shook her head he looked at me are you ok with this yes
John had one hand round pat resting on her small tit the other was on her knickers I could see his fingers moving pat just sat there I was playing with my cock in my boxes when I looked at jeff he had taken his boxers off and was rubbing his cock
Rose got up and got some drinks I was thirsty she gave one to me and pat we both drunk it she did not give jeff a drink on the TV the screen had changed there was a girl playing with a man cock after drinking the drink I felt really relaxed Rose had gone and sat on the floor by John she was playing with his cock in his boxers John had removed his hand from pat knickers both hand was playing with her tits he had taken her top off .
Rose turned to me and said take your boxers off jeff move over to me and pulled them off he started to rub me I had forgot about the TV I was watching pat being played with she had her eyes closed.
Rose now pulled John boxers off she put one of pat hands on his cock she
Placed her fingers round his cock then she told pat to move her hand up and down pat did .
Rose got hold of pat knickers and pulled them right off pat had little hair round her cunt Rose call jeff over Rose opened Pat’s legs she told jeff to suck her cunt so he just went for it pat was moaning.
Rose stood up removed the rest of her clothes she kneel down infront of me and took my cock in her mouth and Started sucking it I looked over at pat John had moved her so that jeff had his cock bye pat cunt he was rubbing it up and down .
I grabbed hold of Rose’s with both my hands and pushed my cock as far as I could into her mouth and shot my load she swallowed all of my come .
I heard Pat cry out when I looked jeff had pushed his cock into pat cunt John told him not to go to deep I called out to Pat was she ok she looked at said yes it fills nice she was still rubbing John cock .
Rose was now sitting next to me watching pat she said she doing well jeff just getting her ready for John my cock was still harded Rose was rubbing it she asked me did I want to fuck her I nodded she stopped rubbing me she layed down on the sofa facing John chair told me to get between her legs I did this she got hold of my cock put in just in her cunt and told me to push it in I did it felt great and started fucking her.
I heard jeff moan and say he had come he pulled out and moved away i saw his come coming out of Pat’s cunt that was it I came in Rose’s cunt she was have her orgasms after she finished I pull out Rose and l sat up John now lifted pat over to the sofa layed her down next to me l looked at John he had something in his hand he put it up to pat nose and asked her to breathe in deeply through her nose and hold her breathe and count to three then breathe out he said do this three times she did
,Rose said jeff is rubbing her clit i said what’s that she took my hand and placed it on her cunt right on her clit she was so wet that it rub it nice and slow it well get bigger so I did .I could see pat lift her bum of the sofa John said she really . I looked at John cock it was about 8 inches long and quite wide
He pushed into Pat’s cunt I see about two inches went in he stopped pat eyes widened she said I fill full Rose was breathing fast she said the stuff John gave her was helping with the pain of taking her virginity I just carried on rubbing Rose’s clit she was now rubbing my cock jeff stopped playing with Pat’s tits he was now kneeling between his mum legs with his mouth on her cunt licking it while I’ll played with her clit.
Rose said look at your sister she just getting her first fuck John pushed again then stopped pat face did not change Rose said to her his next push is going to brake your hymen and it going to hurt a bit so be brave the pain will go pat look and said OK.
I was looking at pat then I felt a mouth on my cock it was jeff give me a blow job.
Then I heard Pat cry out John had pushed 3/4 of his cock inside he had broken her hymen John said she very tight he was all the way in he held it there he did not move until pat was ready Rose said put your hand on her belly she also told pat to do the same John started to fuck pat we could fill his movement of his cock then he started to fuck her long Strokes slow at first then faster pat said what happened to me l got these lovely filling Rose said you are having orgasms
I was having my own orgasms in jeff mouth Rose was sucking pat tits jeff finished sucking I was still hard jeff pulled me behind his mum he got the lubricant put some on he’s mum ass then told me to pushed my cock in her ass I did and started fucking her.
John said he was going to come he told pat to open her mouth just before I come I’ll pull out and come in your mouth after a few minutes he told pat to open her mouth she did John pulled out held his cock in pat mouth as he started to shooting he put it in her mouth and filled it full of come he told her to swallow it then push his cock in and said suck it she did I came in Rose’s ass I pulled out she took my cock in her mouth jeff was behind me he lubricated my ass then pushed his cock up my ass it was very painful John said the pain will go soon it did pat was still laying with her legs open and John come dripping out Rose pulled jeff and me by my cock between Pat’s opened legs line my still hard cock up with pat cunt then told jeff to push me forward so I went in to Pat’s cunt We start a rhythm so me and pat was being fucked we lasted a long time fucking John and Rose was fucking we all come with in seconds of each other it was great.
We all layed there John asked was we all OK yes he asked pat she said she was sore but OK yhe time was 4.45
Rose showed us the shower we did not get our hair wet got dressed John and Rose said they would drive us home I was in the back with Rose I was finger fucking her as soon as we got into the car She said try and get your hand in told me to make a fist and push it in I did it went in without much trouble pat turned round wow I need to do that Rose come in seconds John said we are getting near to your home I pulled my fist out Rose said wipe your hand on my dress Rose said to pat you are young wait till you are older before getting fisted as it could damage you from having children we pulled up a turning away from our home got.out pat said will we see you next week Rose said they were going away for a few weeks but they will be back John said don’t get caught fucking each other and Richard try fucking pat up the ass but use lubrication Rose said don’t tell them that pat said it looked fun we will try we both had a smile on our face as the drove away
We got indoor mum asked did we have a nice day we both said it was the best
Will hope to see Rose and John again

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