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Gerry Spies his Daughter

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A Daughter follows his daughter and colleague and gets an erotic surprise

Gerry was celebrating his 45th birthday with his family, friends and colleagues. His wife hired the local pub and surprised him with a party. The night was going great until Gerry noticed Carl, a forty-year-old work colleague, flirting with his eighteen-year-old daughter, Megan.

Megan was a beautiful, petite brunette with long hair, hazel eyes, a tight body, and a gorgeous pair of C cup tits. Gerry knew men of all ages lusted after his daughter, and for the party, Megan was braless, wearing a short, low-cut, red dress and heels, so he kept a watchful eye on his snaky colleague.

But when several rounds of tequila shots were shared out, Megan slipped from Gerry’s mind as he quickly became drunk, leaving Carl to flirt freely with his super cute teenaged daughter. Megan only popped into her father’s conscience again when he went to the toilet to take a piss.

Gerry stumbled out of the men’s toilets in time to see his daughter leaving the pub with Carl. What the fuck, he thought, before calling out to them. But the music was too loud, and people had congregated around the exit, talking and smoking.

Drunk, Gerry followed them outside, catching Carl slipping a firm arm around Megan and leading her into the alley that ran alongside the pub. Gerry’s heart began to pound, fearing the worst.

He knew his daughter was no angel when it came to boys, but Carl, a forty-year-old man and colleague of his? Gerry was beside himself, assuming what was about to go down. He didn’t care if he caused a scene. Gerry was determined to put a stop to whatever the pair were planning to do.

Turning the corner, he entered the alley to be confronted with total darkness. He put his hand on the wall and steadied himself until his blurry vision adjusted. To this day, Gerry doesn’t know why he didn’t call out his daughter’s name. Instead, he walked into the alley, looking for Megan and Carl.

When he found them, Gerry slipped into the shadows and froze, unable to believe what he was seeing. Carl had his daughter up against the wall, kissing her passionately while his hands were inside her dress, groping her young tits. Megan wasn’t playing innocent either, unbuckling and unzipping her father’s colleague before putting a hand inside his pants.

“Wow, you weren’t lying,” she gasped at the size of what she found.

“I told you it was big,” Carl chuckled, his ego inflated at the teenagers excited reaction as she took it out and started stroking him. “I’ll be gentle with you.”

“Why?” Megan smirked. “I came out here with you to get fucked.” Gerry felt a sharp pain in his chest, and a sudden aching sensation inside his pants.

“Oh, Megan,” Carl groaned as the teenager gave him a handjob while he pulled her dress down. “I’ve been dying to see your tits all night.”

Gerry didn’t know what to do, except stare intently at his daughter’s firm tits for the first time since she’d grown them, exposed and swollen with protruding nipples. The lust in Megan’s eyes caused him to swallow hard. She was giggling shamelessly with her young tits out, giving a handjob to one of his colleagues.

Carl did what any man would do in that situation, he cupped underneath the teenager’s bust and pushed her tits up towards his mouth. He grunted as Megan pulled his cock free, then he started sucking on her solid nipples, alternating from left to right.

Gerry felt nauseous, witnessing his daughter’s wantonness and Carl’s dominance. He wanted to throttle them both dead, but the only thing his hands were throttling that night was his cock. Hating himself for it, he found the scene too arousing to break-up or ignore.

The sight of Megan’s tits receiving a thorough groping and sucking while she stroked Carl’s cock, had him taking out his guilty erection while his colleague felt up his daughter’s sexy, young body.

“Get on your knees, Meg,” Carl demanded, pressing down on her bare shoulders.

Pre-cum oozed from Gerry’s glistening gland as he strangled his shaft and watched his daughter obey with a smirk of her own. Megan squatted down with her back against the wall and licked the head of Carl’s cock.

“Mmm, you know what to do, you sexy little slut,” Carl sighed, putting his hand on the teenager’s head, making sure his cock went inside her mouth.

Megan closed her lips tightly around his cock and began to suck like a slut. Her head bobbed back and forth as she stroked the shaft and sucked on the head.

“Ohhh, that’s it! Ohhh, fuck! I can tell you’ve done this before!” Carl gasped while Gerry stumbled backwards and forwards in shock.

Megan was moaning as she unknowingly spread her legs in front of her dad, who’s jaw had now dropped as he witnessed his daughter put a hand up her dress to touch her young pussy.

The teenager’s juices were flowing, her cunt was swollen with anticipation for the big cock in her mouth. She pulled the small, triangular patch of fabric that was her thong aside and began to rub her hot, sticky folds.

“What a sweet little mouth you have. Ohhhh, I’ve been imagining those sweet lips around my cock while we were talking in the pub,” Carl confessed, causing Gerry’s stomach to churn with anger.

“And now they are,” Megan grinned, swirling her tongue around his glossy dome as it glistened with her saliva.

“Mmm, does your dad know what a slut you are?” Carl smirked down at her, as he smeared pre-cum around his friend’s daughters moist, red lips, triggering more anger in Gerry.

“No,” Megan giggled, before devouring as much of the meaty length as she could with her small mouth. Gerry suddenly felt confused as jealousy brushed his anger aside. His precious little Megan definitely knew her way around a cock.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!” Carl tilted his body backwards, letting the horny teenager gobble him.

Gerry simply stood there with his breath becoming shorter and shorter, trying to make sense of his thoughts and emotions while he slowly stroked his hard cock. His attention and lust eventually homed in on what was happening in front of his eyes, rather than who was doing it.

“Stand up and face the wall,” Carl ordered, helping Megan up before turning her around. “Mmm, that’s it, put your hands out and spread those lovely legs for me, slut.”

Megan wasn’t put off by being called a slut. It turned her on even more, she was ready and excited to take her first big cock. The teenager was being a very naughty girl, fooling around with an older man in an alley, one of her dad’s work colleagues on her dad’s birthday.

“Ohhh, fuck, look at that ass!” Carl flipped the hem of Megan’s red dress onto her lower back, exposing her sexy, teenaged buttocks and the red thong disappearing between her tight cheeks.

“I want you to fuck me like a slut,” Megan instructed him, as Carl pulled the thong out of her ass and stooped behind her.

“Don’t worry, my little slut, I’m going to fuck you hard and deep before I fill you with cum!”

“Mmm,” Megan moaned, shaking her ass at him, only a few metres away from her dad.

Gerry was dripping pre-cum, rolling his foreskin back and forth. Nothing could bring him back to reality now, except the emptying of his swollen balls. The scene was dirty and nasty, he knew no father should ever see his daughter like that, let alone watch and masturbate over it.

Carl retracted his foreskin fully as he positioned his fat, bulbous head to enter Megan’s tight folds. She closed her eyes as soon as she felt it rubbing along her wet pussy lips. The teenager moaned at the wall and pushed her ass out further.

“Mmm, you hot bitch,” Carl hissed at her moving against his cock, desperate to have it inside her.

Gerry could see his daughters pretty face, full of lust and desire as she looked over her left shoulder and begged his colleague to ‘stick it in’.

Holding his cock, Carl slowly entered the teenager’s body, moving in and out of her tight cunt, while Gerry listened to the soft, sucking sounds of his daughter being stretched open as his colleague began to fuck her.

“Ohh, yes, nice and tight for my big cock!” Carl boasted, grabbing the teenager’s hips as he pushed his length into her petite body, going deeper and deeper. “Ohh, damn, you really are tight!”

“Uhhhh! Fuck!” Megan moaned at the wall, taking the thick penetration. “You’re stretching me!”

“Ohhh, yeah, but you can handle it. Your pussy is loving it!” Carl groaned.

“Uhhh, yes! Your cock is so big! I want to feel it deep inside me!” Megan panted, loving the fully stretched sensation. Gerry was mesmerised, stroking while he witnessed his daughter’s discomfort and sexual arousal.

“Ohhh, Megan!” Carl sighed, finding the perfect angle and rhythm to fuck the teenager. “You’re so damn hot and tight!”

As he fucked her young body, Megan’s teenaged cunt gave him a warm bath. Her juices flooded his cock as her pussy worked overtime to accommodate the length and girth inside her.

“Yes! Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Fuck me!” Megan screamed, spreading her legs further apart.

“Good girl, spread those legs for me.” Carl buried his cock to the hilt, deep inside the horny, tight teenager. “Are you ready to get fucked like a slut on your daddy’s birthday?”

“Yes! I’ve always wanted to have dirty sex like this! Uhhhhhh!”

Gerry stopped stroking as soon as he heard his daughter’s confession, but the shock was soon neutralized again by the lust he had for Megan behaving like a slut.

It was as raw as raw could be, sex in an alley with two people who didn’t seem to care about anything or anyone. Gerry’s discreet, voyeur presence made it seedier, masturbating as he watched his daughter getting fucked by his colleague.

“I’ll give you all the dirty sex you want! I’ll gladly fuck your tight cunt, day and night!”

“Uhh! Yes! I want to be used like a slut! Fuck my pussy harder!” Megan’s long brown hair hung down in front of her face, swaying with her firm tits and hard nipples.

“Ohhh, you want it harder! I’ll give it to you harder, you dirty little slut!”

Carl went further, he grabbed Megan’s arm and put a hand around her supple neck to pull her up and away from the wall. “Mmm, I want to watch those titties dance!”

Even though he knew Megan was complicit, Gerry thought Carl was being disrespectful towards her, as he held Megan up so he could maul her tits while he fucked her rotten, but it was his daughter’s slutty moans of wantonness keeping him in the shadows, stroking his cock.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Make me cum!” Megan panted.

“Ohhh, fuck! Imagine what your dad would do if he could see his precious little girl right now, see what a horny little slut his daughter is?” Carl was now fucking Megan against the wall like a cheap whore, thrusting his big cock in and out of her tight, wet cunt.

“Uhh! Yes! Like that! Fuck me, Carl!” the teenager moaned.

Gerry was close to blowing his load, watching his daughter getting ragged against an alley wall as Carl battered her young pussy with his cock.

Megan was completely submissive, overwhelmed by how how good the sex was. “Yes! I’m gonna cum, Carl! Make me cum!” she begged.

“You love an older man fucking you, don’t you, slut?”


“Mmm! An older man’s cock deep inside your young cunt!”

“Yes! I fucking love it!”

“Is this how you imagined your first, older cock, Megan?”

“Yes! It’s better! It’s perfect!”

“Say you love getting fucked by older men!”

“I love it! I love getting fucked by older men! Make me cum!”

“Are you going back to the party full of cum? Celebrating your dad’s birthday with your young cunt full of an older man’s seed?”

“Yes! Uhhh, fuck! Yes! I’m gonna cum!” The dirty talk drove Megan wild.

“Mmm, do it, slut! Come all over my cock! Ohhh, fuck! I’m going to send you back to your parents with my cum deep inside their little girl!”

“Do it! Fill me up!”

Carl pounded away at her pussy with gritted teeth, fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. Megan’s slutty screams of ecstasy echoed up and down the alley as her tight cunt convulsed around the thick shaft, massaging Carl’s cock to cum inside her. He grunted and pulled on her hips, bouncing her along his cock as she orgasmed intensely.

“I’m cumming!” Carl finally exclaimed, releasing a heavy load deep inside the wailing teenager.

“Give it to me! Fill me up!” Megan demanded, pushing off the wall to get his cock all the way inside her.

“Ohhhh! Fuck! Yes! Ohhhhh! Fuck, Megan!” Carl roared like a beast, ejaculating harder than normal.

Gerry couldn’t hold his load any longer. Watching his daughter fucked to orgasm and then witnessing his friend seeding her womb, sent him over the edge. Thick cum shot out of his cock, giving him his best orgasm in years.

Carl and Megan came down from their highs and started laughing. Gerry was devastated, his balls were empty, his cum splattered on the floor in front of him, his lust vanished. He could no longer bear to watch anymore. He put his shrinking cock away, wishing he had intervened at the start.

The embarrassment it would have caused all three of them was better than the self loathing he now had to endure, he thought, quietly slipping away as Carl helped his daughter with her dress.

Ten minutes after returning inside the pub, Carl entered alone with a big grin on his face. Gerry watched his colleague approach a few team members and join their conversation. He now hated Carl.

Then Megan followed, looking fresh after her visit to the lady’s toilet. Gerry put on a brave face when his daughter came up to him and pecked his cheek.

“Are you having a good time, dad?” she asked softly with an innocent smile.

“Where have you been? I was looking for you?” Gerry looked stressed.

“I went to the lady’s,” Megan replied with a straight face.

“Oh, you were gone a long time,” Gerry frowned.

“You know what girls are like when we go to the toilet,” Megan chuckled. “Anyway, I need a drink.”

Gerry watched his daughter at the bar with her mother, talking and smiling. He glanced down Megan’s dress, pausing his gaze mid-way, knowing Carl’s cum was inside her pussy and womb, wondering if she had any trickling down the inside of her thighs.

The thought caused his cock to stir, so he rejoined his friends to continue drinking and blot out the memory of what he’d witnessed on his forty-fifth birthday.

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