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G/F Groomed me #2

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I had to agree with Wendy; Parents should teach their kids the truth.

Wendy’s point was that only the parents could teach their kids the proper Sex Ed. lessons and values. I agreed, but that was only IF they were interested and we never would persist if the girls did not want to participate. All 4 of us discussed the topic together one evening after our dip in the hot tub, as we cooled off on the bed. The two daughters were definitely curious. They weren’t even shy about being nude with parents; but very curious as to why I was so big and hard. We explained; that happens naturally when a man becomes excited to be with a Woman he loves, becoming ready to mate with her. “Oh! The girls realized this was part of making babies and how babies grow in Mommy’s belly! Now they wanted to know what made the babies start to grow inside Mom and how the process happens. We told them we’d answer all their questions as best we could. First things first; it would be best to teach you about your own bodies and discover all the things you like and don’t like, by exploring yourself and what feels most pleasurable to You. Do You girls know about masturbation and touching yourselves where it feels the best ever? They grinned and blushed at the same time. OK, then you do know about that. No need to be embarrassed about it. Everyone does it. Some choose to deny it, but it is just a normal and natural part of life. We would like to share the correct names and functions of your private parts, so you can reap the maximum benefits for your pleasures. You are welcome to watch us as we love each other. If it bothers you, you can walk away anytime. You are not forced to stay if you are not comfortable with us. “It’s OK, It’s OK, we wanna watch!” Wendy took hold of my raging hard dick and went down on it with eager lips and strokes at the same time. Right away, the girls expressed their “eeuuwws” Mom, that’s gross! He pees with that! Wendy told them it felt so hot and smooth in her mouth and she loved the taste of my horny juices that cum from the tip of the crown. It’s called pre-cum and it’s quite sweet and salty. Someday you’ll find out for yourself. She continued stroking and sucking me, cupping my balls and rubbing behind my balls at the base of my cock. Then Wendy came up from sucking me to stroke the length of my pole, showing off my erection and how my cock was dripping already. I thrust into her hand showing how horny I was feeling. The girls were both watching with wide eyes and biting their lips as Wendy tugged and stroked my aching dick. She went down to lick my pre-cum off and I had to tell her I was almost at the point of no return. Two more strokes and My spasms began. My ejaculation was more urgent this time and far more explosive having two young girls watching. My balls were aching and I had no control now, thrusting and groaning and shooting with extreme pleasures. My semen erupted shooting stream after stream at Wendy as she caught it on her big TTs and her face and in her mouth. The last two spurts ran down her hand and fingers. She licked it from her fingers. The girls were still wide-eyed and asking why would you want to eat it, Mom!? Wendy replied; because I love him so much and it tastes like heaven to me! Do you want a taste too? NO, was their answer; but they both asked if they could see that happening again? It looks so awesome to see his cream spewing like that. Wendy explained that men can only shoot their cum a few times a day, with some time to recharge between ejaculations. The girls, Jessy, the oldest, and Amanda the younger one, both wanted to try to make me shoot like that again. Asking us if they could have a turn to feel my cock and explore my balls and feel the spasms while I was shooting so hard. Wendy told them that maybe in time we’d allow that, but not just yet. There is so much more to learn first. We need to teach you about your special parts and how to make you feel just as good or better. Besides, Mommy wants a turn to cum before that. It’s Mom’s turn to cum off now. Do you want to watch me have an orgasm this time? I know you’ve heard me having sex by myself, but have you seen it in person yet? No, Mom, we were afraid to disturb you. We didn’t know what was happening. Well, it was nothing to fear Dearies! Just Mommy having great feelings.
While you are feeling so good and perhaps even Hot, Would you like to know more about your secret sexy parts and what happens to your body when you are feeling so excited? “Yes, Yes, Please tell us.” I was getting hard again with their excitement. I suggested that Wendy lay back on the bed and we would show the girls all about the special secret sexy wet pleasure spots that Women have to enjoy. Wendy asked the girls if that was OK with them. Their immediate reply was an excited “YES Please”! Wendy laid back, lifted her knees, and opened her legs wide. She was shaved clean and smooth. Her luscious fat labia were fully engorged and so hot pink. I was already fully erect and pulsing with every heartbeat. Wendy was so wet that her vagina was drooling with her sex candy. I noticed a drop of pre-cum on my tip also. I opened Wendy’s pussy lips wide and showed the daughters her vulva, labia, and vagina. Then I pointed out the special little pink pearl we called the clitoris or clit. This is a most important pleasure spot. A Lady will likely enjoy the most pleasurable intense excitement being stimulated there. The other part of the clit. is up inside the vagina, on the inner front wall of the vagina. There is a ribbed bulb-shaped bump known as her G-spot. As the woman becomes more and more excited, this bulb gets hard and filled with liquid too. When the clit is stimulated at the same time as the G-spot, it will soon result in an extreme orgasm for the Woman normally, causing her to spurt liquid from her pee-hole and spray as she has an orgasm, if she feels the urge to push as her orgasm cums to completion. Wendy was getting so excited from the explanation and having her girls watching while licking their lips! Then I asked Jessy and Amanda if they wanted to watch their Mom lose control and have an orgasm. “Yah! Do it! We wanna See it!! I went down on Wendy, licking her open pussy and flicking her clit as fast as I could with my tongue. That was her favorite warm-up for full penetration as well as having me explode fully inside her so she could feel my cock spasms and my ejaculation hitting her deep inside. For now, we were going to see Wendy squirting her sex juices as she had an orgasm. I stopped just before Wendy was about to spray my face. I explained that to help the girls see it happening, we needed to do the 69 position with Wendy on top, so I could show how I was licking her clit while holding her pussy open.
Then I could also massage her G-spot since it was openly visible when Wendy was so excited and pushing outward as her orgasm spasms started. Changing positions just added to the anticipation and intensity for the females. I got a huge mouthful of pussy cum and a few more spurts of her candy as Wendy came off on my face. Her contractions were clearly visible to all of us. WoW! That was amazing! Mom, You came like a hose all over his face! You soaked him! I told them all, it tasted so clean and pure as well as sweet like sex candy!!
We soon fell asleep all together on the big bed, well after 1 AM. I just remember the young girls still masturbating and whispering along with some giggling. Morning came with hot feelings all over my erection again. Wendy said she wanted to feel it grow in her mouth. Then the girls awoke to see Mom already sucking her favorite toy.

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  • Reply P ID:mkse20i

    Fuck I need to get laid and fuck your daughters and lose my vcard [email protected]

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    So true my Grandparents taught me at 12 to enjoy fucking cock and I’m 46 now and a total married slut with two daughters and lucky enough to be married to a very understanding husband who loves to see me and our girls get fucked my his friends, Love Emma. H from Australia.

    • Tazzee ID:5kaqzv8dgzd

      Hi emma where are you would love to play with the girls

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Tassee, I’m in Ipswich Queensland living on a hobby farm with my two daughters one dog and four lovely (Male) ponies, my daughters are 12 and 14 and both love cock as my husband and I taught them at a early age, both have bald cunts and my 14 year old has developed nice puffy tits that stand out.

    • Uncle Buck ID:1cn9clc4foy9

      Damn Emma. I would love to come visit you and your girls.

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Hi Uncle Buck, love the name it seems like so many guys want a young cunts to fuck, my girls are NO virgins and have been fucking for a long time and do enjoy male company and age has no barriers with them, as my husband has been fucking them for ages, Cheers Emma.

    • Daddy ID:1csnb3058zem

      Emma your husband is lucky to have two underage daughters to fuck. I prefer younger girls but hearing you describe your 14 year olds boobs as “nice puffy tits that stand out” had me cumming like crazy.

    • We're all going hell ID:fzq7a65m2

      What the fuck bro

    • Still working on finding a good name ID:7r053cf8ra

      Emma, be careful. Not all guys are nice to the kids. Some think it’s ok to hurt the kids. If you and your husband watch the kids, I hope you also protect them from the bad guys.

    • Yng lover ID:cor6b75hl

      Ur family sounds great I love yng and animal sex hit me up on session


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      Daddy i wrote about my experience with my boyfriend’s Dad , it’ll be published in 24hrs.
      I’m 17 and i love to be fucked my older men enough to be my dad while they stuff my panties in my mouth.
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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1cnon6clk8ar

    This is how it should be the parents teaching their kids all about sex NOT the Government controlled school system. Every one of my daughters female friends like 10 of them all together learned how to have amazing sex because I guided them. To this day every one of them are very successful in life, careers and sex with every one will still fuck me to this day even married.

  • Reply Theo ID:72yt3eafib

    If anyone wants to talk more about this stuff and hear about a group: 05f4d5e3f2f8b450a988b087284d17ae806a3eb2a12bc9406785523aa381b4904e