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Mothers love for her boy

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My boy got his first erection and I lusted for it. I gave him his first sexual experience. I love my Tommy.

Me and my little boy, Tommy, spent the day outside playing football and feeding the ducks in the park, we did this every Saturday because it was the only way to get rid of all his energy and get him to sleep at night. When we returned home that afternoon we decided to so some baking in the kitchen, it had been a while since he’d had a nice treat so we made some choc chip cookies and chocolate buns.

As usual he made a right mess of the kitchen and himself, flour, chocolate, butter, sugar all over the counter tops and kitchen floor, and, as usual, he’d managed to get more ingredients over himself than in the bowls and baking tins, when we’d finished baking the cookies and buns we put them on the counter and let them cool, “Look at the state of you” I said, playfully, we had a giggle as we made more of a mess throwing food at each other.

“Rite you, little monster.” I said, tickling him, “Time to give you a bath. Up stairs, come on.” I added, chasing him out of the room and up the stairs.

When I finished filling the bath I got out of my clothes and wrapped myself up in my bathrobe then went to his room to get him, he was sitting the floor playing with his trains, “Come on, Tommy, bath time.” I said, picking him up and carrying him in to the bathroom, I took off his dirty clothes and sat him in the bath, then I removed my robe and got in with him.

We splashed around for a while, playing with his bath toys, then I washed him down, he always protested when I washed his face, like most children do, but he let me do it, “Can I wash you, Mommy?” he asked, “Okay.” I replied, handing him the sponge, he started by washing my arms, then my face, then rubbing the sponge on my chest and around my breasts, he always complimented me on my boobs, “Nice boobs, Mommy.” He’d say, it always made me laugh, then as I was washing some soap from my eyes I felt him rub his hand against my pussy, “Ooh..” I yellped, he giggled thinking it was funny, “You’re not meant to touch that.” I said.

“Why?” he asked.

“That’s mommy’s special area.” I replied.

Then he put on a really innocent face, “Sorry, mommy.” He said.

“That’s okay, baby.” I said, giving him a loving hug, then I picked him up and got out of the bath, I wrapped him and myself in a big fluffy towel and I carried him on my arm in to his bedroom, I sat down on the bed and sat him next to me and started to dry him with his towel, “You look lovely and clean now.” I said, kissing him on the forehead, he giggled when I accidentally tickled him, “What?” I asked.

“..Tickles..” he giggled.

“Oh..” I said, then mischievously, I tickled him again, and again, he couldn’t stop giggling, he flopped backwards on to the bed as I continued to tickle him, I leaned down, pressing my lips against his belly and making fart sounds with my mouth, then I stopped, I froze, after noticing his little willy had become erect.

Tommy noticed I’d stopped and then looked up at me, then noticed his willy, “What’s wrong with my willy, mommy?” he asked, sounding concerned.

“It’s okay, baby. It;s perfectly normal. Don’t worry…” I replied, smiling, reassuringly, he smiled back and lay back down, playing with a toy car that he’d left on the bed.

I should have explained to him what was happening, given him the mother and son biological talk, but I wasn’t ready, he hadn’t even gone through pubity yet, in fact I should have told him to dry and dress himself, but instead, I found myself looking at my beautiful little boy, staring at his little erect willy, and I was licking my lips, I loved my boy, at that moment I was lusting for him in a way no mother should, maybe it was because I’d had him at such a young age, I was only 14 when he was born, his father didn’t stick around and I haven’t had a lot of sexual experience myself, Tommy has been the only man in my life since he was born, I was 25 now, and this was the first time I’d seen an erection in years.

“…Mommy will take care of it.” I said, I raced across the room and closed the door, I don’t know why I did that, we lived alone so its not like anyone was going to walk in, it just felt like the right thing to do, I’d always done it when I was a teenager and wanted privacy.

When I returned to the bed I kneeled myself on the floor infront of Tommy’s legs, he was still laying flat on the bed, playing with his toy car and his legs dangling over the side of the bed, lightly swinging back and forth playfully, innocently, I shuffled myself closer, spreading his legs to either side of me so I was pressed up against the bed, I placed my hands on his knees and gently rubbed up and down his legs.

“Are you okay, baby?” I asked.

Tommy nodded and grunted in response, having fun making car engine sounds.

I stared at him little 4 inch erection for a few moments before reaching out and gentle touching his little sack, it was soft but firm, hanging tightly between his legs, he giggled briefly as my finger tips tickled his tiny balls, as he continued to play with his car, blissfully unaware of my intentions, I gently gripped his shaft with two fingers and my thumb and lifted it up off his stomach, with it pointing to the ceiling I started to rub it up and down, as his forskin pulled back, it revealed his shiny tip, it looked so smooth and juicy, I licked my lips again, and my heart rate increased.
He skin felt so soft, so fresh, so new, so innocent, I couldn’t resist any longer, I leaned my head down and licked his sack, then rolled my tongue up his shaft, all the way to the tip, I let out a deep breath of erousal, his willy twitched when my warm breath blew over it.

“What are you doing, mommy?” he asked, lifting his head briefly to see what I was doing.

“Mommy’s taking care of it, baby.” I replied.

“Okay” he replied, “Feels nice, mommy.” He added.

I could hardly believe that he thought it felt nice, he shouldn’t even have an erection at his age, never mind enjoy what I was doing, “Good, baby. Good.” I said, then I licked his shaft a couple more times, up and down, up and down, then as I reached his tip, instead of rolling my tongue back down his shaft, I tilted my head foward and slid it in to my mouth, I pushed my lips up and down his erection, coating it in a layer of saliva, the feeling of it pressed against my tongue was so beautiful, and he tasted like cookie dough.

I rubbed my hands up and down his entire body, over his soft silky skin, while continue to suck on his shaft, it was only 4 inches, due to his age, but it was plenty and fit perfectly in to my mouth, in fact, I could probably fit everything in to my mouth, so I tried, I widened my lips and took his sack in to my mouth at the same time as his willy and held it there, with the tip of his willy twitching against the back of my throat, I flicked his little balls with my tongue.

“Ungh” he groaned, with joy, “Mommy…” He said, he dropped the car and began to breath heavilly, his little body activating its sexual impulses, he was too young to understand what was happening to him.

I popped his package out of my mouth, “Does it feel nice?” I asked.

He quickly nodded, “Yeah” he said.

I leaned across the bed and kissed him on the lips, he threw his little arms around my shoulders, and I rubbbed and tugged his erection while kissing him like he was my lover, he was a surprisingly good kissed for a 11 year old, his lips were bright red and always sparkling and moist, they’re so pretty at this age, “Ungh – Ungh” he groaned, enjoying having his willy jerked.

His arms flopped to the sides of him, so I worked my way back down, kissing him all over as I moved, kissing his kneck, his chest, his stomach, I gave his tip a little kiss before sliding the sucker back in to my mouth and continue to suck on it, by now it was really hard, still only about 4 inches long, but hard as a rock, I felt so much pride for him, I’d made this boy, he was only 11 and already well on his way to becoming a man, a very ‘big’ man.

“Ungh – Ungh” he groaned, over and over, “Mommy. Ungh” he groaned, as his hips started to thrash around.

I sucked faster and faster, sliding my hands under his bottom, squeezing his soft little buttocks and helping him push his hips up, ramming his cock in to my mouth, it pounding against the back of my throat, and he was enjoying every moment, he started to groan with pleasure, more and more, “Ungh – ungh – ungh – Mommy – ungh – mommy – ungh –ungh”

“Don’t be scared, baby, let it happen.” I said, briefly pulling away from his cock before quickly putting it back in to my mouth, then his body suddenly went rigid, his back lifted and arched off the mattress with his head thrown backwards, his tiny hands clutching handfulls of bed sheet, hanging on for dear life, “Ooo-arrrggh-ungh” he screamed, with ecstacy, as a surge of orgasmic energy shot through his little body like lightning.

I felt his little cock swell against my lips, and a warm fluid settled on the top of my tongue, I froze briefly in surprise, can a 11 year old really ejaculate, I thought to myself, then, as Tommy’s body settled and went limp back on to the mattress, he lay there with his eyes closed and smiling, his chest moving rapidly up and down as he caught his breath, I slid my lips off his now shrinking willy and kept my lips closed tight as his willy plopped out of my mouth.

After a few moments I held my open hand against my chin, leaned my head forward and slowly opened my mouth, allowing whatever was in my mouth to slow out on to my hand, sure enough, there it was, a small pool of white sticky fluid, Tommy had actually ejaculated in to my mouth, I chucklked with both surprise and happiness, then quickly lapped up my baby’s seed out of my hand and after savouring the sweet taste of my boys first load, I let it slide down the back of my throat, he tasted so so sweet.

I licked and kissed his shrunken willy and then leaned over him, placing my head next to his, “Are you alright, baby?” I asked, stroking his hair, he blinked open his little eyes and smiled at me, then rolled on to his side and wrapped his arms and legs around me, “Love you, mommy.” He said, sounding very happy.

I hugged him back, squeezinghim tightly against me, “I love you too, Tommy.” I said, “My beautiful baby boy.” I added.

We both fell asleep laying on the bed together, I was in disbelief at what just happened, not because I was ashamed, but because he had an erection, he enjoyed me sucking him off and more surprisingly he actually came in my mouth, Tommy fell asleep, bless his little heart, he was exhausted, his little bodies senses must have been overloaded with pleasure. Maybe next time he can play with Mommy, I’m sure 4 inches will fit in to my pussy just fine, we’ll see.

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  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:74uvwnrb0c

    Mmm wish I was that boy! So nice mommy!

  • Reply King ID:1dc4ffptpv5w

    Brilliant story

  • Reply King ID:1e8i3qwkzzbo

    Lovely story

  • Reply Neighbour ID:ndoolent0i

    Nice story. I lived next door to this lady and her teen son. They had a bachelor flat. One day i had to let the plumber into their place. I was surprised to see just one bed in the room and no couch in the lounge. I use to share drinks with her on weekends so i decided to get her little more tipsy than usual and then just as i suspected there was hanky panky going on between mother and son. She was 36 and i was 45 and we both widows and my kids were all grown uo and left home. The boy was 15. Lets just say she was neighbourly and shared him with me. I was a widow for more than 12 years then and that first time that young man got into me felt like loosing my virginity all.over again. But glad it happened.

  • Reply Mom ID:ndooler6ij

    My older son developed a fascination for me ever since he got to puberty around 12. Second son was same.
    Sexual tension built up and as they got to 18 things spiralled out of control. My husband walked in on us. I thought my marriage and life was over. But things took a strange twist.

  • Reply Tony ID:1gt0sj566ib

    Love this story reminds me of me when I was younger my mother played with my cock for as long as I can remember

    [email protected]

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    I remember when I was 10 yrs old. I went to my neighborhood aunt for some reason. She took me to the bedroom and made me stand on the bed and after she leaned over my small penis and then she took my both small penis and balls in her mouth and started sucking… Ohh God I still can’t forget that feeling and shivering…

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    Mail won’t go thru

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    Hi Mom
    Oh yes I have stories to tell of when I was young

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    Do yoi also have anything to share?

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      Mom I do t know if your on here anymore but I have an amazing story to share if you want to hear it

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    Looking out for part 2

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    Guys can have erections snce the moment they are born, they just can’t ejaculate until puberty

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    I’m 45 years old. I got my first erection when I was 5 years old while seeing this “Gentlemen Prefer Hanes” pantyhose commercial. Next thing I know, I strip naked and start rubbing my penis on my mom’s pretty, silky smooth leg.

  • Reply Tj ID:pvy5n2v9c

    email me at [email protected] I wish I could fuck my son

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      I would write to you privately if this is still your email address

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    That is so beautiful

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      Hey mommy

    • Naughty aunt ID:ndoolep20a

      My nephew was 12 when he had his first erection while cuddling with me while watching tv. I didnt have any for 3 years since my husband passed away. Just like in the story my urges got the better of me

  • Reply Anna ID:7zv3fpy08m

    Ok the way she told story I thought he was much younger than that not 11 lol

    • Tom ID:g4sccfxzj

      I think the same, with 11 he should alrdy know what mom is doing. question is you still like the story if he is way younger than 11? 😉

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      I totally agree. This boy was way younger than 11. Me and all of my friends had our first ejaculation before the age of ten and were completely aware of many things sexual before then. This boy was also described like he was half the age that she claimed. But I’m not sure she could admit that. We are all just guessing here. Only she knows the truth. It was a really good and hot story though.

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    This is nice,i hope it has part 2 where Tommy fucked your pussy.

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    Part two