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Forced to watch my sister get raped

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Two drunk drug addicts forced me to watch one of them rape my little sister on a picnic table, then they forced her to suck my cock.

When I was 13 I was forced to watch my 10 year old sister get raped in the park.

It was a Sunday afternoon and my sister, Dana, and I took our bikes to ride around the local park, there were a lot of people there when we arrived, but it got cloudy and looked like it was going to rain, so people started leaving, as the park emptied I needed the toilet so we stopped at the public toilets and I went in and had a wee.

When I came back out I was grabbed from behind by a woman who hooked her arms in mine holding my arms behind my back so I couldn’t move, then I saw a man holding Dana in front of him with his hand over her mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing, get off my sister! – let go of me!” I shouted, stamping on the woman’s foot.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side, then whispered in to my ear, “Be quiet or we’ll kill your sister.” She said, her breath stunk of alcohol and she smelled like tobacco, they were a couple of drunk druggies.

She marched me over to the man and Dana, the man started rubbing his hand up her leg and up her skirt and touching her inappropriately while she sobbed, “Pretty little thing isn’t she. What’s her name?” he asked me.

“Get off her!!” I snapped, trying to struggle free from the woman’s grip and help my sister, I love my sister and it was my job as her big brother to protect her, but I couldn’t, then the woman slapped me, “Answer the question!” she snapped.

“Dana. Her name’s Dana.” I replied.

“Dana. Hi Dana…” he said, then he pulled her hair back and then licked the side of her face, “…Mm – She tastes good.” He laughed.

He picked her up, turned around and laid her down on top of the picnic table, then he reached up her skirt and tore off her panties, then he twirled them around his finger while laughing, then he rubbed them on my face, “Sniff those.” He laughed at me, then he took them and stuffed them in to her mouth.

He then unbuckled his jeans and dropped them and his boxer shorts to his ankles, then he grabbed my sister by her hips and forced himself between her legs, I could see his erect cock sticking up and knew what he was going to do, “No! – Dana! – No! – Get the fuck off my sister!!” I screamed angrily, desperately trying to help her, then the woman put her hand over my mouth to shut me up.

“Go on, do it, do her.” The woman laughed.

I heard her muffled screams as he forced his cock inside her, “Wooohw! – Your sister is a good fuck.” He laughed out, fucking her on the picnic table right in front of me and there was nothing that I could do to help her.

She was crying, I was crying for her, and the man and woman were just laughing the entire time.

A few minutes later it started to rain heavily but he kept going, then he turned his head and looked at me smiling, “Watch this kid.” He grunted, then he thrust in to her very hard several times and then tilted his head back to look at the sky, his body went stiff and he groaned out loud with the rain pouring on his face, “Ooooaaaah – Woooo – Hu – Hu – Huuu!” he had come inside my sister.

Then he pulled it out of her and Dana was just limp on the picnic table, as he pulled up his jeans and put his filthy cock away, he looked at me, “What’s the matter didn’t like watching that?” he asked.

I just gave him a look as if to say, “Fuck you asshole. If I was free now I’d rip your balls off.”

Then he laughed, “I’ve got an idea. Bring him closer. Bring him here.” He said to the woman, who marched me forward.

Then he grabbed my sisters leg and dragged her off the table like she was trash and on to the floor, “Pull his shorts down.” He said to the woman, who did as he asked and yanked down my shorts, exposing my cock.

He kneeled down beside Dana and forced her to sit up on her knees, then he took her hand and placed it on my cock, “Give it a good rub princess.” He said.

Dana was crying and did as he asked and she rubbed my cock until it was erect, I tried to not get an erection but I couldn’t help it.

He pulled her panties out of her mouth, “Now suck it.” He said to her.

She looked up at me all tear eyed, I shook my head telling her no.

Then he slapped her across the top of her head which hurt her, “Ouch.” She cried.

“Do it. Suck your brothers cock. NOW!” he yelled.

“It’s okay, Dana.” I said to her, I figured to just get it over with and they’ll leave us alone.

She put my cock in her mouth and started sucking on my cock, I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else, anything else, but her warm mouth felt so good sucking on my hard cock, I couldn’t think of anything else other than how good it felt being sucked off.

After a few minutes I felt myself coming, and I tried to hold it back, I really did, but the pressure in my cock was too much to handle, and I had no choice but to release and shoot my sperm in to my sisters mouth, the man held her head in place so she had no choice but to swallow it all before he’d let her go.

He and the woman laughed at us, “Ha-ha-ha – I bet you liked that didn’t you.” He said, “Well, this was fun kids. See you around.” He said, and the man and woman let go of us and walked off.

The woman picked up Dana’s panties and handed them to the man, “Souvenir.” She joked.

Dana and I hugged each other tightly, and we both cried while getting soaked in the rain.

We got our bikes and slowly started walking home, I wanted to tell mom and dad what had happened but Dana wouldn’t let me, she was too embarrassed and felt too humiliated about the whole thing she made me promise never to tell anyone what happened.

So I didn’t, until now.

It was a very traumatic event for both of us, and I’m stuck with the memory of not only watching my sister get raped, but also the memory of her being the first girl to ever suck my cock and swallow my sperm, that is my first sexual memory, burnt in to my brain forever.

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  • Reply Jenicamiller73 ID:1cm4x4euhy0b

    I loved it wish that was me laying on that picnic table having my brother watch me get fucked

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      you you wish that while he was forced to watch you been raped that he was forced to fuck you and cum inside you

    • Jenicamiller73 ID:1cm4x4euhy0b

      They should’ve forced her brother to fuck her

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      yeh and breed her when possible

  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Does it make you hard when you think about it

  • Reply [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

    you should start raping her ass

  • Reply Gonzo ID:2qj59q2a3e6

    YOu act like it was a mortal sin which it is NOT. Sex is natural as breathing and every young girl dreams about a stiff cock between their legs.

  • Reply Worried about you dearly! ID:4bmz0tu0k09

    Im really sorry that you and your sister had to go through this. You both must be traumatized by this. I hope that you both could overcome this like the warriors you both are!

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    You should of had a contest who could rape her hardest

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Sorry you were both traumatised, but great fun for us to read about!