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The Family Games- Chapter 12

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Glynn caught his sister coming out of the bathroom on Sunday morning. She was still glowing but looked a little mussed as if she had gone through a long and gruelling night.

“Hey, sis… how did it go? He locked the door, “I couldn’t ease into your room to watch from the closet, but I wanted to.”

She smiled. “It’s a good thing Dad and Mom sleep in different rooms; he’s still in there all wrapped around Jean. Now he’s fucked all three of us women, just as you have.”

“All three… oh yeah, including mom. I heard her moving around downstairs a while ago. She slept the night through.” Glynn held his sister’s hand. “I’m wondering how I can get Jean and Mom together today. Got any ideas?”

“How about if I split with Dad? We can say we’re going up to his office or something. Then you can use little Jean for turning on Mother and ball her yourself.”

“Good enough,” he said, feeling a lift of anticipation at the idea of swinging with the little redhead and his mom. “But you know something? I’m missing your pussy, sis. I hope it doesn’t take much longer before we can all be together you, me, Mom and Dad.”

Her kiss brushed his mouth and she said, “Hang in there, Glynn. I’ll go get them up so we can have breakfast; all of us need the vitamins.”

When she darted back through the bath, he went downstairs, eager to see his beautiful mom again.

It felt funny, he thought, talking about fucking with his sister, discussing their sex life openly and upfront, but there were a lot of things changing around here since the plan had gotten moving. With any luck he and Lorena ought to be able to work out the rest of it, getting his old man and mom together again.

“Hi, mom… smells like pancakes. Did you know that Jean stayed over last night? No, I guess not; you were asleep when she came after Lorena called her.”

His mother was dressed in hip-snugging slacks, black and slinky, with a see-through white blouse. A bra cupped her opulent breasts, and he wished she didn’t have it on, so he could see those great nipples.

She said, “Oh? Did you and Jean have fun?”

He came up to her and put his arms around her slim waist, tugging her close so he could feel the shape of her ass against him. “Didn’t touch her, Mom, I swear. But if we can get Dad and Lorena out of the house again, I think I can have her spend the rest of the day here… with us.”

“I… I don’t know,” she said. “Everything looks different in the hard light of day, dear. Besides, your father took your sister along yesterday. He won’t want to.”

He rubbed against her, his cock getting hard at the merest touch of her beguiling ass. He wanted to slide his shaft between those pear-shaped cheeks and move up and down, maybe prod her hidden asshole a little before lowering the head and pushing it thrillingly into the hot, wet grip of that fantastically beautiful pussy.

“Don’t be a copout, Mom; I won’t let you. Last night you were all up on the idea of Jean with us, making love, and I can just about guarantee that Lorena will haul Dad off again this morning.”

She trembled against him and said softly, “All right; I just couldn’t resist my eager young lover, even if I tried. If they go out, I’ll go right to my room, and you can bring Jean there. Have you talked to her about it?”

“I’ll get to her right after breakfast,” he promised and stepped back, letting go of his mother’s body as she heard footsteps on the stairs.

They ate quickly, with Lorena and him carrying most of the conversation, and when they were having a second cup of coffee, his sister announced that she was going to the office with their father.

“Some files to catch up on,” his father said without looking up from his plate, “and Lorena volunteered to help.”

Surprisingly, his mom said nothing in return, no putdown as she would normally have done. It was pretty nice, Glynn thought, not to have his parents cutting at each other all the time. He followed Lorena out to the station wagon because she motioned him to, and there she whispered in his ear that she would go away for about two hours.

“That will make it about noon when we come back, Glynn. Leave all the doors unlocked, and I’ll accidentally let Dad see you putting it to Mother, with Jean right there helping. Just a glimpse to shake him up real good, then I’ll back him out. It’s the next logical step.”

Glynn said, “Well, all right, but I’m still a little shaky about him seeing me and Mom.” He saw his dad coming around the car and split, his belly tightening. Sure, he thought, it all seemed very logical and simple, but what if his old man shot off his cock? Dad might figure it was fine for him to stick his daughter, but he might not want his boy sticking his wife.

Back in the house, he saw his mother and Jean cleaning up the remains of breakfast and heard the dishwasher going. This kind of thing could turn a worried guy into a juice head, he decided, but voted against a beer on top of hotcakes with syrup. He compared the two… his mother was tall and willowy but with flared hips and long, eye-catching legs, and Jean was small and cute, put together like a doll. Mom’s hair was black as night, and Jean’s was flaming red.

They seemed to be getting to know each other, laughing and whispering things he couldn’t hear. As he fidgeted just beyond the door, his fear fading in his eagerness to fuck these two beautiful females, he saw Jean put a hand upon his mom’s waist and watched it drift almost casually down across her ass.

Immediately, his shaft leapt to attention. Jean was feeling up his mom, and he knew damned well that he was going to see some lesbian-type loving before long, that he was going to be a major part of a sexual get-together different from the one he had joined with Jean and his sister.

This time, Jean would make love to his mother, and maybe it would also go the other way around, while he got his licks in with both of them.

He couldn’t just hang around and watch them, so he went up to take a bath, using plenty of hot water and soap, lathering his body strongly, and then changing the water flow slowly from hot to cold. In the end, he found himself yelling and dancing around in the needlelike spray.

They were waiting for him in his mother’s room… but not really. Jean and his mom had started without him, for they were already naked and together on the bed. As he stood staring in the doorway, he saw the little girl crawling over on top of his mother’s statuesque body. Jean had both hands full of tit and was kissing the bee-stung lips with dedication, her little pink tongue darting in and out.

Glynn heard his mother make some kind of choking noise and watched her hands come up to cup the trimly moulded ass cheeks, to caress and stroke them, push them together and pull them apart. The sight started a vibration in his rigid cock, and he walked slowly toward the bed where they were squirming. For the moment, they seemed to have forgotten he existed, and he couldn’t blame them.

His mother was having her first lesbian experience, and Glynn was anxious to see what would happen next, but not from a distance. Not wanting to miss a single movement, he sat down on the far edge of the bed, holding his cock and staring avidly at them.

Jean played with his mom’s breasts, thumbing the nipples while she kissed the older woman, mashing down on the springy mounds and letting them spring up rounded again. Her sleek little belly moved back and forth, seeking contact with their crotches, but until Jean stopped kissing her mouth and slid down, their cunts couldn’t meet.

When she reached the base of the white throat, her mouth hesitated, and Jean licked the hollow there, then dipped over to the left to fasten hotly upon the upright nipple. Glynn sighed as the girl sucked upon that fabulous tit because he knew the texture and flavour of it himself. She caressed the belly, the hips, and his mother’s fingers dug into Jean’s ass.

They were moving together then, pussy to pussy, Jean in between his mom’s outflung legs, between the full, rich thighs. They humped and ground their cunts, making fucking motions as if one of them was a man, and he could see Jean’s dark red pussy massaging his mother’s midnight black cunt.

Moaning, his mother gasped out: “Oh! Oh, darling girl… it’s wonderful to feel you like this, your sweet little cunt against mine. Oh! Yes, dear… your clit against mine… humping, humping… oh!”

And Jean answered hotly, “Yes, Arlene… yes, Mrs. Johansen; what a deep, wet cunt you have, all velvet and juicy. So lovely, so hot and beautiful. Fuck me, Arlene… fuck me!”

The girl’s ass blurred as she stroked furiously into the woman’s cunt, heaving and twisting, rubbing her inflamed clitoris into his mother’s steaming pussy. Glynn clamped down hard on his cock as he saw his mom lift her symmetrical legs and coil them around the small, perfect body. They fucked then, moaning and gasping, rotating their asses and ramming their cunts together faster and faster.

“C-cumming!” his mother cried out. “Oh you wonderful little thing, you’re making me cum!”

“Me, too!” Jean sobbed, bumping her crotch violently into the black one, making wet sounds. “Your beautiful hairy pussy… oh, squeeze me in your thighs, Mrs. Johansen, grind that terrific cunt into mine… OOOHH!”

Glynn sat entranced, his dick leaping in his hand, his balls packing themselves with fluid that was demanding to be released. They were so damned beautiful together, lying wrapped in naked flesh, and they had just reached a mutual orgasm, sharing the lascivious delights that one woman could give to another.

She began to slide down his mother’s supine, panting body, kissing the rib cage, licking her tongue over the smoothly mounded belly to ram it hotly into the navel. His mom shuddered all over and pawed ineffectual hands at the twisted sheet, her mouth hanging open and her eyelashes fluttering.

“Your skin tastes like honey,” Jean purred, “and I’ll bet your pussy is even richer. Love the feel of your cunt hair against my cheek, Arlene, it’s all crinkly and kind of stiff, and I can smell the perfume of it, warm and pungent.”

The girl was rubbing her face into his mother’s cunt, first one cheek, then the other, nosing into the thick curls of the ebony pubic hair. She even used her chin to burrow into the springy bush and nip the insides of the trembling white thighs with quick, hungry teeth. Glynn clamped down on the head of his dick and held it lightly as he watched.

He climbed on the bed with his knees and scrambled over so he could see the most intimate details. There Jean’s tongue lapped like a puppy dog into his mom’s quivering labia; he could see that the cunt lips were swollen now and turning redder. Jean was playing with the cheeks of the other woman’s ass and dipping her fingers into the crack while she ate pussy.

The dark red head, the elfin face, pushed deeper into the humid receptiveness of his mother’s crotch, and he watched Jean take the cunt lips between her teeth to bite tenderly upon them. His mom rocked from side to side and her ass began to hike itself up and down. She took the girl’s head in her hands then, and her hunching movement fucked it.

Glynn stared down at Jean’s up-tilted ass, at the sweetly formed cheeks and the tiny cleft with its feathery covering. He saw the tight little asshole and below it, as Jean wiggled, the cunning design of her tiny pussy. It pouched at him when she pumped her ass, as she buried her face inside his mom’s blackly heaving cunt.

It was so close; that he ran his hands over the sleek buttocks and felt their shape, their warmth, the the smoothness of them. Prodding, he slipped the distended head of his stiff dick between her thighs, and for a few breathless seconds, she rode his shaft, skidding her wet cunt lips up and down the length of it. Then Glynn used one hand to hold her bobbing still, the other to hold his cock while he steered the blunt glans into the tufted red hair.

The heat of it sizzled against his cockhead, and he shoved steadily into it, fitting his knob into the tight but eager slot that was so inviting. It went in slowly as the lips turned elastic and gave to his pressure; the bulb popped inside her pussy, and with a long, twisting stroke, he seated the rest of his dick full-length within the tight sleeve of Jean’s blistering young cunt.

Glynn had never fucked this way before, from behind. It was a new sensation for him to snug his balls up tight to the neatly sculptured ass, to drive his long thrusts into the girl as she shook her tail against him. It was good, he thought dazedly, holding to her waist with both hands and cramming his cock while Jean ate so ardently into his mother’s pussy.

“I… I can’t stand it!” his mother called out, swinging her head blindly from side to side like a metronome, her tits heaving and her belly jerking. “Oh… it’s too much, too much, darling! My pussy is going insane… ahh! Oh! Please… oooh!!”

Narrow and snug, Jean’s cunt worked over his moving dick and his balls swung against the backs of her thighs. Glynn stared down at the entangled women, at the sweetly surging ass he was putting the rod into, at the twisting, arching form of his mother in the throes of her orgasm on the girl’s avid mouth.

His mom fell back limply, and Jean lifted her dripping face from between the older woman’s thighs. Glynn gave her a few more strokes, and Jean’s pussy thrummed around his buried cock like a soft tuning fork. She was cumming, too, he knew, and held his shaft solidly in her, deeply within her box, as her hot oils bathed it.

By keeping still, he didn’t cum. It felt almost as good, he thought, and held his dick inside the girl’s pussy, wondering if this was how to keep fucking for a long, long time. Jean wobbled in his grasp, so he allowed her to slide forward so that his hard pole slipped soapily from the kiss of her pussy lips.

“Oh, lover boy,” she said, rolling over and smiling wetly up at him. “That was a fine fucking; you timed it just right, while I was about to make your mother cum.”

Glynn was proud of himself and saw that his mom’s eyes were opening, that her dark eyes were focusing on his posed cock with its shiny head. She acted puzzled, as if she didn’t quite know where she was for a moment; and then her eyes cleared and she smiled that warm, bitchy smile.

“Well, dear… you’ve just seen your mom debauching herself with a girl. Did it surprise you as much as it did me? I had no idea, really… but it’s so different, so tender and thrilling.”

He said, “You were great, mom. I put it to Jean from the rear, while she was eating your pussy, but I didn’t cum yet.”

“I sure did,” Jean announced. I had it going for me at both ends, and I came so hard that my head spun. Wow… what a beautiful family you are, every one of you!”

Glynn saw his mother frown. “Everyone, Jean?” she asked.

He moved to her, hurriedly cutting off the conversation, telling himself that he would break the news a little later, that she didn’t have to know right now. She would have to discover that dad was screwing her daughter sometimes, but there was more than an hour left before Lorena was due home.

“I’d like to fuck you dog fashion, mom. Maybe you’d like to go down on Jean, kind of reversing your positions. She’s ready for it, ready for anything.”

Eyes clouding over in that special, sexy way, his mother licked her full lips and nodded. “That sounds nice, lover. Were you saving your load for me?”

She kissed him before turning to straddle Jean’s slim body and he still felt the wet thrusting of her tongue for several seconds afterwards. Trembling, he watched Jean set herself for the oral loving, putting a pillow under her piquant little ass so that her scarlet mouth tipped upward, and spreading her polished knees wide.

The red tufted and downy hair of her pussy gleamed up at his mother, and the older woman stooped to gather the small girl lovingly in her arms. As Glynn watched enraptured, his mom snugged Jean close, kissing her mouth hungrily, shoving her tongue deep into the gasping, open lips. His mother’s knee was prodding into Jean’s crotch, and the lovely girl was wiggling upon it, rolling her cunt hard against the sleek flesh there.

Then his mom, his gorgeous, sensual mom, was kissing Jean’s tit, sucking upon each nipple in turn, and her hands were cupping the girl’s body, running over the warm skin. She lowered the girl and began to lick hotly over her chest and belly. Her fabulously shaped ass came back toward Glynn, lifting as she slid down Jean’s writhing body to the treasure of the fragrantly steaming pussy.

Head turning back over her shoulder, his mother said to Glynn: “Put it to me, son.”

The cheeks of her ass were like big, beautiful melons in his hands, and when she turned to plunge her mouth into Jean’s thrusting pelvis, he eased the head of his dick out to touch the puckered brown ring of her hole, staring down at the crinkly curlings of her snatched hair, at the meeting of her inflamed pussy lips in the back.

Had his father ever mounted her this way? Had his dad ever fondled these splendid, captivating cheeks and nudged his mom’s asshole with his cockhead? A quake rippled over Glynn, and his skin turned extra sensitive. When she rolled her hips, he poked gently with his knob and discovered the marvellous slippery labia kissing his point. With a little guidance, it eased into the wet, greasy hold of her pussy, aroused now because of the sucking it had just had.

The shock of it was always new, he thought, sliding his hard and aching shaft deeply into her alluring cunt; it was always as if he was putting the meat to his darling mother for the very first time. The juicy tissues of her pussy closed around his probing dick, tightened upon it with a loving grasp, and his balls nestled against the silken pillows of her textured thighs. It was in his mom again, stuck to the roots within her mature, ripe cunt, and he adored the feel of her inner vagina.

She was so damned hot, so damned beautiful; she was the queen of all bitches, and Glynn worshipped her sexually, grinding his pelvis into the hills of her cheeks, bending down to tuck his belly against the velvet-length of her graceful back. Her heavy tits hung down as she ate into the girl’s pussy below, and Glynn caught them in both hands, clung jealously to them all warm and springy as he stroked tenderly into her pussy.

“I’ve got my dick locked into your hot cunt,” he whispered into the back of her neck. “My cock is buried in your pussy, Mom… moving all hard and slippery in there where dad fucks you. It’s my pussy, too, and I’m fucking you, mother… I’m pumping my shaft in and out of your boiling cunt, and you love it, you beautiful, hot bitch… you love to be fucked by your son!”

She moaned into Jean’s crotch, and the small girl moaned in answer, heaving gently into the older woman’s face, turning her trim ass in the gripping hands. Glynn pulled on his mother’s round, pendulum tits, and worked his rod steadily into the clutching well of her deep pussy. Suddenly he wondered how her quivering nest would feel if it was already made oily by another man’s cum… by his own father’s hot juices.

Pretty soon, he told himself, giving her longer, harder hammerings, reaching to the far end of her vagina with the lunging head of his cast-iron dick; pretty soon, he might get the chance to watch his daddy fuck the hell out of her, and then he’d climb onto her the second his Daddy climbed off, the very moment after the old man withdrew his big, dripping shaft after letting go of his load.

Glynn would rut and grind in her wet cunt then, continuing where his dad left off, fucking and screwing and pumping his searing cum in to blend with the slide stuff already left inside her stirred-up, shuddering pussy. Both of them would fuck her, and Daddy would see it, see him pound the cock into her body while Mother squirmed and told him how much she loved his young, hard meat.

Just then, Jean cried out wildly and beat her tiny hands against the bed. “Mrs. Johansen… oh, Arlene, darling… darling… eat me… devour my cunt, darling… I’m cumming, cumming!!!”

Glynn felt his mother’s pussy snap on his cockhead, felt the inner sheathing of her gorgeous cunt draws tight around it, and in reflex, the cum came hissing up from his balls. When she bucked her ass back against him, he held desperately to her tits and banged away at her suctioning box. The cum hosed from his glans hurled thick and viscous fluid at the entrance to her cervix, dripped his male essence sticky and penetrating along the enveloping wall of her cunt, soaking her completely, lathering his still churning rod from head to balls.

He thought he was never going to stop cumming; it was so good that he felt dizzy, and at last, he shivered to a stop, his balls only twitching against her moulded thighs, his dick stilled and drowned within the soggy velvet grasp of the most fantastic pussy in the world.

Slowly, he sat back, bracing his hands upon her hips for better balance, but she came back with him, lifting her smeared face from the young girl’s smoky cunt, grinding her ass in ecstasy upon his sloshy dick.

Something from outside came knocking at his consciousness, something alien, and Glynn pivoted his head at the sound of the door opening. He saw them standing there, his sister and his father and saw his dad staring with unbelieving eyes at the tableau the three of them made, on the bed.

Then Lorena pulled the door shut again, and Glynn collapsed on top of his mother.

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