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Daddy Forced To Fuck His 10 Year Old Daughter

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A vacation straight out of hell how does this Dad save his daughter after they made him fuck her.

Mindy and her Daddy have been walking for hours trying to find there way back to the trail they were told don’t leave by Park Rangers.Mark(Mindy’s Dad) was divorced and had custody of his 10yr old daughter Mindy.Its been 2 years since the nasty custody battle and both Mark and Mindy needed a break from the world so they took a trip to Yellow Stone National Park for a 2 week vacation.Mindy has just turned 10 today, she’s 4’1″ tall,around 55lbs,very slim ,brown hair brown eyes,and her breat buds are about a month into growth.Mark is a frail looking 40 Yr old man him and Xwife had Mindy late in life threw a one night stand.Mark 5’6″ tall 145lbs same hair and eys as Mindy and he’s not muscular at all but has a nice size cock 8 1/2 inches, that big for such a small man hence why his X wanted to fuck him she liked his cock.

So far all is well, nice flight out , car rental went smooth 5 hour drive to their resort they chose and the room was awesome .2 bedrooms 2 bath with a view of the mountains to die for ,which just may happen.

Mark didn’t really make a schedule for the vacation he thought just play it by ear and see where they wind up.All settled in after a long day of excitement and travel both Mark and Mindy are in bed by 7pm snoozing away.The next morning they are up early dressed and head down for the breakfast that comes with the room.One the desk clerks the night before told Mark about thid very old hiking trail that went deep into the woods that was very popular.

A after breakfast they decide to walk the trail just to get some good pics to document where they were for later in the years.They had to take a 30 min safety class , were issued bear spray and canteens with water .The instructor stressed do not leave the trail these woods can turn you around very easily.They were to walk the designated trail which would lead them back to the resort if walked briskly in about 2 hours slowly we’ll as long as you want the trail never closes.

As they take selfies and pics of the mountains.Its been about 3 hours and they were having a blast.Mark can see about a 1/4 mile up there the end is he sees the resort .So he says to Mindy,hey let’s walk out to that Grove of trees and see whats on the other side.With that Mindy heads for the trees that appear to be about 100 yards away, in reality they are 1mile away.Those little trees as Mark called were RedWoods .

They walk and walk and make it to the Grove that is amazing to them.They continue on in amazement into the forest admiring how beautiful every thing is.They walk left for a while then more right , up the side of a nice size hill and down the other side.By the time they decide they better head back it’s to late Mark is completely lost he has no clue in what direction to go and they are out of water.

Night fall is coming they walked for hours and could not find the trail, the entire time they were actually walking away from the trail putting them about miles from anything.Mark knew they were lost and cell phones had no service at all.His cell phone was completely useless.Mindy was scared and hugging up close to her Daddy as they leaned against a big rock wondering what to do.Mark has no way to even light a fire.

Pitch back night is scary , sounds you hear at night are not the same sounds you hear during the day.A branch cracks, what was that weird sounding animal Mindy ask her dad after an Owl hollered out.Mindy is crying and scated.Its not warm at night in Yellow Stone in September. Mark holds Mindy tight tells her close her eyes and begins to sing softly to her.One thing Mark is good at is singing he has a great voice.So he continues to sing until Mindy has drifted off to sleep.

Mark and Mindy sit snuggled to each other leaning against the rock still , sleeping dreaming maybe they are back in their cozy room safe and sound , then Mark is awaken by a kick in his leg.He opens his eyes trys to focus and sees two men large men standing in front of him , his first thought oh thank you we are saved.That thought would only last a very few short seconds.

The 2 men are brothers , Deny the oldest one 36 and 6’1″ 195 lbs and just ugly.Rotten teeth tattoo all over his arms big scruffy beard nothing nice.
The other is Danny 31 5’11” 200lbs muscular no beard strong big arms and bulky legs.Both men look like they haven’t showered in years.But Mark don’t care he sees his rescue is all he thinks.Danny grabs Mindy by the hair of her head and yanks her up out of Marks arms ,grabs both of Mindys shoulders looks deep into her eyes and says what do we have here.

Mark begins to jump up only to get a hard kick to his face knocking him Stone cold out.As Mark comes to his vision is blury he hears the 2 large men laughing and talking.He hears Mindy crying and saying please stop.His vision begins to focus he sees the bigger ugly guy holding Mindy around her neck with one arm and his other he has his hand down in Mindys pants rubbing her little 10yr old pussy.Mark rages inside and goes to get up when he hears the cooking of a gun its Danny , he says if I was you I would stay put mister.Deny laughs and says what ya gonna do boy I got my finger in your girls little cunt, Tears are pouring down Mindys innocent face.Mark sees Deny is slamming up into Mindy almost lifting her off the ground.Every thrust of Denys finger into Mindys virgin vagina she screams in deep pain.Mark can do nothing but sit and watch as his baby girl is abused and hurt so bad.

Danny yells at Deny says come on brother we need to get back to the cabin we have all night to fuck her let’s get going.Mark hears that and his heart sinks he has no way to save Mindy or himself from these to men.Deny walks over to Mark and says we don’t need no trouble so you be good and you just might make it home some day then he punchs Mark square in the temple knocking him out again.

When Mark wakes up he’s tied to a chair so tight he can only move his head.He looks around and feels as if he traveled back in time.There are animal hides hanging all over the walls , animal heads mounted and hanging all over ,a huge stone fire place old wooden bunk beds 2 of them againt the back wall, a huge long table near the only door he sees.He frantically looks for Mindy he can’t see her , do I call out to her he thinks oh my god what do I do.Then he hears a small wimper to his far left.He looks as hard left as he can and there she is tied to a smaller table , naked , legs spread wide he can see her little pussy fully exposed , her little breast buds just sticking up off her heaving chest she’s breathing so hard and so scared.He calls to her , Mindy, angin ,Mindy baby answer Daddy, and all she says is they told us don’t leave the trail and she continues to cry.

Mark trys his best to comfort Mindy but in reality how do you comfort a 10yr old girl that just got finger fucked and abducted and carried off to lord knows where.Mark looks at his daughter he can see blood on both her inner thighs and on her pussy.What will happen are we going to die here Mark thought.Then the door bust open and in walks the 2 men laughing saying yeah let’s do that.

Danny walks up to Mark and says ,you remember we don’t want no trouble right, Mark says nothing , Danny opened hand slaps Mark and says I ask you a question boy.Yes I remember Mark says and Danny begins to untie Mark from the chair.Mark still trying to look at his daughter is brain storming on what to do but in reality he knows he and Mindy are at the mercy of their two captures.

Danny tells Mark to drag the chair over by the girl and sit down.So Mark does as he is told.Then Deny walks up to Mindy and ask Mark Is this your daughter boy, Mark hesitaded then remembered the slap and answered Deny , yes she’s my only Daughter .Deny said I didn’t ask you if she is your only child boy , you better get shit straight and understand when I ask you answer short and simple don’t add no bull shit you got me boy. Now is this fine little piece of meat , as Denys had smacks down and cups Mindys pussy, is this your daughter?Yes she is my daughter.Mark can see Denys middle finger rubbing up and and down Mindys slit which has her crying historically. Deny turns takes a step towards Mindy upper body , bends over gets almost nose to nose with her and says ,I’m gonna say this one time, you shut that fucking crying up or shit is gonna get real bad real quick for you you little cunt then Deny slams a fist into the table and screams out do you understand me you little cunt.Mindy knew to answer , she said yes I understand. Deny stood and said good now let’s get on with things .OK Danny it’s your ball game I get the next round.

Mark wondered what the hell was about to happen.Danny walks up looks Mindy up and down, licks his lips and ask Mark how old is this bitch? Mark knew he had to answer he said she’s 10.Danny laughed out loud so loud Mark thought if they are this loud there is no chance of someone hearing this to rescue them so he knows survival is do what they say.
Danny looks at Deny and says you hear that brother a 10 year old piece of pussy how long it’s been since we had us a ten year old.More laughter .Deny laughed and said oh maybe a month or 2 hahahahah.Mark is just distrot and so worried for his little daughter .Little did Mark know its going to be him doing the deed.

Danny ask Mark, you ever touch your 10 year old daughters little pussy? Mark couldn’t believe he ask him such a thing and replied No I’ve never touched her.Danny open hand slapped Mark and said I ask if you ever touch her fine little tight pussy now answer right or your going to sleep boy and I’m gonna fuck the shit outta her right now right here.Mark new the game now and answered No I’ve never touched her fine little pussy , laughter erupts from both the men.Danny tells Mark to stand up so he does.Now move over by her real close.Mark stands next to the table Mindy is tied to.Deny encouraged Danny says come on brother its show time do it.Deny pulls his cock out and starts stroking himself.Danny laughs looks at Mark and says Finger fuck her now .Mark Is horrified , what do I do I can’t finger my own daughter , Danny takes a step towards the table and says again I said finger fuck her right now .Mark still couldn’t move he could not do this he won’t do it he will die before he fingers his 10 year old daughters pussy in front of these scum.Danny takes another step Mark throws his hands up to block the punch he know is coming and he hears a gut punch and Mindy inhale and real in pain.Danny punched Mindy in her stomach.Mark was mortified what is going on.Danny says again I said finger fuck that bitch.

Mark had no choice he moves his hand towards Mindys little bloody pussy.Both Danny and Deny laugh and Deny says hold on boy you gonna dry fuck her lube that finger up spit of her cunt do something .Mark takes his finger up to his mouth and gets his finger wet .He looks at his daughters pussy and puts the tip of his finger inside his little girl.Danny screams out come on boy I said fuck her get that arm going.Mark knows he has to do it so he starts in and out Deny yells out faster boy.Mindy is still in pain from the punch but she feels her Daddy’s finger in her , its kind of tingling .Mark speed’s up he can hear the in and out sloppy sounds he’s making her pussy sound like , Deny yells out rub her clit too, Mark starts to rub Mindys clit while he thrust his finger in and out of his baby girls pussy.Mindy is terrified but she can’t resist the tingles she’s beginning to feel deep inside her little cunt.Mark feels Mindy is getting wet and starting to wiggle her hips a little like it feels good to her , he can’t believe it and feels so ashamed but he’s starting to get hard.

Deny yells out more instructions you better make her cum or im gonna punch that pretty face of hers boy.Mark is now terrified there is no way Mindy will cum she is to terrified to cum he didn’t know what to do.Mark noticed Mindy breast buds were getting erect and she was humping his hand a little.Mark looked at Danny and said can I ask you a question sir , Danny cracked up laughing looked at Deny and said you hear that the perv over hear molesting his 10yr old kid called me sir they both laughed out obnoxiously loud. Danny said yeah perv ask away .Can I talk to her to encourage her to cum ?Deny yelled out before Danny could answer Fuck yes you can as he strokes his cock still.

Mark leaned over Mindy and said baby close your eyes don’t think of anything but what Daddy is doing.Keep your eyes closed , feel how good this feels and let Daddy help you cum it’s OK baby cum for Daddy.When Mark said cum for Daddy Mindy moaned with a little pleasure and started matching the thrust of her Daddys finger with the up and down motion as if she has a cock going inside her.Mark says that’s it baby let it out cum for Daddy and as Mark said that Mindys back arched, an erotic moan escaped her little body aaahhhh. Ooaahhhhh m aahhhh I’m cuming Daddy she said .Mark could feel her little pussy grip his finger and the rush of Mindys cum envelope his finger and flow out her little vagina.Then Deny ran up out of nowhere and started squirting cum all on Mindys face a spurt hit right in one of her eyes then Deny aimed at Mindys chest and he covered her little breast bud in his hot cum.As he stopped he flicked his cock at Mark some of the cum landing on Marks cheek.Mark was furious how can a man get like these fools are.Mark didn’t realise his finger was still in his daughter and he pulled it out and started to wipe his hand on his jeans .Danny grabbed his hand said hold on boy , you lick that finger clean.And Danny stepped back , Mark ststted licking his 10yr old daughters cum off his fingers.Mark felt so ashamed he liked how she tasted and his cock was rock hard.How if they make it out alive how can I ever look Mindy in the eye and she not be ashamed of me.

Deny steps up and says OK round 2.Danny is already sitting about 5ft from the table Mindy is tied to cock in his hand stroking slowly.Deny says remember I don’t repeat myself you do what I tell you.Mark says i will I promise.Deny said yeah we gonna see about that laughing as he looks at Danny and says you ready to nut brother Danny said fuck yeah do it brother.Deny walks up looks Mark dead in the eyes and says , fuck her and you better cum in her , I don’t mean baby fuck I mean grab her legs throw them over your shoulders and fuck the dog shit outta that 10 year old right now .Deny walks towards the table pulls out a knife and cuts Mindys legs free.Deny says OK boy get them britches off and start fuckin and I mean fuck her hard an deep and you better cum and if you pull out ill cut your fucking pecker off.

Mark is again lost in space how can he make himself do this.Hes looking around as he lossens his belt just searching for an answer.Deny yells take everything off boy I want you bare ass naked fucking that little girl like your life depends on it .Hurry up boy or im gonna fuck her.Mark has no choice he don’t want that scum touching his little daughter so he gets his clothes off and Danny says Look brother that little mother fuckers cock is already hard and it’s a big gall dern horse dick.Mark looked down his cock was hard as a rock he felt ashamed he was turned on by fingering Mindy and telling her to cum for Daddy.Mark had pre cum running down his cock from the fill of Mindys little 10yr old pussy squeezing his finger as she climaxed for her Daddy.Deny yelled out lube her boy lick that pussy then he laughed.

Mark bent over the table spread his daughters legs moved down close to her preteen pussy.He could smell her sex aroma escaping from her vagina.He sees the white left over drizzle of her cum still inside her small cunt.He moves in and licks his daughter from her vagina opening to her clit , sucking her clit into his mouth.Mark knows he csnt dtop this but he can make it feel good for his baby so he massages her clit with his tongue , laps down and pushes his tongue inside her little cunt making sure she is wet so his massive cock may slip in without to much pain for Mindy.Marks cock is throbbing again and the urge to cum fills his body he enjoys his daughters taste .He runs his tongue up her slit pushing her little pussy lips apart and he let’s his saliva run out his mouth down Mindys clit into her cunt opening.The Danny says OK horse dick grab them pencil legs and get to fuckin er.

Mark climbs up on the table holds his cock straight up and let’s a long stream of his spit cover his massive cock head .Mark can’t see how her little pussy will ever be able to let him fuck her.He says OK baby just like when I had my finger in you, close your eyes and let Daddy help you cum Mindy said its OK Daddy I’m ready.

Mindy was actually enjoying this part of the nightmare.What Mark don’t know Mindy had woke up one night and wanted a drink.So she headed to the kitchen for a water..As she got close she seen the glare of the TV and could hear someone say yeah Daddy fuck me like that.She walked real slow ,and she hears I want your cock in me Daddy fuck me Daddy please.She gets to the livingroom she can see on screen a young girl about her age legs spread totally naked rubbing her pussy .The girl had breast bubs just like she does,same color hair,same color eyes,same height,same everything.The girl on the TV said do you like watching me play with my 10 year old pussy Daddy, she hears her dad start to speak,I love watching you play with your pussy Mindy.

Mindy was shocked why is her Daddy watching a 10 year old girl naked rubbing her pussy and her name is also Mindy.She sneaks into the kitchen for a better view and she is so shocked, her Daddy is naked and his thing his in his hand and he’s rubbing it up and down.The girl on the tv says Do you want to fuck my little girl pussy Daddy?Mark replies I want to fuck your little girl pussy so bad Mindy please let me fuck you.Now Mark is stroking his 8 1/2 Inch fat cock hard and fast and says Make Daddy cum Mindy.

Mindy is so confused why is he calling her Mindy ? But as she watchs her Daddy stroke she is turned on she feels a tingle she’s never felt before and her panties are getting wet.The girl on the TV starts rubbing her clit hard and fast and says do you want to see your little daughter cum Daddy?Mindy slides a hand in her panties and feels her little pussy is dripping wet,she starts doing as the girl on the screen and almost calapse from the feeling.Mindy has never touched herself until now and she’s doing it watching her Daddy stroke his very large cock.As Mindy rubs her clit for the first time in her life,she feels her pussy tingling deep inside her and it the best feeling she’s ever had.The girl on screen says Daddy do you want me to put my finger in my pussy?Mark says oh god yes I want to see you put your finger in your pussy Mindy fuck yourself make Daddy cum.The girl on screen slides a finger in her cunt and Mindy does the same .When mindy finger entered her little pussy she felt something her finger wouldn’t do like the girl on screen she tried again it won’t go.Mindy was so turned on and wanting to do like the girl on the screen she slammed her finger in breaking her hymen and feeling the pain but she pushed it deep like the girl on TV and started fucking herself.The TV girl said tell me when your going to cum Daddy Mark replied I will baby Daddy wants to see his little daughter cum so bad .Mindy couldn’t believe what her Daddy was saying, Then Mark said Mindy baby I’m gonna cum and cum started to spew out of his cock in long ropes high in the air landing back on his chest.Mindy was doing like TV girl slamming In and out of her pussy and her orgasm hit , she had never had an orgasm.She fought not to moan she loved how this felt her little body shok and quivered with a joy she loved.Mindy dropped down on her knees her orgasm slowing she can barley breath.The girl on the screen said wow Daddy you shot your cum all over my pussy.Mark replied Mindy baby I really want to fuck you in real life please let me fuck you.Mindy ran back to her room confused but so happy she knows her Daddy loves her so much.

Mark spits on his hand and rubs his spit on Mindys pussy and leans in ,grabs one leg puts it on his shoulder then the other and he looks at Mindy and whispers I’m sorry baby, Mindy whispers back , Daddy please fuck me .

Mark is blown away ,the most erotic thing he’s ever heard and it had to be here being forced to fuck his 10yr old daughter.Mark guides his cock pushes it against Mindys cunt and starts to push.Danny yells out come on this is rape not fuckin love makin fuck that little cunt.Mindy looks at her Daddy and says do it Daddy fuck me good just do it I want it.Mark forces his cock about half way in his little girl,she says yew
like that Daddy give it all to me so the morons can’t hear her .Mark pushes the rest of his cock in her pussy.Mindy whisper now fuck me Daddy make me cum again.Mark does as he’s told he raises up holds Mindys hips and starts slamming in and out of Mindys pussy like there is no tomorrow.Mindy is moaning and gasping, pushing her pussy into her Daddy’s cock as she archs her back and cums all over the 8 1/2 inches he’s fucking her with.Mindy says tell me when you gonna cum Daddy , soonshe said that Danny ran up started squirting cum all over Mindys face loads and loads of cum in her eyes up her nose in her mouth .Danny said yeah bitch you made me cum as he stepped back.Then Mark felt it he’s gonna cum, he looked into Mindys eyes and said Mindy baby Daddy’s gonna cum.When he said that he seen all the cum all over his little 10 year old daughter and he exploded , cum ripped down his cock shots out like a rocket filling Mindys pussy full.Mindy had cum all over her face her little breast buds were dripping with cum now she feels her Daddy pumping her little preteen pussy full and she loves it..Mark shot load on top of load till he was spent he couldnt cum anymore so he pulled out slow. His cock felt used up cum dripping from the head ,Mindy had cum running out of her pussy like a river .They did it he didn’t get Mindy hurt.Then as Mark turned to get down he noticed Danny had laid the pistol on the chair he was tied to when he came to cum on Mindy.Both the scum bags were on the other side away from the chair so he lunged grabbed the gun, pulling the hammer back as he aimed at Danny, Danny said you don’t have the balls, BAM, right between the eyes.Deny dove under the table Mindy was still tied to,Mark dropped to one knee looked Deny in the eyes and said , we don’t want no trouble boy, BAM right in Denys heart.Mark was in shock he just sat there didn’t move, Mindy is screaming Daddy is he dead is he dead Mark says yes baby he’s dead they both are dead and Marks stands and goes and untie Mindy and she grabs her Daddy around the neck,wraps her little legs around him and hugs him harder then she ever has.Mindy whispers In her Daddy’s ear , your my hero Daddy.

As they hug Mark feels his cum running down his belly that’s still dripping from Mindys cunt.He thinks about how good she felt and the things she said to get him to cum.Did she say it to make me cum or did she really want me to fuck her .Marks cock starts getting hard again, he reaches down holds Mindy by her little butt cheeks , slips a finger over feels how wet her little cunt is still.Mindy feels her Daddies cock touching her butt, she looks into her Dads eyes and can see he needs her again.She leans in whispers in hid ear

Fuck me Daddy.

After the investigation no charges were brought up for the killing of the 2 kidnappers.Mark and Mindy returned home never to speak of it again.The only new development outta this nightmare Mindy and Mark have a very active sex life and are planning on having children soon as Mindy has grown up, she is only 10 years old.

Let me know if you want a 3 part miny series.How did I do be honest OK.

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