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Brother rapes me & takes my virginity pt 2 of 1st time

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True story When I was 14, three of my older brothers started to take advantage/rape me. One on one ❤️

… My tight virgin hairy pussy had also become sticky. I remember I was wearing cotton panties that had child print flowers on them. The panties had become moist as well.
I was eager and wanting what was next but at the same time still squirming hoping to get away. Breathing heavily, my brother whispered to me to just go along with him and let him show me something. He promised I would like it. He told me he loved me and it would be ok. I began to cry softly and told him to please let me up……
About that time, someone walked past in the hallway; the door was open but they didn’t seem to notice what was going on as we laid on our sides. Luckily we had clothes on. My brother started to rub his big aroused cock against my back and ass. I could feel a wet spot form on the back of my shirt. I believe I had cummed by this point but didn’t know what it was to cum. All I knew was that my body shivered and my twat was feeling more sticky. The intensity scared me. I tried getting away but Bryan just held me tighter making it impossible to get away. He instructed me to relax and lay on my back. I noticed he had a big bulge in his shorts making them tent up. He got on his knees between my legs. As he shoved my shorts and wet panties to the side, I let out a soft cry of help. I could tell that angered him. He put his hand over my mouth tightly, so I bit him hoping to be able to get away. It was hard for me to breathe. My brother called me a little bitch and said I would regret biting him and trying to yell. Bryan told me if I promised not to yell again, he would remove his hand from my mouth. I nodded ok and began quietly sobbing. He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips and said ‘I love you sister”. It was my first kiss ever. He then licked 2 of his fingers, reached down and began rubbing his sister’s hairy puffy pussy mound. I closed my eyes as I felt my pussy lips slowly being spread apart by a couple of his fingers as they slid into his little sister’s wet virgin pussy. He started off slow then went a little faster wiggling his fingers around in his little sister’s moist honey hole. He pinched my throbbing clit between his knuckles. That excited me; I loved what I felt. My sobbing soon turned into moaning. My brother let out a soft moan as my pussy walls tightly hugged his manly fingers. I twisted my hips and raised my legs up trying to accommodate more room for his fingers in my young tight pussy. He told me to be careful and not move so frantically. He did not want to break my hymen and pop my cherry with his fingers. Bryan told me he had never felt a pussy as tight as mine, not even his current girlfriends he mentioned. [ his gf was 20, three years older than my brother, Bryan.]
Suddenly, we heard footsteps approaching and Bryan reminded me to stay quiet. It was Ramon, our other brother who walked down the hall to the bathroom. He did not seem to notice his brother on his knees in between their little sister’s legs spread wide open, fingering my pink pussy. Afraid of being caught, Bryan whispered it was time and pulled his fingers out of my cunt dripping with my juices. He teased me by rubbing them across my face and then licked what juices were left off his fingers and moaned softly. I loved the way my cum smelt against his hand.
I wasn’t sure what he meant about ‘it being time’ but whatever it was, I didn’t want any part of it. I repeatedly whispered please no and begged him to let me go but he told me to hush in a rude way. I tried closing my legs and getting away but Bryan shoved [my] his little sister’s thighs apart and with my shorts and panties still pushed aside, he dove down to smell and kiss my perfect hairy mound. Next I felt his tongue enter my sweet wet pussy. It frightened me as he made my body tremble with excitement again. I remember pushing his head away from my aching cunt. Still on his knees, he scouted closer to my bottom as he reached down and took his dick out of the side of his shorts. This was my very first time seeing a cock. Brother’s cock seemed huge to me. He must’ve been at least 7 or 8 inches. It stood so erect and at full attention. It glistened with his precum dripping at the tip. He scooped some precum off the bed sheets and into his hand. He beat his dick multiple times, quietly moaning ‘oh sister’ but making sure not to cum. I wiggled around trying to get away as I saw he was in deep concentration. I almost managed to get loose from him and almost cried out for help again. He pushed me back down on the bed. Brother shielded my mouth with his hand. His precum smelt and tasted so good yet different from my own juices. And that’s when it happened…
He lined his thick cock up to my pussy lips and gave me a quick tease by rubbing it up and down my hairy pussy slit. I softly sobbed saying NO over & over. My brother ignored my pleas of no, and slapped my mound with his cum dripping hard dick. I secretly kinda liked that. As I felt my brother’s warm wet cock spreading my pussy lips apart, I nodded my head vigorously side to side motioning no, hoping he would stop. But he continued carefully only putting his throbbing meaty mushroom tip past my swollen pussy lips into my soaking vagina. He went in raw, no protection. He closed his eyes and sighed in a relieving way. As he knew I was still a virgin, my brother Bryan stopped for about 30 seconds to allow my pussy to pulsate against his mushroom and open up for his pink veiny cock while getting used to having his dick in me. Pleading with him one last time to stop, I closed my eyes and prayed he would just get up off me. But he proceeded in giving his little sister’s pussy a few shallow pumps with his hard, hard dick entering my forbidden wet pussy a little more every time. My brother moaned ‘oh yes sister’. He told me my pussy was so fucking tight and he loved it that way. He asked me if I had ever been sexual in any way with anyone. I shook my head no, still sobbing. After coming to the conclusion my brother wasn’t going to stop fucking his little sister, I wiped my tears and opened my eyes. I caught him admiring my pretty little face. He brushed my bangs to the side as he leaned in to french kiss me. I loved how our tongues felt meeting each other. But as he leaned in to kiss me, his cock slid in deeper than what I expected into my honey hole and more than what my virgin tight pussy could take and more than his fingers had explored. It hurt so bad and scared me. He quickly pulled his penis out as he wasn’t quite ready to break my hymen. I told him that it hurt and that I had had enough and I wanted him to quit. I was afraid of being caught. I didn’t want my brother raping me anymore. I asked him crying whispering several times to stop please stop but instead he quietly told me to shut up little bitch and covered up my mouth again. I knew I had pissed him off. He continued to fucking me slowly. I loved feeling his dick in my pussy but didn’t want to show him that secretly I was enjoying being raped but at the same time, afraid of getting caught. I finally gave in, my brother wasn’t stopping till he got what he wanted—my virginity. Yes his sister’s virginity. ❤️🍒😍
By this time, I had cummed so many times, I lost count. One of the times I came against my brother’s big thick hot cock, still in me, he whispered in my ear, “ mmmm that’s it baby sister, give it to me. Don’t stop. “😍 See I told you you’d like it,” he added. As we continued to fuck softly and shallowly, I asked my brother what it felt like to rape his little sister. He said there were no words to describe it. He enjoyed being my first. He said I was his first as well. Bryan said he had only groped and “made out” with other girls but had never gone all the way. I asked him how he knew to fuck so good. Bryan said when you have a beautiful sexy little sister, it all comes naturally. From the kitchen, we heard my mom say ‘Suppers ready!’
Bryan told me to forgive him for all that he had done to me and was about to do to me. There was one more thing he needed to do—go all in breaking my hymen and popping my 🍒 . My brother instructed me to brace myself, and to not yell, and not be scared. He would explain afterwards. I nodded in agreement and smiled at him. By this point, I secretly enjoyed having sex with my sexy tanned brother. Bryan propped himself over me on his knees and elbows. He placed his arms under and over my shoulders behind my head. He took his cock all the way out of my warm wet pussy. I quivered with such emotion. I told my big brother I wanted more of him. “Fuck me brother, fuck your horny little sister.” As he pulled me in closer with his arms behind my shoulders, it took 2 strong splitting thrusts and his cock was all the way in me again, in his sister’s petite virgin tight pussy. I gasped but no words came out, just tears—happy tears, tears of pain. I felt something warm run down my thighs as if I had peed myself. I had no idea what had just happened but it stang. Bryan kissed me passionately to keep me from yelling out loud in pain. He waited a moment for my pain to subside and then continued making love to his sweet lil sister Delilah (me). My brother placed his pillow under my ass and began fucking me faster. I was ready to cum again. I asked him to imagine I was his girlfriend. I pleaded for him fuck me as if I was her. He smiled and said we need to make it quick before they come looking for us to eat supper.
I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling his erect veiny cock deeper into my pussy, I begged him not to stop. I tried keeping up with him. I raised my hips up to meet his dick with every thrust. My pussy had a TIGHT tight hold around his swollen cock mmmmm, my clit was pulsating with excitement. Me and my pussy were being fucked by my brother. He whispered to me to open my legs wider and let my pussy loose. Little did Bryan know, he was literally pulling his sister’s pussy apart. My pussy was as open as ever. I remember it hurting so BAD. I was scared. He was having a hard time enjoying my young cunt. I was so tight. He easily filled me up with his swollen cock. I let out a quiet moan as my body began to tremble as I was cumming again. I could tell it drove him crazy when I did that. My brother moaned quietly and rammed his 8 inch cock in me one last time. As his dick hit his sissy’s pussy hilt, I felt something warm and jelly like shoot in me …. Mmmm his cum. With my legs still wrapped around him, I wiggled his huge cock around in me wanting more. I had my older brother’s seeds planted in me. I was aching for more but Bryan seemed too tired to continue. He laid on top of me to calm his breathing and his limp dick rolled out of me as did our mixed cum. He sighed with great relief in my ear.
As he struggled to gain his composure, Bryan rolled out of bed, stood up, stuffed his semi-hard shaft back in and rearranged his shorts. He said I’m hungry as he took off to the kitchen, leaving me not knowing what to do. I waited a moment to catch my breath then slowly and quietly tippy toed to the bathroom. Cum and blood ran down my thighs. I was terrified to see my child flowered panties covered with blood 🩸 and semen. I hurriedly took them off and threw them both in the trash making sure to hide them underneath some of the trash 🗑️. I suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore. I wanted to throw up! I felt so used by my brother. I felt as though my parents were going to find out what Bryan had done to me. Would he tell them? Was it even safe and ok having been raped by my brother?. I grabbed some clean clothes and showered, sobbing, afraid of Bryan, afraid of him raping me again, afraid of going to school tomorrow. Would everyone know I was forced by my older brother to have sex with him?! Would he tell our parents, our other 2 brothers or even his friends that he had popped my cherry 🍒? After showering, I laid in bed facing the wall, having the moment replay in my mind. What seemed like a whole 2 hours being raped was merely no more than 15, 20 minutes. My pussy, lower belly, thighs and knees felt sooo weak and sore. By this time it was 9, bedtime. I could hear my sister, mom and dad, come in the room and get ready for bed. I closed by eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heard my mom say—I wonder if Delilah is ok? She didn’t come down for supper…. Next Story — Sex with Bryan again a few days later 😍❤️👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏾

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  • Reply akroho ID:4j4yuepqk

    Lucky brother. You are a good sister. Can’t wait for you to fuck your other brothers.

  • Reply Random ID:1d878pkgwkyc

    Hey, If this really happened then I am VERY sorry it did and I hope you had someone to talk to. I have been molested and almost raped by my uncle before and it is so scary and im sorry for you

  • Reply David kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Part two pllllzzx

  • Reply Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

    This was very hot I have had sex with my cousin, but we both agreed to do it and it reminded me the first time I felt a pussy on my bare cock. Sorry you were raped unless you were into that stuff. But still hot

    • Sister hate ID:54n9j78ra

      Are you in kik?

  • Reply bigbear037 ID:11av852w499

    Hey Delilah babe, you got WhatsApp so we can chat ? I really want to see some of you😈