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Dad Rape Me And Make Me Pregnant With His Sperm

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Terry and his Dad are having a child together. Nobody knows but them. Daddy has been having a fantasy with Terry since she started developing.

I live in a small house, 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. With my mother, father, brother, and sister. It is a secluded place where our neighbors are 3-5 houses down. My sister and I shared a room. Since she is older than me by 8 years, she is already in college, leaving me alone and having a room of my own. My brother is 18 years old and will be moving to college next month. As for me, I am stuck here for 6 more years. Making the small house feel bigger.

We are all getting ready to pack my brother’s stuff in Dad’s car. Mom’s car is already full, nobody can even sit in the passenger seat. That was when decided to let my mom drive her car to my brother’s dorm with my brother obviously and I and Dad will catch up since I am still not ready. I was still wearing sleepwear consisting of a tank top and sleep shorts, and my hair was also a mess. It’s already 4 pm when mom and brother left and driving there takes at least 6 hours. Leaving me with Dad.

There’s nothing wrong with being left behind with Daddy but this is the first time we got alone together since I got my period 3 months ago. My name is Terry, and I am 12 years old. I also notice that my cup A boobs are turning to cup B and I have a small waist. I only notice those things because of Dad, he said that my boobs is getting bigger and when he hug me a week ago, his arm is on my waist and his hands is holding my butt. He whispers to my ear that I have a small waist and my butt is in the right size of his palms. I still don’t get why he said that but I think it is normal for daddy to notice the changes in their own daughter’s body.

When mom and brother left, my dad’s eyes linger on my body for so long before I got conscious of my body, using my arms to hide my boobs and both of my nipples poking at my tank top by how my father looked at my own body. My dad licked his lips and walked inside our home. I also follow him inside, when I reach inside, he locks the door and looks me in the eyes saying, “Terry we will go tomorrow morning. You better be ready by then.”. “Okay Dad,” I said. Then, he goes to his and mom’s room leaving me in the living room.

Later that day, I heard Dad in the kitchen making us dinner. I came outside to check on him and I found him without a shirt and his jeans open while his boxer was lowered. He is using his right hand to hold the thing below his stomach and I think he is rubbing it in up and down motion. The thing is a penis, I saw it in school, and it said that it can cause a woman to get pregnant when inserted. This makes me swallow my saliva. Does that mean Dad wanted me to become pregnant but he is just rubbing it and not inserting it? Daddy moans, shooting white stuff in the salad where the salad is served on the plate. Before he recovered, I ran back into my room and lay in my bed, thinking that maybe he just wanted to add flavor to the salad which according to my friends that the white stuff tasted bitter but there was a sweetness to it and they said that it is a healthy snack.

There’s a knock on my room, opening it slowly, Dad is waiting outside. “Dinner is ready,” he said. “Thanks, Dad,” I said back. We sit at the dining table, he places the salad in front of me and I see the white stuff in there. He served himself a different food, and then I asked, “Dad why am I the only one eating the salad?”. “Because I want you to become more sexy to my taste,” he said. “Ok thank you for preparing the salad” I smile. Taking the fork from the table and picking the vegetables with white on it, I put it in my mouth, chewing it, then swallowing it. While doing it repeatedly, he just watched me, smiling. I finish my meal but Dad still hasn’t started his food. “How’s the food, princess?” Dad asks. “It was fine, it tasted bitter than it normally tasted,” I said. “Well that’s good, that means that you are becoming healthy,” Dad said. Dad then started his meal, I waited for him to finish before I cleaned the table and put the dishes into the sink.

While I was loading the dishwasher, my body is bent for my dad’s point of view, he then slowly walk towards me and align his hip to my butt. He used his hands to steady my hips and lean toward my head. He then pushed himself forward causing me to hold my hands on the counter for support. Feeling my dad’s thing between my butt cheeks and Dad’s head near my ear, he whispered to me “You’re so a good girl for daddy”, using his hands from my hips to lift my shirt, holding my bare stomach with his hand and making a circular motion. He moves his hand up again inside my top and holds both of my boobs. At that moment, I know it is not right, “Dad please stop, what are you doing?” I beg. He just continue playing with my boobs and pinching my nipples with his index finger and thumb. “No Daddy. Stop.” I beg once again. Then he just thrust himself into me, we were still both clothed. He just continued that while pinching my nipples.

I hear Daddy release a sound and he turns me around, lifting me into the counter. I saw his jeans were wet. Lifting my shirt above my boobs and sliding his finger inside my shorts, he slowly brings my shorts down into my legs and my feet and lets it fall into the floor. Both of my hands are on the kitchen counter to support myself. He uses his hands to spread my legs. Daddy’s eyes are focused on my white panty which is wet from hitting me there again and again. His left index finger outlines my pussy into the panty by doing a circular motion while his thumb is pressing into the slit. His right hand is touching my thigh lightly.

My panty becomes more wetter, “Are your pussy ready for me, princess?” Daddy said. “No,” I said immediately. “Liar.” He whispers in my ear. He then uses both of his hands to slide my panty down into my legs while forcing my legs to close and stop him. I even use my other hand to hold my panty from going down but he is a lot stronger than me. Daddy successfully removed my panty and my shirt from my body leaving me naked on the counter for his own eyes. His hands spread throughout my body and touched me everywhere, from my hair to my feet.

He backs up a little bit and Daddy undo his jeans. He lowers his jeans and his boxer, showing me his erect penis. “Look princess, Daddy’s cock is ready for you,” Daddy said. He stroked himself just like what he did to me, and I am sure that I am also getting that white stuff. “Daddy, people said that “that thing” can make a woman get pregnant,” I said. “Don’t worry, Daddy is here to support you and our child”. “But I’m still young. Please stop” I beg once again, he is nearing me when he said, “Well not anymore, once I stick my cock into your tight pink pussy. You will become my woman—“ Daddy forcibly sticks his penis inside my pussy making me scream from the top of my lungs. Daddy’s hand holds my mouth to lessen the sound I am making as he thrusts himself further inside me. I am crying and both of my hands are holding my daddy’s shoulder and pressing my nails into his skin. It hurts, so fucking hurt. I feel like someone is breaking me in half. I just keep on crying while Dad is thrusting harder and harder.

Dad is looking down at my pussy, following his direction. I also saw my pussy and there’s blood even on my thighs. “Such a good girl, waiting for Daddy to pop the cherry,” he said to me. I still haven’t had my first kiss yet and he already took my virginity away. I cry once again.

I stop making loud noises as I get used to the pain and only make a whimpering sound, dad lets go of his hand from my mouth and forces his lips to my lips. Kissing me, and I try to move my head away from him but he just holds my head with his hand and forces his lips to my lips. When I let a moan because I was out of breath, he used that opportunity to stick his tongue inside my mouth. His kisses are a hungry type of kiss, our saliva is falling outside my mouth and falling into my jaw. Feeling dizzy from the kissing, I hold Daddy’s arm to stop him which works and it stops him from kissing. Moving his mouth to my boobs, he sucks and plays it with his touch causing me to moan. He looks up and smiles and continues doing that until I tighten my pussy.

Dad then let go and focus on pounding my pussy with his penis, I notice he is getting bigger and he is getting faster. As he gets faster, he uses his thumb to make a circular motion into my clit and forcing my pussy to tighten and contract. I think I am going to pee. “Daddy stop, I am going to pee. Please stop” I said. “It’s okay baby, just let it go,” Daddy said. And I let go. Screaming once again, I see liquid squirting at my pussy to my daddy’s penis. He just continues rubbing my clit as I squirt to him and he pumps 2 times before I feel warm liquid inside of me. It feels warm and I feel full. We are both still high from just what happened. Dad pull me closer to him and kiss me on my lips and to my neck and my boobs. He slowly removes his penis and I feel empty. He watches his cum exit my pussy. Using his 2 fingers, he pick up his cum and inserted it back into my pussy and he put it back deeper into me. He let it stay there until he feel like I fully absorb his cum. He then slowly remove his fingers from my pussy and ask me to open my mouth. I shake my head forcing him to open my mouth with his other hand and he sticks his fingers inside. “Don’t bite and use your tongue” is what he said.

I follow him, and when his finger is clean, he kisses my mouth once again, and not fight him. When I feel out of breath again, he said “Use your nose to breath” Then he kiss me again and holding my butt, and putting my arm around his neck, he carry me into his and mom’s bedroom. He lay me on the bed. Hovering me from above, he lowers his body and aligns his penis with my pussy once again. He has sex with me once again. I, for sure, am getting pregnant.

The next morning, we arrived at my brother’s dorm. My whole body feels sore especially my pussy, it still hurt. Dad even helped me to get cleaned and to get dressed. He chose a dress and he didn’t let me wear a panty. While driving there, Dad wouldn’t stop massaging my clit saying that it will help which it help a little but it also made my pussy wet and the car seat. When we meet up with my mom and brother, they are having breakfast at the motel they stay at. My mom said that I look like I am glowing which I think is the opposite while my brother agreed with her. When we are bringing my brother’s stuff into his dorm, Dad wouldn’t stop touching my butt every time he gets. When we finish moving my brother’s stuff, we all say goodbye to my brother. My brother hugs me goodbye, I feel it, my boobs feel sensitive and I release a moan accidentally, that I think my brother heard from how close we are.

6 months passed, and my dad kept having sex with me just like what happened that day. He does that whenever we are alone or Mom is asleep. Then, my whole family knew that I become pregnant. Of course, Dad already knows and acting he just found out. Mom is so angry because I wouldn’t say who the daddy of my baby is which is right inside the house while Dad is acting furious but still smiling. Mom even caught him smiling and he just said “I’m just happy that there will be a baby coming”. Life continues, and Dad continues having sex with me every chance he gets. The end.

This is not based on a true story. I hope you enjoy my fantasy. That I keep masturbating while writing this story.

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