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Becoming Aware – Exposicion – Part 5

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All of the family incest surrounding a young autistic girl is exposed.

Bill managed to steal some money from his mom’s purse and buy some condoms at the local pharmacy. Because like “our” dad, Bill is very tall, he had no problem passing for being old enough to buy condoms. But also like “our” dad, he was way to big for me so I started with my fingers and worked up to mini-wieners out of the fridge and then to his fingers and so about six months later, I was almost able to take the head of his dick into me. Unlike “our” dad, I’m tiny all around. We did enjoy a lot of dry humping on the floor because the beds squeak too much until one night after dinner dad said:
“We know you two have been fooling around.”
Neither of us said anything or looked at each other but I mouthed “WOT?”
Dad then said: “We don’t need to pretend anymore. I saw both of you naked sleeping on the floor twice in the last week.”
We both looked down and said nothing.
After a while dad said: “And we have an announcement. We are going to have twin girls in a few months, if you haven’t already noticed.”
We all looked at my aunt’s belly and sure enough she was showing.
After another long pause Bill said: “Are you going to tell us the whole story?”
Dad said while my aunt looked away: “I’m the dad and she’s the mom, what else is there to say?”
Bill said: “I mean about Cheryl and I? You’re the dad and mom too?”
My aunt got up quickly and ran to the bathroom while starting to cry.
Dad said: “I see. How did you come to that conclusion?”
Bill then explained about the letter’s he found in “our” mom’s jacket.
Dad looked down for a long time and finally said: “I remember when your mom was born. At the farm, I watched her come into this world and I fell in love with her. She tried to resist me but I couldn’t help myself and we had no guidance from our parents since they died.”
Bill then asked: “So then why are you doing it all over again.”
Dad looked at him and said: “If you knew Cheryl was your sister, why did you sleep with her.”
Bill started to protest: “She’s still a virgin but… I guess I love her too much too.”
And after a long pause he added: “But we intend to prevent having kids.” At the end his voice fell off as if he knew he should sound accusatory.

Dad sucked in his breath through his nose like a reverse snort and then said:
“I know we have not done well by you kids and we did not intend for this to happen again but despite taking precautions, we are stuck in this situation again. So I would advise that maybe you two don’t make our mistake too.”
Finally, I found myself saying: “Daddy, what precautions did you take?”
Dad said: “Condoms, I guess we should have gotten the pill but she didn’t want to talk to the doctor about it.”
I said: “What about a vasectomy?”
Dad sighed and said: “I was going to do that but I just didn’t want to talk to our doctor about it either.”
Then Bill said: “How did mom know she was having twins if you didn’t want to talk to a doctor?”
Dad said: “I took her to a doctor in Mexico.”
Bill said: “Couldn’t they have done an abortion?”
Dad said: “We don’t believe in that and we actually want the babies. We want to live together and be a family for the rest of our lives.”
Bill said: “With both of us too?”
Dad said: “For as long as you want to stay with us. Eventually, you will want a house of your own, no?”

I was shocked to hear myself say: “What if Bill and I want to live together forever too?”
Dad cleared his throat and said: “Sweetie, I can’t give you the best advice on that considering our situation but I must tell you that because of our mistake, if you get pregnant, there is a very good chance that your baby could have significant birth defects.”
At that point “our” mom came back into the room and said: “Let’s not talk about that. I know my babies will be fine.” And then she started crying again.

And in the weirdest transition of my entire life, Bill stood up and reached for my hand led me up to his room where he undressed me and kissed me all over until he went between my legs and licked me into multiple orgasms. Afterward he moved up to whisper in my ear: “I love you so much, I can’t ever let you go.” And we went to sleep for a few hours until I woke up and decided to go down on him. He came so fast and hard that it almost made me vomit but I held it down and let him go back to sleep with his dick in my mouth. We left the house in the late afternoon and got burgers from a local shop and then went to see a movie with the money he had left from mom’s purse.

When we got home, “our” mom and dad were in “their” bedroom with the lights off. We went to my room and moved my bed into Bill’s room and put them together like a king size bed. Then we enjoyed our usual dry humping with the aid of the olive oil and we both had big orgasms. I still don’t know if I am in love with Bill or if I will ever be in love with anyone but it some how feels very comfortable to be with him, especially when we are both naked.

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