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Weekend out with my daughter Ch.2

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After Carol’s abortion, I thought we would never have sex again and I was very sad about that idea. But she proved me wrong.

One year have passed, since my 15y old daughter Carol(14y last year) and I started our sex life during a crazy weekend in a beach house.
To only found out, later, that she wasn’t protected by any contraceptive, when she told me she was pregnant.
I panicked, but she calmed me down and ended up saying that she didn’t mind having an abortion so that our secret wouldn’t get out.
We went to a clinic where they gave her psychological support and helped her to have an abortion.
After the abortion, we didn’t have sex for a few weeks.
I thought she didn’t want to have sex with me any more. I were a bit sad and sometimes even angry with myself for having ruined a good thing, I really missed out my daughter’s pussy.
One morning, I woke up to the sensation of wet lips around my cock. My eyes weren’t quite open yet and I knew who was bobbing their head up and down on my pole.
I relaxed, puted my hands behind my head and let her finish the job.
I missed her so much that I came in less than a minute.
Arghhh, fuck, I’m cumming, oooh oooh.
I must have emptied weeks’ worth of sperm down her throat.
How I’ve missed those wonderful lips so much.
Without saying a word, she comes up to me and kisses me passionately for a while.
Her lips and tongue still tasted of semen, but I didn’t care. I was happy that my daughter was back to what we had.
Without saying a word and playing with my balls, she started kissing my neck slowly, moved on to my chest, then my belly and put my cock back in her mouth, bobbing up and down very slowly. It felt like her lips were making love to my cock.
In record time I was hard as a rock again.
Her lips making love to my shaft almost threw me over the edge.
Suddenly she stopped, got on top of me, grabbed my cock and, got surprised as I felt her guide my cock into her most intimate orifice, her ass.
Are you sure you want to, baby girl? I ask timidly, but with an enormous hard-on at the thought of the possibility to fuck her ass.
Hmm, hmm, she nods and starts to lower herself onto my cock.
I was so hard and horny I felt like I was going to burst.
I could feel every inch of her tight ass as my cock goes in deeper and deeper.
OOOH baby girl, so tight, I moaned.
Completely flushed from the effort of getting my cock all the way up inside, Carol moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure.
Hummmm, Daddy… you’re so big, she says, panting hard.
At first she rides with some difficulty, but a few moments later she begins to ride my cock expertly.
I grab her ass and keep a slow pace to enjoy as much of her tight ass as I can.
Oooh daddy, I feel you so deep in me and she’s riding me with moans of pleasure.
Shhh, baby girl, don’t push me over the edge or I won’t hold on.
Aaah, yes daddy, fill me up with your warm milk.
These words sent me over the edge and I came like a cannon, screaming with pleasure.
Araghhh, I’m cumming baby girl, take it, take it all.
She holds on to me, her tits cover my mouth as i continue to let out moans and grunts of pleasure.
I’m thrusting hard into her ass as wave after wave of semen that comes out of my balls.
Oooh, oooh, yeaaa, take it, take it, I moan in ecstasy.
She lets herself stay on top while I empty my balls in her ass.
A few seconds later, with my balls empty, she kisses me passionately again and lets herself fall asleep on top of me with my cock still buried in her ass.
She looks like a sleeping angel, I don’t even move to avoid waking her and I fall asleep too.
I wake up around 11am as she brings me breakfast in bed.
I sat on the bed and started to eat.
As I’m enjoying my food, she gets between my legs and starts suck me off again.
I go completely crazy, this is all a new experience for me.
I continued eating as she continues sucking my cock expertly.
I almost bite my tongue chewing my food, all messed up in the head.
I can’t even taste the food anymore, I’m simply concentrated on the pleasure I’m feeling on my cock.
My brain has stopped working at this point.
I manage to hold out until I’ve finished eating, but I can’t hold out much longer and cum starts pouring from my cock down her throat.
Oooh, oooh, you’re so hot, baby girl.
You make your old dad a very happy man.
Hehehe, did you like the head I just gave you daddy?
I loved it, baby girl. I’ll never get enough of you.
Do you know a secret daddy? You were the first to fuck my ass and I loved your beautiful cock all up in it.
Fuck, I thought, and I got hard again.
I got up, grab her by the hips, got her on all fours and got inside her ass again.
I thrusted hard into her ass, I’m dying to cum quickly, my balls need some relief and now.
Oww, oww oooh, daddy, slow down, oww, aaaaah, slow down.
Thrusting harder and harder and despite her protests, I’m getting an overwhelming pleasure from her cries of pain.
In just a few minutes, I’m cumming so hard that my balls are aching.
Got completely empty in seconds and when I pulled my cock out, spills of semen came out of Carol’s ass.
She falls forward and says…
Whew, Daddy, it looked like you wanted to rip open a new hole in my ass.
I lie next to her looking at her and we both start laughing.
I’m sorry if I was too violent, I say.
It’s okay daddy, I ended up enjoying it.
She cuddles up to me, playing with my balls.
Calm down, baby girl, I need to rest for a few minutes.
She smiles and says: ok daddy, as long as you give me more of your tasty milk, I’ll wait as long as it takes.
That was it, I was horny again.
I lay her on her back, got on top of her and fucked her again.
We spent the whole of Saturday in bed fucking in various positions and she managed to fully empty my balls.
On Sunday, we went for a drive along the highway, so she could give me road head until we got home.
I tell you guys, I’ve never came so much behind the wheel as I did that Sunday.
I thought then: I’m going to marry my daughter.
We didn’t got married, but we sleep and fuck in the same bed like a married couple and that’s fine by me.
But now she is pregnant again.
As much as we want to star a family, we’re going to wait untill she finishes high-school, so she is going to get another abortion.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1ckymkzrzxxt

    With as many as I had played with in my past n present I keep an abortion fund handy lol!. Morning after pills are a freaking staple at my house. Bare back is the only way a first timer needs to experience sex. Experience those first real cock orgasms with a hard warm cock so deep it rides on am massages their Cervix.

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Thank-you so much for sharing. I came at the spot you exploded in her ass. So fucking hot!!!!!