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Susie taught me how to seduce my daughter

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I found Susie and she offered to help me with my own daughter.

Susie, I want to thank you for making my fantasy come true.

I’ve been using her gloryhole for the past 2 weeks at Love Toys. I always show up as the place is about to close because that gives us a chance to talk through the odorous hole. The first time she asked me to kneel and speak with her, I could hear her youthfulness in her voice. She slowly began taking a liking to me, or my money, that she would suck on my cock for a bit than turn her butt around and bend over to let me fuck her pussy.

One day she turned on her light and I saw her young beauty covered in cum. Do you like the way I look Sir, she asked me. Very much princess, I responded by licking my lips. My name is Susie if you would prefer to use my name. I am J, Susie. It is nice to meet you as I offer her my hand in politeness. She takes my hand running it over her cum covered chest and placing it upon her pussy.

Do you like young girls, Susie asks me while I rub her pussy. Yes very much, I have a daughter who is 11 years old at home and she teases me daily wearing see through shirts and thongs when her mother isn’t at home. Why haven’t you taken her body yet and shown her the pleasure she can get from her Daddy, she says moaning ever so lightly. I wouldn’t know how to safely test the waters Susie.

Meet me at my favorite park ‘Deskon Park’ at 9 pm tomorrow and I’ll provide you with some tips. I’ll be in a brown van and we can talk privately there and role play so you become comfortable with seducing your daughter. I paid her for her services and promised to meet her the next night.

As the sun set, I prepared myself as if going out on a date lying to my wife that I had a work function to attend to. She didn’t fuss much because she always watches COPS at this hour. I drove to the park and parked my vehicle next to the brown van. I knocked on the sliding door and heard Susie’s voice telling me to come in through the front passenger door. As I entered I saw a man roughly my age naked on the bed and Susie was also naked laying beside him. This is my father she says to me offering her ID and his drivers license. I verified the last name and addresses matched and once I acknowledged that she was telling the truth she continued. My Daddy started to fuck me at 10 years of age before I started my period so he didn’t have to use a condom, she says as she is stroking his cock. Her father then says, has your daughter started her period yet? No, not yet I respond.

Well Susie says you have a nice cock and you know how to please a girl so why haven’t you taken your daughter yet? I’m just not sure she wants to or just enjoys teasing me, I respond. Oh she wants you to, Susie says and then takes her Daddy’s cock into her mouth. Fuck my pussy with my Daddy and we will help you two get what you both want. I stripped naked, spit on my cock, and then slid it into her pussy. It felt different fucking in this position compared to the glory hole. Susie moans out fuck me from behind Daddy as my cock stretches her pussy. Her own father starts to talk dirty to her enticing her by saying does she enjoy her Daddy’s cock in her and calling her an incest slut.

Susie got very wet and it was hard for me to not slip out due to her wetness. She moved up her own father and put his cock into her pussy while motioning me to penetrate her pussy with her father. My god this made her pussy so tight that I was no longer slipping out of her. After a fair amount of fucking her father pulls her in close and begins to dump his cum load into her womb. At this time, I realize I’m fucking a child with her father using his cum as lube on my own cock. Susie turns to me and whispers to me to fill his daughter’s pussy with cum as she forces herself deeper on my cock. I couldn’t resist anymore, I generally cum in her mouth or on her body, but today felt different and special. So I pushed my own cum deep in her from my own orgasms.

Susie spent the next hour cleaning our cocks clean with her eager mouth and laying naked between her two men. So tomorrow bring your daughter to our house and we will give you what you most desire, Susie says to me. Once I got dressed and thanked them I said my farewells and Susie told me that she always walks this street in the late hours of the night. If I see her, it’s okay to drag her into the woods and use her body. I grab her foot and smile telling her thanks for the information and I’m sure I’ll do that from time to time.

The next day arrives and I take Carissa over to their house with the story of a guy from my work who had a daughter about her age and they are new to the area. Also mentioned how Susie didn’t have any friends her age since it’s summer break from school. Susie and her father welcomed us at their door and invited us into their home. Her father offered me a beer and put on college football while Susie took Carissa into the kitchen asking if she would help making some brownies.

Let’s make a triple batch so we can share with others okay Carissa? That would be fun, Carissa responds. I can hear playful laughter coming from the kitchen and her father offers me another beer because our first round was drunk. He walks in the kitchen to find the 2 young girls naked and covered in brownie batter from head to toe. Chris come in here you need to see this mess they made, he shouted.

I enter the kitchen to find our beautiful daughters covered in chocolate batter. Susie approaches me asking if the batter tastes good, lowering my head to her nipples. I first lick the batter from her nipple and then put her small breast in my mouth. It tastes perfect, I tell Susie while dropping to my knees to be more comfortable. Carissa, why don’t you offer my Daddy a taste and see if he likes it , Susie says. My daughter slowly approaches this full grown man and offers her body as a taste platter. He was already on his knees and grabbed her by her ass cheeks pulling her into licking her chest. You taste wonderful Carissa, he says to her as he moves up to kiss her on the lips. My daughter is now making out with a man my age in front of me. My cock is pressing hard against my dirty shorts now that Susie starts to pull my clothes off telling me to get naked. I don’t resist and quickly remove my clothes while furiously licking at her body.

Carissa looks over and sees her father naked and offers if Susie’s Daddy wants to get naked. Sure baby girl, help me with my shorts as he stands up removing his shirt. His pedo cock springs up once the shorts are lowered down. Carissa’s mouth is open as she is in shock of seeing a cock this close for the first time. He grabs her around the back of her neck and rubs some brownie batter on the tip of his cock. Taste the batter you two made he offers to her holding his cock at her mouth. My eyes are locked on my daughter now watching her lick this man’s cock. I wished it was me standing there feeding my daughter but I dare not to oppose their plan. Susie fighting to get my attention back starts to suck on my cock but I’m intranched at my beautiful daughter sucking a cock.

Susie, while facing me, sits in my lap with her legs stretched out past me, puts my cock in her pussy and smacks me across the face. Watch me and fuck me, she demands. You will have your turn with her shortly. I snap out of my trance and start to fuck Susie in my arms. Her father and my daughter sit adjacent to us and fucking in the same position. Her father takes my hand from his daughter’s left leg and places it on my daughter’s right leg. As I run my hand across her smooth skin I can’t help myself as my hand wanders to her tiny clit. Susie reaches over to her Daddy interrupting the other two and pulls him in for a passionate kiss. You’re an amazing kisser Daddy, Susie says, breaking away. You should kiss your father Carissa as she puts her hand behind Carissa’s head and pushes her forward.

Carissa didn’t resist but leaned in and began kissing her father with her tongue exploring his mouth. Susie slid off my cock and guided Carissa closer to me so she could make out more comfortably. Once Carissa was off Susie’s Daddy, Susie laid back spreading her legs. Fuck me Daddy right in front of our new friends. He mounted on top of her placing his cock into her pussy and began fucking his daughter. Carissa looked amazed and jealous at the same time breaking away from our kiss.

Daddy will you fuck me like how Susie’s daddy fucks her? Of course baby, I say to her as she begins to lay back. I enter her wet pussy for the first time and begin to fuck my babygirl. Carissa looks deeply in my eyes, “I’ve been wanting this for the past year Daddy”. So have I sweetie as I thrust my cock in and out of her. As I feel the cum building up I tell her I’m about to cum. In me Daddy I want to feel it in me, she pleads. She didn’t have to ask because there was no way I’d pull out of her now. One of my strongest orgasms in a while came over me as I flooded her pussy with cum.

I love you Daddy, she says to me. Save me from mommy please! What do you mean sweetheart, I ask her. She lets men use me for the past 2 years to earn extra money. I filed for divorce later that week and was awarded full custody of my daughter in the divorce. I now have a young cum whore that likes to please her Daddy and only her Daddy.

At least I hope.

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  • Reply TJ ID:1ck699ixfqfr

    Thank you so very much! I do love this so very much

  • Reply Bob ID:1d4uq39lfq6s

    That’s awesome!! So cool that Carissa wanted your cock already. That made it work out so fucking good for you. Maybe you can help me. Let’s chat.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

    Part 2?

  • Reply Thank you Susie ID:1dfp9yiy133s

    Close by girl – you don’t think I or Susie wanted to disclose her location….

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Great story – your daughter obviously adores you & hopefully will worship your cock for a long time!

    • Supperman ID:1ewbvq91eli9

      Great story.

  • Reply Tinydik ID:1d20ucqb4gy4

    Great story has my cock throbbing

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    Just thinking about you and your daughter has me stroking my pedophile cock! I would love to find other pedophile moms or dads to play with!!


  • Reply English language teacher ID:1frbcbcdq

    It’s a five star story, but the cadence gets interrupted by the lack of punctuation. If you aren’t going to use quotation marks, at least use a new sentance on a different line for each speaker:
    Do you want me daddy?
    Oh, baby girl, I’ve always wanted you.
    Then take me daddy.

    It will help the reader follow.

  • Reply Close by girl ID:1cqmlrxdk7cs

    The beginning of ur story is a dead give away for location by the way . Please make sure u don’t use real names in ur stories … huh never knew there was a glory hole at love toys

  • Reply No name ID:1ew7dqehxppk

    I was spied on playing with my daughter by one of my daughters friends dad. He asked me in private if I could help him with his. Had us all in the hot tub but my daughter and I were naked and convinced them to. He “slipped” (okay I pushed him) and he took his daughter from there. Extra bubbles lol

  • Reply Leeds Daddy ID:bug45baphj

    Your so luck, wish we were friends and met up with your daughter now and then. x