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My step-mom

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When I was 13 I saw my step-mom naked, she was topples and had blue panties on. What a site.

I was 13 when I walked out of my room to see my step-mom getting ready for bed, she was standing there topples in blue panties. My cock was instantly hard. She didn’t see me standing there stroking away. Releasing my load on the hallway floor. It was my first time doing that and it felt amazing. I went back to bed and aggressively stroking away Cummings over and over. I couldn’t way till the next night.

That next night same time I watched her get undress, there she stood in pink panties her tits glowing in the light from the bed lamp. Oh my God I was so hard rubbing my dick dumping mu load on the hallway floor. She got into bed and turned the light off and so did I, but I was still stroking away wishing I could see her pussy.

The next morning after she got out of the shower, I went into the bathroom got the pink panties out of the hamper that she just took off just moments before. I put them up to my face and took a big sniff. Mmmm smells like heaven. I’m so hard rubbing my dick as I smell her freshly worn panties. I busted a load out almost instantly.

If she only knew how much I wanted to fuck her.

Lots more to cum.

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  • Reply James McKelvy ID:1cqkkcl18y0g

    I also started spying on my stepmom when she would bathe. I was about 13 at the time, and the first time I saw her all I was able to see was her taking off her bra. He hard boobs and pink nipples were all that I thought about for days, and I must have jacked off 12 times imagining myself sucking on her tits. The next time that I spied on her, I actually saw her full bush. It was the first time that I had ever seen a grown woman naked. I was standing on top of a concrete block outside of the bathroom window and I had my hard little dick out, but when I saw that hairy bush in all of its glory, I barely touched the head of my cock and it started spurting cum all over the outside wall of the house. This erotic pleasure eventually led me to being a voyeur at every opportunity. I spied on my grandmother (who had saggy breasts and a really hairy bush. I spied on several neighbor women…one was a bbw who liked to masturbate herself in the tub. As I got older I spied on my own wife, her sister, and even my mother in law. Once my wife’s 17 year old niece spent most of the summer with us, and I set up a window fan in her bedroom specifically so that I could spy on her. I left dirty paperbacks (fuck books) in the bookshelves for her to find, and she did find them, and on several occasions I got to watch her masturbate in bed while reading the fuck books. Our neighbor had a young daughter who spent most of her summer home alone, She would take her top off and sunbathe beside the pool, and I would be in my son’s treehouse with binoculars in one hand and my cock in the other…lusting after her youthful titties and I stroked my hard cock frantically. I doubt that I will ever stop spying on girls and woman. It has always provided me with too much pleasure.

  • Reply Lovebae ID:4bn00en3fia

    You need to fuck that pussy by all means

  • Reply Dave ID:8f5eu8nqy3j

    My mom busted me and shamed me. Made me sit in front of her and jerk till I came or she was going to tell dad
    I couldn’t cum I was so embarrassed. But she made me and finally I did. But I made myself raw doing it.
    Mom laughed at me and said serves you right.

  • Reply David kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Part two plzzz

  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Oh, most moms know. They just don’t say anything, to their son.

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      I agree completely with you.

  • Reply Gw ID:1dr4lqwcqxzc

    Best pussy I ever ate was my sister,y wife’s pussy and ass taste good also, I’ve been experiencing some with cock at adult theater I’ve duck some and hand job some thinking about swallowing some of the right dick comes along I drink my cum and piss mixed together tastes good

  • Reply Tim ID:tb9kj0eh

    Fill those panties with hot cum. Leave them where she’ll find them a I bet she’ll sniff them & maybe even lick your seed!

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck8fp4f4ga0

    Well boys yall will hate me then, mom was a country girl. Growing up in place in the south where there was no cold ac you tend to dress less. And, as long as I can remember, mom never wore a top. She always went top less in the house with her family. If company was there, she put on bra and some kind of top. More than 30 times she actually walked around in her panties. Me, from age birth till it got too big, I walked around in t-shirt and boxers. Never got a woody for mom, or the older sister who decided to go top less once in high school. Still didn’t get a woody for them.

  • Reply Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

    Cum in her panties and leave them where she can find them.

    • The wanker ID:8bvvy07zra

      Better still cum in her pussy!