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A little Family Fun… Part Two

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This will be better and tie together better if you read part one first.

I didn’t hear from Ron for a number of years until his father had gotten sick. He lived near us and he and Ron had started to correspond some and rekindled their relationship after Ron’s mother had died. He was in a Veterans Hospital and Ron came down with his wife and step daughter. I’d gotten married and my wife and I had got into the swinger lifestyle soon after when we were both only 18. But we were in our late 20’s when I heard from Ron and learned he was coming to see his father and most of the family had planned on going that same weekend as he’d been estranged from most of them for years. It was a long drive so we were all spending the weekend there. But I’d intentionally booked rooms at a hotel on the other side of the city acting like I didn’t know where they were staying. I’d only told Ron when he called because he wanted to be somewhere away from most of the family to avoid a lot of questions. I had agreed to pick him up at the airport Ron was now in his mid 30’s now and I wasn’t surprised to hear his wife was in her early 40’s. He’d said she had a daughter from a previous relationship but didn’t say much more.

I recognized him right away when I saw him but his wife didn’t look at all like she’d be in her 40’s and she was dressed very conservatively. But when I saw his step daughter my cock started getting hard. She was 16 going on 30. She had a body that would not quit but a baby face and she knew just how to use it. She was dressed more like a child but very revealing with her hair in pigtails. Pink nails & lipstick and kind of carried herself like a little girl. But I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying it. She knew every older guy who saw her nice big tits & long sexy legs but dressed like she was, was going to get turned on. And I think her mother was aware and was fine with it. We got to the hotel and they checked into their room and a little while later came down to our room. It was raining so we decided to just order a couple of pizzas and had picked up some booze & beer on the way in since we expected bad weather. Renee wasn’t as conservative as earlier in a sexy tank top that her big tits were trying to rip through and a pair of skin tight pants made from some shinny material. Lexi had taken off the kids clothes and was dressed similar to her mom.

There was certainly a resemblance between them. Both were bottle blondes with nice tits and nice firm bodies and were about 5-10. They looked a little on the slutty side but in a good way. We were all drinking, including Lexi and after getting to know each other a little Renee surprised me when she said she’d heard Ron and I’d had a lot of fun with one of his girlfriends back when he’d lived with us. I was surprised he’d told her about that but didn’t know how much he’d told until Lynn said she hadn’t heard about that and Renee told her about it in detail knowing about all of it. It kind of turned Lynn on. She’d left on the conservative outfit she’d worn earlier but after seeing them, having a couple of drinks, and hearing that story she excused herself to put on something more comfortable. She came back in with a pair of skimpy shorts on a sexy low cut top that buttoned up but only went down to just below her boobs and showed off her flat tummy and a pair of heels.

She’d let her long red hair down and put on some eye liner and bright red lipstick. When she came back in you could get a good look at her sexy 5-8, 110 lb, 34_DD-24-35 body and I could tell Lexi instantly liked what she saw. She was a girl who said what she wanted and when she wanted and she looked Lynn from head to toe and said please tell me you’re bi because I’ve fantasized being with a hot redhead like you. Her mother unfazed told Lynn what a sexy body she had and said she’d heard she worked in an office and told her she could make a killing as a stripper looking like that. Then looked at me and asked if it would bother me if guys saw her naked? I smiled and said no not really. Lexi spoke up and asked if anyone had some cards and I said I did. She said good lets play strip poker. Then said she couldn’t wait to see Lynn naked. Then looked at me and said she’d noticed the way I’d looked at her at the airport and she’d bet I was picturing her naked. I smiled at her and said she wasn’t wrong but that any straight guy that saw her was thinking that. She said that’s why she dressed like that. But that she only let certain ones actually see her naked.

As usual when playing strip poker Lynn lost first and Lexi was next. After Renee was naked Lexi looked at Ron and I and said don’t be a couple of Mo’s just strip and said she’d seen Ron naked but she wanted to see this trouser snake he’d told them about. So we undressed and Lexi looked at my thick 9″ cock and then looked at Lynn and said if she was straight she had some work to do but she was going to turn her before the weekend was over. Lynn gave her a sexy grin and said someone had turned her long ago. It put a smile on Lexi’s face like it was Christmas morning. But Lynn could tell I was turned on by Lexi and she told her that she had to do me first. In no time she was sucking my cock and by then I’d pretty much forgot her mother was there. She came over and put those nice tits in my face and I sucked on them as her 16-yo daughter sucked my cock like a pro. All the while Lynn was sucking Ron off, at one point he went to fuck her and Lexi had a fit sawing she got that pussy first. Ron looked like he did whatever these two said so he sucked on my wife’s tits as Lexi climbed on my cock and started riding me saying she wanted to give Lynn something to eat out of her pussy.

She was as good at fucking as sucking cock and I really think her mother had taught her. Renee had been playing bartender and had said she sometimes tended bar when she wasn’t dancing letting us know she worked in a large strip club in Detroit. I filled Lexi’s tight little cunt full of cum and as soon as she got off my cock her mother started sucking me off. Ron wanted to eat Lexi while she ate Lynn. But Lexi said that cum was for Lynn. The next thing I knew both Ron and Renee were taking turns sucking my cock and after getting me nice & hard again he asked if I’d fuck his wife in the ass. I loved fucking her in the ass while watching Lexi and Lynn in a 69 eating each others cum filled pussy and in the process getting each other off. Then sucking each other’s big tits and something I loved was watching them deep tounge kiss while their tits were pressed together. I shot off inside of Renee’s ass and as expected Ron started to eat my cum out of her ass. I stuck my cock in Renee’s mouth and she sucked me off getting me hard again. I went over and asked Lexi if she’d like to get fucked in her pussy & ass at the same time and she Ron fucked her all the time she wanted new stuff that night. I winked at Lynn and said she would.

Lynn left and came back wearing a big strap-on. Lexi loved that idea and we dp’d her. I fucked her in the ass while Lynn fucked her pussy. She had several orgasms as Ron and Renee just watched. Then we both pulled out and I rolled Lexi onto her back and shot off on her big tits. I was surprised that while Lynn licked it off Lexi said she loved having cum on her tits and having it licked off, then said but it was usually Ron licking it off after his buddies shot off on her. Lexi and Lynn took a shower in our room and I took one after them while Ron and Renee went to their room to shower. When I came out from showering both girls were wearing garter belts & stockings and heels and were fixing each other’s make-up. Lynn looked over and said they were going to flash the guy from room service. They’d already called something in so when there was a knock on the door I went on the balcony naked to watch. But it was Ron and Renee. We told them what was up and Renee started to undress but the guy arrived. She ran in the bathroom and Ron and I on the Balcony.

When they opened the door it turned out to be a girl from room service rather than a guy. But she seemed to like seeing them basicly naked more than a guy would. But she said she hoped they weren’t dissapointed it wasn’t one of the guys. But Lexi being the way she was said actually she was happy it was a girl and commented how sexy the girl was and asked if she’d like to come back when she got off, then said well actually come back and then get off. The girl said she wished that she could because that was like something she’d fantasize about being with two girls as hot as them and that she loved girls in garter belts but that her parents always picked her up and were usually early. They all hugged and the girl felt both Lexi and Lynn up and said she wished she could come back and then left. Lexi ended up spending the night in our room between Lynn and I in our king size bed. I fucked her again during the night while she ate Lynn’s pussy. And I’m not sure what her and Lynn did but I know they didn’t get much sleep until late.

We went back to the hospital that day and were planning on another hot night but some relatives insisted in us all getting together. When we finally got back to our hotel Ron & Renee went to their room. So it was just Lynn & Lexi and I. We had a threesome and I took turns fucking them and shot off on Lynn’s tits. Then just watched the two of them go at it. Later that night Lexi sucked my cock again and I shot off in her mouth and watched her and Lynn swap it back & forth before Lexi swallowed it. The next day after going to the hospital we took them to the airport with Lexi dressed like she had been when we’d met them at the airport. And she had loads of fun with her and Lynn kissing as guys watched. We spent the night & drove home the next day. We kept in touch with them for a while, especially Lexi and Lynn who wrote some hot letters back & forth. But Ron and Renee ended up splitting up and we didn’t hear much from him after that. But we had some hot memories.

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