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What made me

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It was a dark and stormy night, well ok it was the afternoon but it was raining.
I just turned 10 i was out doing my paper route, The rain started coming down hard so i booked ass to a house with an enclosed porch. I opened the door and saw the boy that lived there and his dog. the boy was 14, maybe 5’7 120lb. The dog was mutt, 80lbs at least.
Alex was sitting in red underwear with white trim. I could see he was hard and slowly squeezing his dick. He was smoking what looked like a beat up cigarette. He asked if i wanted some and being a cool kid i took a hit. And it almost killed me. After the coughing i felt a little funny.
This whole time Moose wanted to play. But he as muddy so i pushed him away. Alex asked why, so i told him i didn’t want to get my clothes dirty. He pulled me to him lifted of my shirt then undid my jeans. i tried to stop him because i didn’t want him to see my spider man underoos. But he didn’t he slapped my hand and told me to be good, that it’s ok cause he was in his underwear too.
Alex reached up placed his hand on the back of my head and held me as he shot gunned me.
I was coughing so hard and with his help i was put on my knees. At this time moose was jumping on my back. He pushed the dog away then Alex started rubbing his dick on my lips while holding me down. Then he pushed it in my mouth telling me to relax and wrap my lips around it as he started slowly thrusting in and out. Being high it took me about a few before i realized what was happening.
I freaked when he started cumming in my mouth and bit down a little while trying not to drown. he didn’t like that and smacked me. When he let me go i reached for the door but i was high and he grabbed me by my underwear. I rolled and wiggled free, but now i was naked with not only Alex grabbing at me but Moose was all over me too.
Alex grabbed me by the back of the neck and put me over a foot stool. As he held me telling me too calm down and relax as Moose mounted me. After a couple jabs i felt him in me. Now Moose was going to town as Alex still holding me told me to relax let it happen. Then i felt his knot hitting me. Then it was in, I stopped moving and just stayed still. Alex let go of me, backed off and looked to see that Moose was locked to me. He sat and watched as i was being breed. He said i was his bitch now.
After moose was done Alex took me to the bathroom to clean me up. Now i was about half hour behind in my route and still high so he put me on his shoulders and helped me finish. then brought me home..

the end. or was it

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