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Loving my youngest sister

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Incest, true story, handjob leading to anal, more…..

Retelling of this story is very cathartic for me. Although me & my sister have gone our different ways we
experimented sexually with one another in our teenage years. Even though many years have passed since we enjoyed each other the memories are still vivid.
Marie was always somewhat of a voyeur since the age of 13. I was 5 years older. She used to lie on her bed in her bedroom feigning sleep, with the door wide open…..lying on her stomach with only a T-shirt covering her midsection. Boy was I aroused!! Her round, tight ass framed her wet slit perfectly. Offering me a view of Heaven I could not believe. Nothing happened that morning except my raging hard-on tenting my underwear. I wanted to jump her right then and there but my older sister was really asleep in their shared bedroom.
It was summer time and I had a job working construction. Marie would often do little things to try and entice me into displaying a nice boner. One time I was lying on my bed masturbating thinking about HER no less! In she walks surprising the shit out of me. I hurriedly covered my erection with the bed sheet and she gave me a knowing smile……I couldn’t take it anymore; the furtive glances and smiles, the extra tight jeans and that beautiful ass and round perky tits. She started to leave my bedroom but I jumped up and pinned her against the door. My super hard 7 inches was pressed deeply into her butt cheeks. I had her trapped and I started to grind into her ass. She didn’t fight me when I undid her button fly jeans and slid them off her ass. I was so hot I thought I would shoot my load right then. My lips found hers and we exchanged hot moist kisses.
Then all of a sudden she fought me off, hiked up her jeans and ran into our parents bedroom. No one was home so I followed her in there. I yelled at her for teasing me once again; this time would be different. I slapped her ass hard and then don’t know why but I spit a big hocker on her face and it cascaded down her lovely brown hair as she smiled! It was a big turn on for her. I vowed right then and there that the next thing covering her face and hair would be my boiling hot come juice. At that I age I could really ejaculate a heavy load. I unzippered my jeans and my sister grabbed my hard cock tightly and started to pump the shaft. I wasn’t thinking straight; if I had I wouldn’t be locked in this embrace on my parents bed. My balls drew up hard aginst my sister’s grasp. “Oh Marie” I exclaimed and said “put it in your mouth! NOW!!!” She did as she was told and I letout a hard groan as my load exploded from my cock into her mouth. Her cheeks filled up as I continued to pump more & more hot jism down her throat. Finally it was too much and my sister let my joint slip out of her mouth as the last streams of come covered her eyes nose and soft shining hair. What a mess we had created on my parents bed. “Now clean it up” I told her and she did just that. My balls did ache but seeing her clean up the mess made my cock spring into action.
Thats all, for now but one day soon after I did get to burst into Maries tight ass so I wouldn’t get her pregnant by thrusting into that sweet pussy!

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    Well Done – you know she wanted it!