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Submissive to my babysitter

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His name was Bradley, he was my babysitter when I was 8, and he took my virginity and taught me about sex.

I was 8 years old, my babysitter, Bradley, was 15 and he came in to my bedroom very late at night, the lights were turned off but he’d left the door slightly open so the light from the landing gently illuminated my room.

I first realised he was in my room when I suddenly felt a chill, I was laying on my side facing the wall and curled up nice and warm, he had pulled my blanket off me and I was no longer warm, that’s when I woke up, I rolled over on to my back and saw him sitting on the edge of my bed.

No words were exchanged, just looks and grins, then he rolled up my pyjama top up to just below my flat chest, he placed his palm on my tummy and started to rub me there, I didn’t mind him touching me, I had a crush on him anyway and it was nice to have him touch me like he wanted me.

He tucked his fingers under the elastic waistband of my bottoms and he shuffled them down my legs and took them off me, then he got me to sit up while he gently pulled off my top, “Lay back down.” He whispered, once I was almost naked apart from my panties were still on.

I silently and without complaint obeyed his command and laid myself back down with my arms at my sides, he touch me, rubbing his hands all over my bare skin, up and down my entire body and rolling his fingers across my lips, then he slowly pulled off my panties, I covered my face with my hands and blushed, I was kind of shy and a little embarrassed that he was about to see my pussy.

He made everything good and made me feel calm by whispering to me that I was very beautiful, after rubbing my bald pussy for a minute he shuffled down the bed and laid with his head between my legs, his head went down and suddenly I gasped, “Huuuu-oh”, he was licking my pussy and it sent tingled running up my body.

I was a little scared because I didn’t know what he was doing, I knew nothing of sex at that age, my eyes began to roll around in my head, confused with the new feelings and emotions I was suddenly experiencing, my hands grasped the sheets beneath me, gripping them tightly, I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and moaned with pleasure, “Ooooh-ugh”.

My hips started to move in a circular motion, as if they had a mind of their own, swirling around and lightly thrusting in sync with his licking motions, I was aroused and my body temperature rose sharply.

I was disappointed when he stopped and sat up, I almost cried and in my head I was begging him to continue, then he took off his clothes and I briefly saw his erect cock sticking out from between his legs like a big fat sausage, he quickly laid on top of me and kissed me, pushing his hands under and around me and holding me tightly.

His cock must have been about an inch inside me before my body reacted and I realised it was in my pussy, “Argh – O – Ungh!” I moaned out loud, I could feel his cock moving around, pushing apart my inner flesh and sliding further and further into me.

I could barely catch my breath as he began to thrust it in and out of me, I still didn’t understand what he was doing to me, but it felt good, painful at times, but very good, I lifted my arms and threw them around him, and I lay with my eyes closed, mouth open, gasping and moaning uncontrollably while my body rocked back and forth as he took my virginity.

Sometimes later, I have no idea how much time had actually gone by, he sat up and groaned, I felt his cock swelling inside of me and an odd warming feeling as he took hold of his cock and pulled it out it out of me, as it popped out of my pussy I watched 4 or 5 streams of white fluid shoot out of it, leaving long white streaks going up my body, from my pussy to my chest, he had ejaculated a little inside of me and the rest he shot all over me.

As I lay there breathing heavily, my body covered in sweat and semen, he took my hand, rubbed my fingers in the semen and then put my fingers to my lips and pushed them in to my mouth, it tasted sour and warm.

Then he picked up my panties and used them to wipe up the rest of his semen off my body before putting them back on me, and he redressed me in my pyjamas, covered me back up with my blanket and walked out of my room silently.

I was left lying in my bed, confused, my semen soaked panties sticking to my skin, and trying to work out what just happened, I didn’t sleep all night, even when mom and dad came home, I pretended to be asleep when they came in my room and kissed me goodnight on the forehead.

I saw Bradley again a few days later, he asked me if I was doing okay, then he took me to a secret spot in the park and he asked me to suck on his cock, I obeyed and did it, it was fun, and we had sex a lot until I was 10, then he went off with some older girl and kind of dumped me.

I was heartbroken but I got through it, I got another boyfriend, John, he was 16, he was actually a virgin when I met him so I had to teach him about sex like Bradley taught me.

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  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    Age limits suck. As soon as a little girl can do anything, she should be taught and had by men. Some girls are ready to be wives and pregnant while preteen. They should always have sperm in them. Mouth, pussy and ass.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Omg that’s amazing

  • Reply Steven Pervy ID:1db7syr58xwd

    My babysitter when I was 8 was 16 and one hot piece of ass. My wonderful Father set the whole thing up, and she was to spend 4 days with me while he and Mom traveled on vacation. She taught me a lot! She was so cool. My favorite thing was licking her clit while she rode her 35yr old boyfriend’s cock in reverse cowgirl. I licked his shaft and balls while she bounced up and down on his stiff 8″ cock. Occasionally he would pop it out of her and I’d suck on it. I had started sucking cock at 6, and mastered it. I Love the feeling of a nice hard cock plunging my mouth now just like when I was 6. Thanks Dad, for opening me up (figuratively & actually) and teaching me everything I needed to make my hot babysitter fall in Love with me.
    Incest should be the law, that Cherries are only taken from a direct family member, preferably the Daddy.
    If anyone should want to hear more of the many stories I have written from my experiences, please feel free to reach out.
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  • Reply Gilbert ID:hd34dg209

    This is soo good

  • Reply Dean bitch ID:8k41lwnp8l

    I wish he was my babysitter een I wa younger.

    • Julie ID:vuf0ifii

      Wish I would have had a babysitter like that to
      [email protected]

    • Steven Pervy ID:fygip93ez

      How young would you like to be?

    • Prince Kennedy ID:mzgdgc40

      Can you come over and let me be your baby sitter honey?

    • Prince Kennedy ID:19ywqwo8

      Can you come over honey?

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald1

    I loved the sexual awakening and the fact that u really enjoyed it. it was a good story and well written. I am glad for the recovery and what a stupid for dumping you as I am for sure your pussy was way more tighter then hers I loved the ending with her being only 10 and teaching him at 16. that was fucking hilarious.
    Why live in a box when there is a whole wonderful world out there full of awesome wonderful sex just waiting to plucked up and enjoyed. All females should enjoy sex freely embracing their femininity and sexual desires as they so choose. I don’t care if they are 8 to 80, blind, crippled or just plain crazy. ALL females should NEVER be denied a good cock orgasms when they so choose freely and unconditionally. All young females should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay when ever they so choose to which will lead to a very, very healthy sex life.
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  • Reply Anonymous ID:14gs800lqrb

    Damn do you have any social medias?

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itald4

      Hey, I have a lot of fans that message me what can i say.